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The various process of Brain training by Life coaching

Updated on May 12, 2017
Brain Training through Life Coach
Brain Training through Life Coach

If you are serious about finding the right life coach in Perth, Australia or anywhere around the world by online sessions, look for someone that can teach you brain training. Why is it important to learn and practice brain training techniques? Your brain is an amazing piece of equipment. However, for your brain to function at full capacity (and therefore allow you to reach your full potential), you need to exercise your brain. Since your brain works by forming connections between neurons, developing your skills at forming connections will improve your creativity.

Brain Training Can be Fun and Relaxing

Examples of brain training activities include word association games, brainwave entertainment audios, learning to be present through focused meditation and learning to access your observation mode. Not only are these activities fun to do, but they also help you think more creatively so you can find the fun in otherwise boring activities.

Brain training practices also involve learning to calm the mind so that it can perform its work properly. Activities such as mediation not only encourage deep-level intuitive processes to occur during the practice, but they can also lower your stress levels and help you sleep, which will improve your overall brain performance.

Meditating for Brain training
Meditating for Brain training | Source

Learn to Easily Schedule Brain Training

These activities don’t need to take a lot of time. In fact, you can incorporate many of them into your daily routine. For example, when minding your children you can play a cloud watching game. Alternatively, you could keep a small notebook in your pocket for writing down word associations whenever you have a free moment such as on the bus or waiting for an appointment.

Deeper practices such as mediation are best achieved by setting aside time when you can focus. However, a few minutes each day for these activities is enough to get results. Part of the work a good life coach can help clients with through coaching sessions is learning how to incorporate brain training exercises into every day activities and learning how to structure “me” time into their day. By working with you one-on-one to discuss your routine, a life coach can offer you customized suggestions.

Advantages of Brain Training

Your time investment in these activities will pay off as you will improve your performance in all aspects of your life. For example, without brain training, you may get worked up before a stressful meeting, not achieve your goals during the meeting, and take a long time to recover afterwards. Resources such as quick fix advanced brain training audios can help you to prepare for these kinds of meetings. Brain training will help you find opportunities to make the most out of this meeting and help you experience this meeting in a less stressful manner. If you have been doing brain training to improve associations, you will improve you ability to creatively find useful solutions to present to participants thereby increasing your performance during the meetings. If you have been practicing deep mediation, you will find it easier to go into a calming state after the meeting so you will recover from this stressful situation more quickly.


After you start these brain training exercises you will experience a variety of benefits. An improved imagination will help you identify opportunities that are pertinent to achieving your purpose. Activities such as mediation will help you relax, thereby reducing your harmful stress levels. Learning to go into observation mode will help you develop new perspectives on your life. As a result of brain training, you will likely find it easier to focus. While life coaching helps you increase your confidence and clarity in setting your goals, brain training helps increase your intelligence so you can take daily, practical steps toward achieving your goals and make better decisions so you can realise your goals more quickly.

Often when people first try brain training activities such as focused mediation or accessing their observation mode, they may encounter resistance so it is important to find an experienced life coach in Perth, Australia or anywhere else in the world through online sessions who has worked with a variety of clients over many years and is prepared to help guide clients though any challenges they may face. Simply knowing someone cares about your journey of empowerment and wants you to succeed can help keep you on track.


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