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The wonders, health and medicinal benefits of garlic

Updated on December 31, 2012

The occurrence of dengue is common in temperate countries. Dengue outbreak can wreak havoc on a community and may spread fear and panic. But thank goodness there are seas of information in the internet that may provide you with valuable tips and pointers to avoid dengue and/or treat dengue in affected patients. Surprisingly there is garlic which you can use to get rid of dengue carrying mosquitoes. This is just one of the benefits one can get from garlic.

Medicinal uses and other benefits of garlic

Garlic gives aroma and rich flavor to any cuisine and it is very popular for its numerous medical benefits.

Garlic is known to be very effective in treating people with heart problems and hypertension. Garlic aids in reducing hypertension, serum triglyceride and cholesterol level. Moreover, garlic and onions help makes the blood thinner by hinders platelets to from sticking together.

One of the essential elements of garlic is allicin. This element is a prolific broad-spectrum antimicrobial substance the nature has to offer.

Indeed, garlic is very prominent for its wide range of healing abilities. A clove to two cloves of garlic combined with honey taken two (2) to three (3) consecutive nights is considered to be very good for people with rheumatism.

To optimize the health benefits of garlic, you crush the garlic at a room temperature and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. This allows enzyme reaction to develop the healthy compounds in garlic.

To get the most out of the microbial properties of garlic combine it to cooked foods at the last minute.

You may also combine garlic with fish oil to further its effectiveness of reducing the harmful cholesterol and triglycerides.

A garlic squeeze is also good in getting rid of the addictive properties of nicotine. Curcumin, grape seed extracts, tea polyphenols, vitamin C and vitamin E also have inhibitory effects just like the garlic squeeze in counteracting nicotine.

Garlic also helps in relaxing the blood vessels while combating the effects of smoking in one’s blood pressure.

Garlic as an ingredient to prevent dengue and deter slugs and insects

Aside from turning cooked foods into a yummy palate and its wide array of medicinal benefits, garlic can shoo away harmful effects, deter slugs and can annihilate mosquito larvae.

Crushed garlic is an excellent addition to any homemade insecticide.

Garlic cloves placed on the around plants may deter invasive slugs. Garlic is a natural pesticide especially against pesky and appalling dengue mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are usually soft-bodied and garlic juice can be very toxic as it can pierce through to them.


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    • profile image

      Uri-Berzinski 4 years ago

      Every time I catch a cold, I eat lots of garlic. I do not like the smell and my wife doesn't let me sleep in our bedroom. But it's worth it. 24 hours after eating garlic the vanish akmost completely.

    • profile image

      Jona 4 years ago

      But how can you handle the taste of garlic and the stench it leaves in your mouth?

    • emilgen2011 profile image

      Gener and Emily Geminiano 6 years ago from The Land Where Salt is Abundant

      @kerlyn Thanks for the visit and vote hehehe...

      @LJ - yeah thanks a lot for the kind words...

    • LoveJewel profile image

      LoveJewel 6 years ago from Texas

      There are so many foods, fruits, and plants amoung us that aid our health unknown to us. I REALLY ENJOYED this particular piece. this most very useful information

    • kerlynb profile image

      kerlynb 6 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

      "Mosquitoes are usually soft-bodied and garlic juice can be very toxic and can pierce through to them." - Will keep this in mind and will try this out - now! :D Voted useful!