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There Is Still Time

Updated on February 12, 2015

Respect Time and Accomplish Your Goals



As I reflex on my life and past accomplishments, I realize that I could have achieved more in my life. Thus far, my most cherished accomplishments were to raise a responsible adult son, received my Master’s Degree in Business during my mid-forties, and published my first book at the age of 50. I realized that I could have done more if only I was more respectful of time. I could have received my degrees earlier in my life. Or I could have written a series of books by now. If only I was more respectful of time. As I reflex on my life, I have become more conscience of time and time management.

Time management involves an ability to plan and control how time is spent to effectively accomplish your desired goals. We must realize that developing time management skills is more of a journey and needs to be practiced constantly.

Here are some strategies on managing time more effectively:

  • Review weekly agenda on Sunday. This will allow amply time to prepare for meetings, modify schedules to accommodate deadlines and adjust weekly routines.
  • Use your free time wisely! It is always a good idea to use some of your free time to accomplish task and/or goals. I like to use my free time after work to wash clothes, do household chores and go to the gym. Using my free time after work to accomplish routine task allow me the opportunity to free up my weekends to do or not do whatever I want. I have more time on the weekends to do whatever I please and enjoy it!
  • Try to avoid procrastination! A lot of times it is so easy to put off various task to do today and put them off for tomorrow, next week or next month. We must identify the causes of our procrastination and deal with the issue at hand. Some of the causes could be laziness, depression, or lack of motivation. The sooner we get over our individual issues, the sooner we can achieve our goals.
  • Create a “To Do List” and prioritize task! Create a Priority Matrix which helps to determine the importance of various tasks and identify which task to do first.

After creating the Priority Matrix, identify how you are spending your time! I discovered that I was spending too much time watching television especially reality shows. I noticed that I was finding entertainment in other peoples’ reality (supposedly) and not putting in enough effort in developing the lifestyle I desire. From that moment on awakening, I made a vow to myself to create my realty that is better than my dreams.

There is still time to accomplish anything we desire. Let’s stop wasting time and get it DONE!



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