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Therapeutic Benefits of Betel Leaf

Updated on July 15, 2015

Betel leaves

medicinal uses of betel leaf


Betel leaf is classified as analgesic as it has the pain killing capacity. It alleviates pain due to inflammation, indigestion and rashes, etc. A paste can be made from the betel leaves and applied externally on the injured area or its juice can be taken in to cure internal pain. It also treats headache.

Resolves constipation

Betel leaf consists of antioxidants that can clean free-radicals from the body. The stomach upset can be resolved by regulating the pH levels of the stomach leading to the relief from constipation. You can be relieved from constipation by chewing betel leaf every day in the empty stomach. Otherwise, the betel leaf can be soaked in water overnight and the water is taken the next day in empty stomach.

Enhances digestion

Betel leaf has carminative, gastro-protective, anti-flatulent and intestinal characteristics. Hence, it is chewed just after the meals. The indigestion problem in children can be overcome by making them to drink the water boiled with betel leaf with a little pepper. The strained preparation of this mixture is taken as two teaspoons for two times a day to see effective results. Betel leaf stimulates circulation and enhances the absorption of minerals and nutrients into the intestine. Betel leaf increases metabolism in the body and also movement of sphincter.

Decreases gastric pain

Constant use of betel leaf is helpful in solving gastric pain and GERD. The duodenum is made free from harmful free radicals and toxins. The acidity due to imbalanced pH levels is reduced and bloating is resolved. The gastric reflux is eased when the fowl gas passes through the sphincter.

Enhances hunger

Normal pH in the stomach triggers the hormone responsible for hunger, in normal amounts. Betel leaf can maintain the normal pH levels by sending out all the toxins. Since you are free from stomach upset, appetite is increased.

Improves oral health

Oral breath is refreshed by chewing betel leaf. Betel leaf protects you against oral pathogens, bacteria and other germs. Betel leaf prevents tooth decay and cleans the mouth. It is helpful in reinforcing the teeth, strengthening the gums, preventing oral bleeding. The protective nature of the mouth can be increased by gargling every day twice with one cup of water mixed with a drop of betel leaf oil. Sore mouth can be treated by gargling with water boiled with betel leaves.

Resolves bronchitis

Congestion can be cured by applying mustard oil on the betel leaf and warming it before placing it on the chest. You can have instant relief from cold, bronchitis and other respiratory problems by taking concoction of betel leaves with cloves, cubeb, cinnamon and cardamom.

Relief from persistent cough

The antibiotics present in betel leaf function effectively against the persistent cough especially seen in whooping cough. Phlegm and inflammation resulting from cough can be reduced with the antibiotics of the betel leaves. Water is boiled with betel leaves, cloves and cardamom and a decoction is made. This is taken thrice per day.


Betel leaf is rich in polyphenol called chavicol and is an antiseptic. Betel leaf acts as an antiseptic when applied on the cuts to kill germs and the polyphenols in it helps in treating the inflammation of arthritis.


Moist body parts easily catch fungal infections. Betel leaf works as an amazing antifungal remedy that naturally prevents fungal infections.

Brings relief to the back pain and muscular tension

Applying the hot poultice of betel leaf juice mixed with coconut oil on the loins provides good relief. Relief to the back pain can be had by massaging the lower back with betel leaf oil and carrier oil. Pain from muscular tensions and swelling can be relieved.

Avoids water retention and urination

The betel leaf juice in diluted milk can be taken to treat water retention in the body as it has the diuretic property. Obstructed urination is also treated with betel leaf.

Wounds and infection are healed

The juice extracted from the crushed betel leaves is applied on the wounds and it is covered with a betel leaf. The wound heals in two to three days as the infection spread is stopped.

Enhances alertness

Betel leaf helps you to come out of nervous exhaustion and improve alertness. A teaspoon of betel leaf juice with honey taken two times a day can treat debility, enhance mental functioning and energizes the body.

Cures skin disorders

The antimicrobial properties of betel leaf helps in treating skin ulcers, itchiness of the skin, allergies and bad body odor. You can get relief from the acne by applying betel leaf juice mixed with turmeric. Washing the face with the water boiled with betel leaves can prevent skin problems. Skin infections are cleared by the antimicrobial and antiseptic properties of the betel leaf.


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