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These products will help you with weight loss

Updated on January 10, 2013

Obesity is one of the most rampant debilitating medical condition afflicting many people today. Because of the sedentary lifestyle ushered in by modernization and the rising predominance of fatty foods, chemical flavorings and fast food, obesity is the inevitable result. There are many diseases, illnesses and medical conditions that are caused by obesity. These diseases include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure or hypertension, gallbladder ailments, fatty liver and other conditions that affect major organs in the body such as the liver, stomach and pancreas. Many advice exercise, eating right and lifestyle change are the only way to shed those pounds and inch your way out of obesity. However today, there are supplements which can help you lose weight and stay in shape. These are some of the products which will help you with weight loss problems.

Fat burning pills

Fat is the stored cholesterol by the body. Cholesterol is the source of energy the body uses in order to function properly. Every time a person eats food, cholesterol is ingested. This is what makes food sources of energy for people. However, in order for cholesterol to be of any use, the body must be able to break in down into its basic compounds in order for cells to receive energy. This use of cholesterol by the body is called metabolism. If a person has a good metabolic rate, cholesterol is used efficiently and more energy is used by the body. There are many readily available fat burning pills on the market today which you can acquire over the counter. Though not all of these pills are backed by medical research, here are some of those that are scrutinized by medical studies.


Ephedra is a Chinese herb which is commonly used in Chinese traditional medicine for centuries. Ancient Chinese medicinal practices use the properties of Ephedra to cure various kinds of conditions. This herb is native in China and parts of Mongolia and contains a chemical compound commonly called as Ephedra Alkaloids. These compounds are commonly combined with Caffeine or with natural sources of Caffeine such as in Guarana or with Green tea to induce weight loss. Observations on the effects of the combination of Ephedra and Caffeine provide conclusive evidence on its weight loss effect. People subjected to this combination experienced a 2lbs weight loss in one month, though there are still no longer term studies made on this Ephedra – Caffeine combination as the longest studies only has a 6 month span.

The result of this study conclusively showed the Ephedra can cause weight loss, especially if combined with Caffeine. However there are instances where Ephedra caused side-effects which were became an issue especially with the United States Food and Drug Administration or FDA. Side-effects reported range from headache, stomach irritation to anxiety, kidney stones, and insomnia. In some cases the side effects of Ephedra are more serious such as irregular heartbeat, cardiovascular accidents which can end in death.

Also as the Ephedra – Caffeine combination causes weight loss; it can also aggravate the listed side effects of Ephedra use. The use of Ephedra in combination with other medication such as with Anti asthma drugs can be disastrous and even fatal. Though most studies conducted on Ephedra does not say that such herb is unfit or unsafe for human consumption, it was finally banned by the FDA in 2004. More studies have been made in to further prove the effectiveness of Ephedra, but conclusive proof is still yet to be discovered.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

In a research published in the International Journal of Obesity, CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid can reduce fat and was given a safe rating by the This means that there are no serious health issues associated with CLA has been seen. CLA is a family of transfat acids that has been observed to effectively reduce fatty deposits. This has been seen in an experiment conducted with obese mice. They suggest that the observed fat reduction was possible through increased oxidation of fats. CLA was finally given to a group of 60 human participants for a set period of time, but it provided inconclusive results as most participants did not experience major weight loss.

Weight loss supplements

Supplements are an effective method to achieve weight loss as it is non-invasive and it can be easily included in one’s diet easily and effectively. Weight loss supplements aim not in destroying fat, but enhancing the body’s metabolism in order to more effectively burn and digest fat and reduce cravings and induce satiety. Through the added metabolic boost, one can expect to experience weight loss, especially if coupled with exercise and maintaining a balance diet. These are some of the most used weight loss pills available.

Pine Nut Oil Extract

The Pine nut oil extract promotes weight loss through suppressing appetite. The less a person eats, the less him or her gains weight. In eliminating cravings and desires to eat, a person can drastically limit the rate of weight gain and can also induce loss of weight. Appetite is the result of a hormone which the body produces and blocking this hormone will eliminate this feeling. This idea was tested by researchers at the University of Liverpool, where they gave 3 grams of Pine nut oil to obese women. They found out that these women saw increase in hormones that decreases appetite. This was such a success that the results of this study were published in the Lipids in Health and Disease, issue of 2008.

Phaseolus Vulgaris Extract

Phaseolus Vulgaris extract slow down the absorption of an enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates ingested by the body into simple sugars. According to a study conducted by the Georgetown University Medical Center, obese people that are in carbohydrate – rich diets, when given Phaseolus Vulgaris extract actually lost more weight. The result was immediately published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences in 2007.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is one of the most favored health beverages throughout the world. Most health enthusiast has taken Green tea in hope of gaining a health boost. Recent studies also have shown that green tea can also induce weight loss.

Catechin is a chemical compound that causes the metabolic rate of the body to increase and in return burn more calories and in a faster rate. This makes green tea the perfect after meal fat buster. Green tea is a good alternative for Coffee as it has adequate amounts of caffeine to make you alert and can help you lose weight at the same time. There are many studies made on the catechin found in green tea and its medical effects people experience and these are some of those studies.

The provident clinical research on Catechins was noted as one of the foremost on Catechins. The said study involved a number of individuals with weight problems. They were given two types of tea, green and black with differing levels of Catechin. Those who were given black tea had 22 mg of Catechin, while those given green tea with 660 mg of Catechins. They study have shown that those who were given higher amounts of Catechins showed greater loss of body mass. The volunteers involved in the experiment all experienced a relative lowering of waist size and BMI (body mass index).

Another study conducted by the Rutgers University also tackles the effect of green tea and Catechins. They have published such finding in the journal of Clinical nutrition in 2008, as they placed emphasis on the reality of the weight loss claims associated with the use of green tea. This was the second supportive evidence on the research conducted by Michael Boshmann in 2007.

Michael Boshmann published the results of a successful experiment in the Journal of American College of Nutrition in 2007. On their experiment, they have volunteers consume a total amount of 300 mg of Catchins served in three cups of green tea on a daily basis. This resulted in a considerable amount of weight loss for the participants and was the proponent for the 2009 Provident Clinical research.

Also weight loss is not the only effect of green tea for a person. The said beverage can also be a potent preventive for some major diseases. Green tea can also help in reducing the risk of cancer in an individual. This also helps in lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Vitamin D Supplements

Research has been consistent on the effects of vitamin D on weight loss, though at first importance on this vitamin has been overlooked for many years. This is because of many times; the effects associated to vitamin D are always looked upon as a form of placebo effect. However, lately these have changed, especially with the levels of discoveries made and research done on vitamin D.

The reputation associated with Vitamin D was mostly the result of the extensive study made by researchers of the University of Minnesota. Through their discoveries, vitamin D has gained importance, especially in the fitness world as it was associated directly on weight loss. The studies conducted by the University of Minnesota have proved the weight loss properties of vitamin D as it helps the body in improving the individual’s metabolism. This is

Shalamar Sibley was one of the leading researchers in Vitamin D and has stated their team’s research in the 91st meeting of the endocrine society. The effects of vitamin D were presented by Sibley focusing on its ability to dictate or determine the effectiveness of every kind of weight loss supplements you use. This study elevated the status of vitamin D from a chemical virtually unknown to the constant limelight as it provides electricity for millions of people, especially in the effects it brings to people suffering from obesity. This simply places a vital importance of vitamin D and its effectiveness.

The research focuses on the importance of Vitamin D in increasing the effectiveness of countless numbers of weight loss supplements. The effectiveness of a supplement is totally dependent on the level of vitamin D present in the body. This is an important discovery, especially as this will improve the information known to medical science. It has been estimated that in the United States alone, 36% of people have inadequate levels of vitamin D.

There are many sources of vitamin D, but none is more familiar than through the rays of sunlight. Human beings also benefits from the sun as Vitamin D can be produced inside the body through processes that mimic that of plants. Other sources of vitamin D are fish; dairy products and bread are some of the main sources of the said vitamin. The levels of vitamin D are very important in order to really lose weight. This is an important thing to consider because it is a remarkable thing to understand that even the rays of the sun has a profound effect on a person’s physical health.

Also, the University of Minnesota research has discovered the hormone trail of the metabolic process. They have mapped the series of hormones and enzymes being used by the body during its metabolism and they have found out that through the level of Vitamin D, the digestive process seems to become more intense when people know and want to lose weight and by allowing them to have an increase in vitamin D. This is why having the required levels of vitamin D can really make a difference on a person’s life. For centuries, people are oblivious to the importance of vitamin D, but today one can see that this vitamin is of such importance.

Resveratrol supplements

Resveratrol is the main ingredient that is focused on by fitness advocates. This chemical is said to induce the body’s ability to lose weight. Resveratrol is an antioxidant and has gained fame due to many studies conducted on it, especially on its seemingly fat reducing properties. For centuries, grapes have been eaten both by the nobility and peasantry. However, it was only today that science is shed light to the myriad of benefits grapes has to offer.

Resveratrol is commonly found on the skin of grapes, especially red grapes which makes red wine one of the favorite sources of Resveratrol, however due to the levels of alcohol present in some red wines, the effect of this chemical is severely reduced. As always, the universally accepted safe way of ingesting Resveratrol is through natural mean, which is eating red grapes.

There are many studies conducted on grapes and many journals that that focus on the effectiveness of the chemical Resveratrol in weight loss. These are some of the major published studies on this famous ingredient in many weight loss supplements today.

In 2009, this publication - NutritionResearch- issued a review stating the possible negative effects of ingesting chemical forms of Resveratrol. They state that natural occurring Resveratrol is beneficial and all artificially mass produced chemical form of this weight loss ingredient can be detrimental to health. Though this study was not completely contested until 2011 when another publication the Journal of Biological chemistry stated the even in its chemical form, Resveratrol can indeed induce weight loss by helping the body produce Adiponectin, which is a naturally occurring hormone in the body that aids in metabolism and weight loss.

Also the Nutrition business journal states that Resveratrol has the capability of regulating sugar levels in the body. This finding also supports the claim that grapes, because of Resveratrol can effectively lessen the chances of heart attacks and diseases associated with cholesterol and can help diabetics manage their sugar problems. The issue also stated that Resveratrol was one of the most famous ingredients in many weight loss supplements totaling to annuals sales of more than $30 million.

Capsaicin supplements

Among the many ingredients in many weight loss supplements, Capsaicin has been also a famous addition to many products that effect weight loss. Capsaicin is a chemical that delivers a hot burning sensation to chili peppers. Many scientists and medical experts have their interest on the effects of this chemical and its possible weight loss effect. The most effective medical use of Capsaicin to date is its pain relieving properties, especially for people suffering chronic arthritis and rheumatism. There are earlier studies on Capsaicin that seems to point out its effectiveness in increasing the metabolic rate, though not yet fully understood even until now. However, there are medical studies today that shed light on Capsaicin and how it can effectively manage one’s weight. These are some of the current studies made on Capsaicin.

An experiment on the fat reducing effect of Capsaicin was published in the 2009 issue of Clinical Nutrition. The experiment were participated by 27 people all given precise doses of Capsaicin and Caffeine, through green tea. Through this experiment, medical experts have found out that this combination can help curb cravings and reduce the food intake of an individual. The loss of calorie intake was sufficient enough to create considerable weight loss after the length of the experiment.

The European journal of Nutrition provides further evidence on the ability of Capsaicin to induce weight loss. The journal’s contributing scientists that are involved on the research on Capsaicin have found out the reason why Capsaicin can indeed help reduce weight gain. This chemical can effectively reduce the effect of a natural hormone that promotes cravings and hunger called Ghrelin. Once Ghrelin is inhibited, the tendency of the body to feel hunger is considerably reduced thus helping you avoid eating calories above your daily limit, which will cause accumulation of fat.

In the journal of Proteome research in 2010 stated that Capsaicin can help increase the activity of a form of protein that helps the body better breakdown fat into energy usable by the body. Most of the time, fat ingested are not properly digested and thus are easily stored as fatty deposits in various parts of the body, which can easily result into weight gain. Capsaicin can help in the proper breakdown of this fat, making it possible for a person to utilize every fat ingested, increase the person’s energy and reducing instances of low stamina. Supplements are available that uses Capsaicin as a method of increasing the metabolism of the body and thus help breakdown and digest fat efficiently reducing fatty deposits and weight gain. These are some of the main research done on Capsaicin, though there are still questions to be answered, the weight loss effect of Capsaicin is clearly evident on these studies.

Vitamin B6 supplements

This vitamin has been ever since present in man creation of an artificial method of losing weight through supplements. Vitamin B6 is a famous ingredient used in many weight loss supplements in the United States. This vitamin is needed by the body to help produce enough amino acids which are needed by the body to induce protein build up for the repair and growth of tissues in the body.

It is important to understand that protein is one of the body’s main building blocks. Most of the muscles and other tissues in the body rely on protein to maintain its integrity and strength. This is why having adequate amounts of vitamin B6 in the body will definitely result in the much healthier body as compared to those lacking such vitamin. Formerly Vitamin B6 was only used in supplements that aid in muscle growth; however, today it has been discovered to have weight loss properties as well.

These are some of the main supplements products which can effectively help you with weight loss. However, the main driving force to make sure that one experiences weight loss is the lifestyle and attitude of a person. Without the dedication to improving one’s life by limiting oneself from indulging in high calorie foods and engaging in a more active lifestyle, one can effectively solve his or her weight problems effectively, especially with the help of these supplements which can be readily obtained in many health stores worldwide.


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