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The key to success

Updated on December 10, 2014

The natural course of life

I like to share with you, what I have come to realize after so many years of doing the things which had to be done. No matter what kind of work and no matter where and in every field of life, this life principle, just hit me and opened up another field of opportunity once realized. This article is about exactly this realization. This is my first Hub and I hope I can come across with the right words so that each one of you can get a hold of the meaning of life in an another realm of thoughts.

Our thought pattern

The thoughts and what we think has a tremendous impact on our life and how we live our life and we can see that in many things and even in the little things in our life. There are certain areas where we can very well imagine a good outcome but we never realized that it could be controlled in such a way that the same outcome happens in every field in our life possible. Positive thoughts combined with positive vision not only makes feel good but also give hope in time of needs. I will explain further just please keep on reading.

My manefistations

I and my girlfriend always hoped to have a child one day and so we would sit down and talk about how it would be. We would imagine how nice and wonderful it would be to have a child. My girlfriend pictured our child being beautiful and happy and most of all healthy. We did all we could to make it happen thinking about it almost every day acting like our child was already there. We thought and imagine that we have a healthy child and after six month finally she became pregnant with what we have to today Andrew our three year old son. We thought specifically how it would be and looking back, it is exactly how we imagined it.

We become what we think about

Considering all this I come to the conclusion that we need to watch out what our mind and thoughts are full of. If we are planting the right seed good fruit will come out of it. The same principle can be applied in every other circumstance in our life. Whatever problem we are facing we need to remember this simple fact, that we become what we think about. We think of us as being successful and prosperous that is exactly what will happen. When we start seeing ourselves as whatever we want to be, we will turn out to be exactly that. We will reap the fruit of the seed good or bad. Think positive, imagine positive, be precise with it and it will happen.


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