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There comes a bundle of hashish to a beach in Malaga and bathers as ransack

Updated on July 26, 2016

It seems a fictional story what happened this past Sunday in a Malaga Beach. While people enjoyed the bath and good weather in the popular district of Pedregalejo sighted a suspicious package in the water. Some swimmers sounded the alarm to the guard and he got out of the sea. It was a bundle of hashish that had been swept away to the place. He had a hole in its side by the impact against one of the jetties and the merchandise was coming afloat.

As detailed in the Andalusian Diario Sur, to the curiosity were many who came to see what was happening. Nothing aware that the package had hashish pills, some lost papers. The arms of the people began to slip through the crowd to get some drugs. The rescuer tried to prevent burglary, but he exceeded both numbers he had no choice but to step aside.

the amount stolen bathers, although police could only recover 500 grams is not known. As noted by the Andalusian newspaper, this type of bales of hashish usually 30 kilos, but bear in mind that the package was cracked and surely many of those pins are lost at sea.

Local police tried without much success to identify the swimmers who took over the drug. So far only it has been able to open an investigation into what happened, but no one has been arrested.


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