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Thermo-Nuclear Atomic Sphere

Updated on March 20, 2013


thought control-robotic arm
thought control-robotic arm | Source


Thermo-nuclear Atomic Sphere

The body is a thermo-nuclear atomic sphere that could withstand heat of up to 107º Fahrenheit to be of dangerous levels and deadly, and up to 262º Fahrenheit to be deadly. A doctor named Dr. Craig Taylor of USC in Los Angeles; subjected himself to heat in a heat chamber of up to 262º Fahrenheit to document just how much heat his body could take ( This is impressive in itself and we already know that splitting of atoms occur at 96º Fahrenheit to be normal healthy DNA, if it is lower or higher than 96º Fahrenheit then the atoms are split and rearranged in combination in a different order, not the same order of DNA that we are born with or with healthy DNA strands. This recombination is changed in our molecular structure and they become mutated genes that cause diseases in the body.

Our electro-magnetic sphere sends these mutated signals to the brain through the neurons and then the cells that were mutated that then multiply in our bodies causing further resistant strains and cellular strands of DNA that is unhealthy and rearranged.

We experience changes in our bodies and some of us acquire diseases over a course of time because we were exposed to the elements, chemicals, toxins, bad food, bad drink, and overall an extreme or radical change in the environment that our bodies reproduce cells that are mutated, this also happens when we age or get older because our bodies become more resistant and less healthy. However, do not despair, we can reverse the bad elements that we are subjected to and eat healthy nutrients that benefit our bodies, get exercise, sleep, and nourish our bodies with the proper foods and drink, not to mention the continued supplements to enhance our lives. Oftentimes irregular strands can be reversed, however there are DNA that may be irreversible mutated strands.

DNA strands in the double helix are traceable for different diseases and genealogy they are traceable through the different chromosomes and enzymes in our bodies. Just like we discussed in the previous series, Trace Elements ( DNA can be extracted from muscles, tissue, bone, and most any type of blood. The bloodstream carries all the cellular structure running through our veins and organs. The liver converts most of the energy that is sent through the bloodstream by way of red blood cells then transfers or distributes some of these red blood cells to the bone marrow where it is converted into white blood cells. White blood cells fight bacteria in the body, they are our protector cells that carry Oxygen to the rest of the body and fight bacteria in the blood stream.

New technology and new discoveries regarding a molecular transporter that carries a transporter cell that in turn reduces multiplying bad cells or cancerous cells has been discovered and it actually targets the cell to inhibit growth and prevent tumors; also supplying relief after chemotherapy; it was discovered just recently in or about March, 2012, it was reported by ABC News Correspondent Kim Carollo (

Other technology that integrates computer systems with sensors is artificial limbs, technology and our own body's senses; is also a new advancement and new technology that was developed with only the sense of touch. These limbs move and interact just like real limbs by this sensation and are moved by the sensations our body triggers.

These are some of the new technological advancements that are making changes in the medical field and leading the way to better health and wellbeing.

Other new discoveries in science and biochemistry are what microbiologists have discovered in some bacteria that can produce oxygen by breaking down nitrite compounds, conversions in metabolic systems where methane is converted when ingested (

Just months ago in June, 2010 Physics and biochemical engineers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute discovered a new strategy to fight cancer in the genealogy of the family proteins interaction domains, where it re-sensitized in cancer cells (

Volume 1, Issue 28, 3-20-2013


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