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The Food Timing Diet

Updated on March 8, 2007

Mike Adam's The Food Time Diet- The Latest Fad Diet?

The latest diet book to hit book stores is Mike Adam's "The Food Timing Diet", I would normally write it off as just another diet craze, since I think negatively of fad diets and am a strong believer that healthy lifestyle is what you need to stay in shape and keep in good health not a crazy diet which only allow you to eat grapefruit, or restricts your protein intake, ect. BUT, this one has some basic principles that I DO BELIEVE IN, and is more of a lifestyle change than just a fad. Actually, this diet is something we should all look into, whether you are trying to lose 20 pounds, or just to maintain your weight and improve your health. Allow me to explain....

"When I'm out in public, I almost always bring food with me. And I'm eating almost constantly.", Mike Adams, author is The Food Timing Diet, "This shocks most people. They look at me, confused, wondering how I can stay so thin when I'm constantly eating. But that's part of the secret! I've discovered that when you eat is just as important as what you eat."

What I like about the diet

There are no pills or drugs you have to take, there are no special foods you have to eat, there are no special foods you have to restrict, and best of all- the diet is based more on a lifestyle change rather than just focusing on what you eat, the diet focus on when and how you eat.

It's all about the Timing

The main principle of the diet of the diet is not so much "what you eat" (while that is still important) but "when you eat". Mike Adam's idea is that eating at the right time helps you work with your body's biochemistry, eating at the right time will help keep your metabolism up. One of the key factors in Adam's diet is eating many small meals throughout the day rather than just a few large meals (which I am a huge advocate of).

The book also focuses on learning about portion control, teaching your body to love healthy foods and reducing cravings for unhealthy foods, and how a combination of a healthy diet and exercise can lead to better overall fitness. The books warns that it is not easy, while I like, because changing your lifestyle isn't easy and if you go into it thinking it will be it is easier to fail. The book says it takes time for your body to adjust and you won't see real results for 30 days.

The book isn't the best read, and sort of goes all over the place, however the basic principles remain true- if you eat smaller portions more frequently you will encourage your body to maintain a high metabolic rate (burning more fat), rather than large meals which encourage the storage of fat. I say give it a try, and if you don't like it, return it, Mike Adams is so sure you will benefit from the book and like it that the book comes with a 100% guarantee, you actually have 365 days to review the book and return it if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase- so it can't hurt to look into it!


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  • profile image

    elisa 10 years ago


    i read this book and incorporated its principles and I seriously haven't looked back!

    You're right Adams needed an editor...badly. Still, the information is great!