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The Subconscious and The Law Of Reversed Effect

Updated on January 9, 2012

Reversed Effect

The law of reversed effect. Whenever you try to make a change in your daily life by trying to make a conscious effort, you will not be able to succeed. The complete opposite will happen and you will only strengthen the habit or whatever you are, at that moment trying to change. The law works this way, the more you try to do something like trying to go to sleep at night, the more you will most likely remain awake, the harder you try to remember something, the more it will elude you. The harder you try to dispel bad or debilitating thoughts, the more entrenched they become.

When you are trying to accomplish some task or other, and some negative thoughts start to occupy your mind and drag you down and completely destroys all your efforts. The weakness of negative statements, like “ I will not smoke” instead say “I will stop Smoking “ instead of “I will not get angry” say “I will remain calm” statements with “I will not” are self-defeating, they lead to a negative void in the mind. You have to use the positive and not the negative when you are framing you’re suggestions.

Weakness Of Negative Statement

The over-riding weakness of a negative statement is that it mentions the things you would like to change and this makes a direct appeal to the imagination. When you say to yourself “I am not going to be afraid” straight away you are giving your mind the image of fear. Better to say “I will be calm and confident” using the negative leads to the predominant fear factor in your thoughts. Learn to eliminate them and you will learn to control, The-law-of-reversed effect.

Whenever you make the mistake of using a negative statement to yourself, or to anyone else for that matter, it is a confrontational red rag to a bull. The very word “ don’t” is seen as a direct challenge by most people. We all rebel against this part of the statement , when someone says to you “don’t” do this, or “don’t” do that, we immediately want to rebel against the “don’t” part of the statement, we like to pretend not to hear the “don’t” and this is no different to when we allow ourselves a conscious statement with the negative “don’t” within it, we want to blank it out

The Four weaknesses of Negative suggestion.

1) It creates a void, it doesn’t answer the question in telling you what to do.

2) It creates the wrong mental image.

3) It creates a challenge, and because of this challenge makes us not want to give up, the exact thing we are trying to give up.

4) Negativity destroys creative imagination.

In your conscious struggle against this conflict between negative vs positive thoughts, you need to engage the help of your subconscious mind. Using hypnosis through Hypnotherapy, to tap into the enormous power and influence of the subconscious, in helping us to use positive thoughts in our everyday lives. This empowers the creative imagination that is there in all of us, it just needs that guiding direction.


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