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Breaking: The No.1 weight-loss product now in America is Mango

Updated on February 5, 2015

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No. 1 weight-loss product

Yes, the top weight-loss product now in America came from mangoes. But these are no ordinary mangoes we see in the market everywhere. They are not the sweet mangoes that are raised in the island province of Guimaras, Philippines which are reportedly served in the White House or Buckingham Palace, nor they are the sweetest mango carabao Elena strain grown in Zambales also in the Philippines, which saw print in the Guinness Book of World Record in 1995.

Seed extracts

The seeds from which extracts called ervingia gabonensis are taken and made into products to burn excess fat in the body, came from mangoes grown from the coastal rainforests of the Republic of Cameroon which is in Western Africa, between Equitorial Guinea and Nigeria.

Reportedly, these mangoes are unique as they are the only type that yields this kind of substance described above. These mangoes are popularly known as African Mangoes.


A scientific study has been made and published that this unique fruit can make persons lose their extra fat even without dieting or exercise. It is borne by testimonies of actual fat-bellied individuals that ingesting it makes them lose fat by an average of 12.3 pounds of fat every 28 days or 24.6 pounds of fat every 56 days.


This truth is published in the scientific journal Lipids in Health and Disease, which states, this African Mango Extract helped men and women lose an average of 12.3 pounds of body fat in just 28 days without diet and exercise.

No. 1 weight-loss product

And just after Dr. Mehemet Oz- Oprah’s doctor- had said praises about it as safe, natural and effective weight-loss treatment in his TV program, it was reported that the demand and sale of African mangoes has steadily grown and this time it is the No 1 weight-loss product in America. Dr. Oz talked about it “as the miracle in your cabinet.”

This mango which is grown only in Cameroon is proven

Articles, hubs, blogs, facebook and twitter postings are chanting praises for this new-found product.

Leading doctors for safe weight loss such as Dr. Mehemet Oz, and Dra. Judith Ngondi, highly recommends it.

This fruit has actually been used as a diet aid for centuries in Cameroon, Africa—the only place in the world where African Mango is grown.

For years, the extracts from the seeds have been used among Cameroon villagers for reducing and preventing obesity, for lowering cholesterol, for regulating blood sugar and to treat infections.


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      nick071438 6 years ago from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines

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