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The world must come to an end

Updated on May 20, 2016

Warning this is metaphor

Let me repeat this is just a metaphor, so there is no need to run and find shelter or stockpile on toilet paper, bread, baloney, and spam. What I mean is: Have you ever stop and wonder why some people have it so easy; why it seems like some people don't ever deal with the common day to day issues that we regular folk have to deal with? It's like they built some kind immunity to the everyday stress in life. They live in a total different world than everyone else; so what happen to the world that the rest of us live in?

Let me explain

OK let me slow down a bit; We are all born into the same world with the same good and evils in the world. With this in mind, why does it seem like some people are exposed to the good more than evil? In order for this to happen these people has decided to make it a priority to create a world where there is mostly good vibes; a world where not everyone is not invited (if you are not in there inner circle that means you are not invited).

Before creation comes destruction

In order to create something new in your current situation destruction is necessary (it can't be avoided). For example, a house catches fire and your looking to build a new house; are you going to use the damaged material to help build the new house? Of course not, you have to get rid of the whole thing then build your way back up. So if you're looking to create a world in your image there are some things that has got to go. Keeping anything that could be toxic to the new world can ruin your efforts.

Few things to remember

  • some people are only your friend for negative reason so they are really against any positive changes in your life
  • Always think before you make a decision
  • Every goal has an order that it takes to get the job done; if you skip an order than the whole plan can fall apart (you don't build the second floor before the first floor).

Easier said than done

You're maybe thinking "sure I can get rid of people, things, and habits that can ruin my chance at a new world, but it's not as easy as it seems. There is some obstacles that you will face and require you to be discipline and headstrong.

Mental Obstacle

You are going to need to be mentally strong from the start; there will be people who reject your decision to change, mainly because it doesn't benefit them. You may come off as stuck up or arrogant, but understand you're trying to better your life nothing more nothing less. Also, there will be things and habits that you will have a hard time parting away from.


This can be a very difficult obstacle to overcome; almost everything that you material wanted in life will be offer to you all of a sudden (beware of Greeks baring gifts). You're thinking to yourself that it's an opportunity of a lifetime, but in reality it's a trap use to tear you away from your happiness. For example, your decide to eat healthy and you've been eating healthy for the past three months, then your family decides to have a cookout; do you dig in or stay true to the diet? Another would be you want to go to school so you can get a better job to buy a house and set a good example for your children. Then out of nowhere you find a house for rent at a price you can afford, but in order for you to pay your bills on time you must give up school and work at your dead in job. Do you take the offer? if so then what about setting a good example for your children (that would be the main reason to go to school)?

The obstacle of uncertainty

In level of difficulty this has got to be the most difficult one of them all; this obstacle test to see how bad you really want it. At this point you come to a fork in the road where you can either let go of your idea of a better life or you can continue down that life that you were trying to do away with. Most people who reach this point try to go down both roads at the same time; they find themselves trying to build the life they want while at the same time continuing to live in the life they are trying to escape. This is because we are use to that life no matter how bad it is and at some point have become to use to it. This means that if they were to give up a life of certainty no matter how bad it is all they will have left is a life of uncertainty. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result (and one heck of a workout program). Keep in mind that the life you're trying to escape will always be there, so do yourself and those you love a favor and take the risk.


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