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The Benefits of Healthy Eating Goals

Updated on November 5, 2014

The Importance of Goals

Goals are essential in every aspect of our lives. Not only do they provide direction for us and stand as our inner compass, but they define our purpose, our reason for being and stimulate us to realise our potential and do great things.

It is essential that we have important goals in every area of our lives. This will give us a firm balance to our existence; will enhance the benefit we feel during our dealings with other people and deepen our composure in our approach to handling day to day situations.

The seven aspects of our lives that we need to have clear concise goals are:

  • Spiritual
  • Family
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Social
  • Vocational

Introspection Before Direction

So we need to do a bit of self-examination and introspection and ask ourselves what is our goal? What goal do we have locked on to that is going to give us direction and what goal are we going to reaffirm to ourselves each and every day to stay focused?

Only we can determine our goals, only we can decide in what direction we want to move and what we want to achieve.

Our goal does not have to be drastic or extreme; all we need to establish is that the goal will be of enough significance that we begin to grow and evolve ourselves towards becoming a more positive person in as many aspects as we are able.

Healthy Eating Benefits

A vital aspect of this balance is establishing a healthy eating goal. Healthy eating is a wonderful habit that, when done consistently and correctly can start to benefit us in multiple ways.

  • We begin to feel more energized: as we alter our nutrient intake and eat more and more foods with essential vitamins our internal energy burners become stimulated. This leads to more long term and constant energy release, which goes a long way in overcoming lethargy and giving us perpetual alertness all day.
  • We lose weight: persistently eating the correct food provides an internal change of dynamic within our bodies. The correct food firstly enhances and speeds up our metabolism which is stimulated to burn unnecessary fat resources, in auto pilot mode. The secondary effect of healthy eating on a continuous basis is that we eliminate the food types that prove difficult for our bodies to process and consume.
  • We feel good about ourselves: as our internal systems become revitalised we have more energy to do things and stay active, which in turn sees us carrying out more positive actions and getting involved in more day to day activities which builds our self-esteem.
  • Our overall standard of health improves: the combined of the effect of positive nutrition to our internal systems and the uplift in self-esteem progresses both our physical health and mental health which creates a positive momentum that strengthens us against niggles and irritations that bring us down.
  • Our budgets become stabilised: with us having a concise goal and implemented meal plans we become reluctant to run to the nearest food outlet or snack bar to get the quick fix when the cravings arise so our erratic spending diminishes. We also get more value at the grocery store when we have set shopping lists of food which when we eat keeps us fuller for longer.


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