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Therapists In Glasgow

Updated on September 15, 2010

Meet Glasgow Therapists

It isn't very often we get a chance to meet lots of therapists at the one time, however there is now a group in Glasgow started on Meet Up called GLASGOW THERAPIST GROUP who have decided to come together for the progression of all therapists who live and work in Glasgow and surrounding areas. One of the aims of the group, has to be for the best interests of the members in the group, and we hope to be able to refer each other to future clients who may be interested in our services. All certificates and qualifications are vetted by the group secretary to ensure validation of each person joining.

We are going to be running workshops for therapists practicing and which will help those new to Alternative / Complementary Therapies understand a little bit more about what we practice, and how we help people to recover from illness, grief, stress and disease.

The first of the workshops is being held at one of our members premises Chiropractic Alan Binns 161 Kilmarnock Road which is near Shawlands Cross, close to a MAIL BOX shop. This fantastic workshop will be held on Saturday 17th April 2010 at 1pm (for 1.30pm prompt start) ending around 5pm. We will be hearing from Alan Binns who will be talking about his business and giving us a demonstration.

I will be talking and demonstrating Visualisation and how this guided journey can help you balance your body, stress, and hold on to that energy on a daily basis.  That way you can have energy ALL day long.   It's all about how we start our day!

Sabrina will be demonstrating Thai Yoga Massage and giving us some information about this.

Our organiser will speak on Ayurvedic Medicine with Diana (Joyce) Kras;
Probably this is a new area for most people but Ayurvedic medicine is actually used by more people in the world than what we consider normal medicine - all the people of South East Asia. Diana will demonstrate her vast knowledge on this subject.

Everyone is welcome to come along and support us, and learn a little more about what we do into the bargain. Please let us know if you can make it along.

Talk about this Meetup

Sabrina Allison So nice! Really complementary mix of talks with practical demonstrations and what's behind it. Nice vibe and good questions and feedback. Thanks everyone! For those interested in learning Thai Yoga Massage, you can contact Amy at [masked] or 07956 911159. I see from her website that she has a course starting soon. Anyone wanting a massage from me with a meetup discount, phone me at 07903 930178. Julie Marie Callaghan Good experience, very informative and interesting stuff. Great to hear about other therapists work in a relaxed informal setting. Would definitely attend future workshops/talks. helen I had a lovely afternoon and particularly enjoyed the visualisation session. thanks again Helen

  • Posted Apr 18, 2010 7:53 PM Lynn Brilliant afternoon, looking forward now to learning more about Ayurveda, still shocked by the crack from the chiropractic demonstration but excellent to get such a brilliant insight into what happens. Loved the visualisation, and might just have to book a thai yoga massage soon! Thanks to all involved in the organisation, great job. Looking forward to the next one.

Diana Joyce Loved the mixture of information and practical demonstrations, especially Jane's visualisation, can really understand how this can work for those with traumas, and Sabrina's Tai Yoga massage, I am definately going to book a session. Alan, our host, was fantastic with his chiropractic demo.


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