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There is a Cure for Cancer! The Komen Foundation Just Won't Accept It.

Updated on October 13, 2013

The Susan G. Komen Foundation is NOT giving funds back to Planned Parenthood. For anyone who was listening all she said was she was sorry there was a “misunderstanding” that her decision was political instead of financial. Current funds to Planned Parenthood will remain active, and they can apply for more donations next year like always. Wait… What?!

Yes, I heard that did you. That is called double-talk people. What she just said was that she isn’t taking money away this year, but next year is completely up for grabs. She did not guarantee that she was going to give Planned Parenthood any money at all next year, which was the money she was talking about taking away in the first place, wasn’t it? This was a political move because she is friends with many Republicans including the Bush family. She's been receiving backlash from many Christian groups that used to support her foundation. However, when they realized she was funding Planned Parenthood even in the slightest, they withdrew their funding and support from the foundation. This isn't financial this is completely political and the only thing Komen is looking at is money. Which leads me to my next point...

So, before you get all excited about her apology, think about something else. Her foundation is supposed to not only help women prevent cancer it is supposed to find a cure, right? Nope. There already is a cure. First invented in 1928, by Dr. Max Gerson, and another similar but faster alternative discovered by a doctor in Switzerland. Best part is: it isn’t medicine that costs tons of money. How do I know it actually works? My mother did it and cured herself of Stage 3 Breast Cancer.

It is simply through diet that we can cure cancer. Cancer grows and lives off of sugar. With the cancer epidemic growing around the world, is it any surprise that sugar from processed foods might be the cause? There are also other things in our own medical field that cause cancer that we are not even aware of because they aren’t regulated when we think they are. This is the cause of my mother’s cancer. She was tested for mutated genes, hormones, cells, etc. and everything was normal. She does not smoke or live with smokers. There was NO medical reason for her to get cancer according to the doctor.

After watching the first 30 minutes of the video, The Beautiful Truth, I knew why my mother had gotten cancer, and I can tell you now it isn’t what you think and will blow your mind. Here’s a hint: you might not be getting cavities filled for a while after this. I know this is the reason because of the timeline of when it happened and when they discovered the breast cancer. The breast cancer was very aggressive and went from Stage 2.6 to Stage 3 in two weeks. With that type of progression, she couldn’t have had the cancer for more than three months tops which puts her around the same time as her filling broke, i.e. Mercury poisoning. More details on that in the video.

Maple syrup or Honey is the main ingredient!
Maple syrup or Honey is the main ingredient! | Source

Anyway, my mother found out this Swedish doctor did a study on some women and cured their cancer with only maple syrup and baking soda. Yes, that’s right. He injected the mixture into the tumors that were in their breasts and within a month the tumors were gone. All test subjects were healed. The science behind this is that the baking soda is made up of sodium. So while the cancer is eating the maple syrup because it is so sweet, it is also eating the sodium which will dry it up and kill it. And it seems to be working so far.

So before my mother started ANY treatment from the doctor, she drank the mixture every day for a month. The pain from the tumors decreased, and she couldn’t feel them anymore under her arm and in her breast. She wanted the doctor to do another scan before starting chemotherapy but the doctor said it was unnecessary. Then come to find out my mother is allergic to the chemotherapy treatments. It is so bad that she has to use a wheel chair after chemo, because she can no longer walk! She didn’t even get through the six treatments the doctor wanted to give her. The doctor said enough was enough and just decided to do a scan to see how things looked so far. She was very pessimistic with my mother saying that it wasn’t enough time and that there would probably be very little difference and they would have to do major surgery. Do you have any idea what they found? NOTHING!

Yes. Nothing. Absolutely, nothing. No tumors, knots, or lumps. Everything was gone. The doctor was speechless. She literally said, “Where’d they go? Are we in the right spot?” Which they were, because when they start the process and take the first biopsy, they put markers inside to tag the tumors for later and those were still there… Only the tumors were gone. They, of course, did another biopsy to run tests and make sure there were no active cells (which there wasn’t) and that her immune system was still on the rise after the chemotherapy (because it destroys your entire immune system). Now, they also want her to take radiation as a precaution, even though we don’t think it is going to do anything.

Her doctor is just astounded by her saying she has never seen anyone with aggressive Stage 3 cancer fight it off this quickly before. She doesn’t understand how my mother got the cancer in the first place or how she got rid of it when she was so allergic to the chemotherapy. However, I understand and so does my family, and so should you. There is a cure out there, but cancer is a big money making industry for doctors and drug makers. Why cure people when we can make money off of them if they are already sick? It is just wrong. We can cure almost every health problem through the Gerson Diet and that is why doctor's ignore it. If people followed it and never got sick, the doctors and drug industry would be out of business. However, people are starting to catch on faster and faster that "we are what we eat." Things are gonna have to change soon.

© 2012 Christine Buenemann


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Great article honey. I am glad you are getting the information out there for others to read and realize what is happening. Medicine is Big Business and they will do anything to make money...even say home remedies do not work but they do if you stick with them!

    • DarkMuse13 profile imageAUTHOR

      Christine Buenemann 

      6 years ago from Saint Louis, Mo

      Thank you, Naima Manal. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who has heard of the maple syrup cure... and if you don't like that try honey and baking soda. It's the sugar that counts.

      @AngelTrader Yes, the doctors do actually tell you to eat less sugars and eat a more high protein diet when going through cancer treatment. But funny thing is that my family already follows a high protein diet to begin with because we are deer hunters and farmers. My mother should never have gotten cancer... Until I realized her mouth is full of metal mercury fillings from when she was a child. That is the most likely cause right there.

    • AngelTrader profile image


      6 years ago from New Zealand

      Great news regards your hit the nail on the head when you wrote cancer is BIG BUSINESS. The pharmaceutical companies have no intention of ever 'curing' cancer because it would severely dent their obscene profits, profits created through death.

      Luckily more and more people are realising that there are alternatives which won't make you vomit or your hair fall out and are beginning to turn to them. But the elimination of sugar from your diet is key to whatever program you Dr's advise their patients of this fact?

    • Naima Manal profile image

      Naima Manal 

      6 years ago from NY

      Some may say , well, you have to provide the research and the proof that that actually worked. As a first-hand witness and proactive caretaker for my daughter, friend, father-in-law and others, I am saying I have seen this work. I also hope that people in this condition make a full-time, 100-percent commitment to making the changes, because, sadly, many prefer to wait after they complete the chemotherapy. There's Dr. Gerson, Dr. Rife, and so many others who have successfully conquered cancer in their patients using so many approaches. I only recently learned of the maple syrup and baking soda and am hoping that someone follows through with taking charge of their health and well-being. Excellent, greetings to your mother, and welcome to Hubpages!


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