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The Negative Influence Of Drugs

Updated on January 6, 2013

Drug Addictions


Drugs were originally made for treatments. Bad types of drugs are the ones that you have to stay away from, and good drugs are the ones you take to fight diseases, or sicknesses. The difference is that if a doctor gives it to you it's usually a good drug that helps you fight a sickness. If people who are at school or on the streets try to give you drugs never take it because it could be harmful to your body. Once people get addicted they can't stop taking them.

Many people fall under the pressure of drugs everyday, and usually get arrested taking or selling them illegally. Drugs are usually given to people free at special locations, but only one free sample is given. One sample is all that a person needs to become totally addicted to drugs then they'll want more, and that's when the sellers make their profit when you start paying them. That is why you never take drugs not even a little because that is all it will take to get addicted.


You may not realize this, but people all around you have an either positive or negative influence. Hanging out with the wrong people wont get you to college or even a middle class job. The crowd you hang around with has a big impact on you hang out with bad people you'll get bad habits, bad grades etc. While hanging out with good people will get you good grades, and good influence. It's all about hanging out with the right crowd because good kids wont make you take drugs.

Peer pressure is very common in kids, teens, even adults. Peer pressure is when your friends, or groups get you to do things that you don't want to do, and force you to do it or they will call you names. Peer pressure isn't always bad if you hang out with the right crowd most likely you wont get into trouble or have people make you do bad things just so you can fit in. Drugs are very common because peers can force you to take drugs.


The type of environment that you come from could have a huge effect on your life. Some people come from environments where people smoke, and take drugs so that has a bad effect. Parents also play a big role in their children's life if parents teach their children well, and give them good advice the kids will never take drugs. Some parents take drugs themselves so what kind on influence is that on a child. Kids who were born in bad environments will more than likely start taking drugs.

Effects Of Drugs

There are many types of drugs that people take, and they all have different effects. Most drugs are usually taken through the nose, and inhaled all the way up causing people to get high. When people get high they usually lose all sense of humanity they ever had, and become animal like. This is all temporary, but later it causes terrible hangovers, headaches, and vomiting. Drugs can even kill you during this state if its taken to much.

Drugs may make you feel really good, but for how long. Drugs are temporary, and once people start taking them they start to feel extreme pain when they don't take it eventually they lose all their money. This drives people insane to the point of stealing or even killing. People who do drugs either die from the police, the drugs, or not having enough drugs. That is why people die when they lose all their money their body needs more drugs or else they die.

Say No To Drugs

Drug Dealers

Drug dealers are people who sell drugs, and make money by selling them. Drug dealers get people into drugs using other people like friends. Friends could also have a relationship with the drug dealers they get more people into drugs, and the dealers might give them a share for getting more people. Drug dealers make illegal money and deal in places were the police will least suspect a crime.

The main source of drug dealers is money. Not even drugs they need money, and they are willing to do anything to get it. They use you as a primary source of income when you start taking drugs because they raise the prices every time you come back. Unfortunately you can't stop, and dealers take advantage of that situation by raising the price of drugs. That is how they get all of your money because you can't help but buying.

People are the main source of money, and dealers just rob you in front of your eyes. They don't rob you like steal your money, but they do rob you indirectly. That is why If you stop going to the dealers more than likely there will be a big problem some dealers even get mad. If a dealer gets mad at you for whatever reason its hard to escape because there will be people going after you.

How To Avoid Drugs

There are some quality that you have to look for in friends, relatives, workers whoever you hang out with. The main one is the crowd that you or your friends hang out with. If you hang out with good friends its possible that they could have friends that are bad or do drugs. Just be careful on the friends you pick, and just hang out with your friends not friends of friends. Don't start acting like your friends either because they could make you do bad things.

Type of friends is the last thing. Like I said earlier on you have to hang out with the right friends. There are some ways to check if your friends are good or bad. Keep an eye out for who your friends talk to the most or what type of people they talk to. More than likely if your friend talks to bad people you should stay away from that friend because he could have some type of connection to other drug dealers or gangs.

Just keep it real and don't hang out with bad people so you could look all cool. Don't do drugs either even if your closest friend asks you to take some say no, and tell an adult. Tell an adult that someone tried to give you drugs even if its your closest friend because even if you said no he could get someone else addicted. So tell somebody if your asked to take drugs because if you don't take a stand many other people might get addicted or hurt.


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