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These are a Few of My Favorite Healthy Things

Updated on January 7, 2015

A healthy kitchen is a happy kitchen

If you are going to make a lifestyle change you need to clean the cupboards, the fridge and your pantry - where ever food is stored. Or perhaps you even keep a private stash of snacks. GET RID OF THEM - out with old - in with the new.

Now I get rid of everything by eating it, LOL - no actually I was pretty successful over the holidays of not getting in too many unhealthy snacks. However I did receive some candy for Christmas. It is now gone so out I went to stock up on my good snacks.

So you ask - what to get rid of - and what to stock up on.

GET RID OF WHITE - white processed sugar, white flour, white rice - buy the healthy alternatives like brown rice, agave or honey, non-gluten flour or whole wheat flour.

Also get rid of Artificial sweeteners - (that means no diet soda)

I follow a rule now - if it has over 5 ingredients on the label, I don't buy it. Be aware of what you are putting in your body - if you can't pronounce it - do you think you should be eating it? READ THE LABELS.

I was completely taken over by one of the Stevia brands of sweeteners - Stevia is okay - but some of the more popular brands put in some questionable ingredients.

Stock up good whole foods - yes, you cook a little more - but the benefits are many. I wanted a piece of salmon one day. I looked at Mrs. Paul's - tons of ingredients - I just wanted a piece of fish - went to the fish department of the store and found individual packs of frozen salmon - and guess what - the only ingredient was salmon - who knew.

Taking the Right Steps

* Eliminate sugar, artificial sweeteners and refined carbs

* Get rid of cows milk and switch to almond, coconut or one of the many blends of milk instead.

* Shop for lots of veggies and fruit

* Good fats in moderation (olive oil & coconut oil)

My favorite sweets

I LOVE Crofters jelly so much that when my store no longer carried it I order it on line!!!
I LOVE Crofters jelly so much that when my store no longer carried it I order it on line!!! | Source

So how am I doing?

Well, truth be told - I am slowly edging my way into it - I haven't started the detox part of the plan yet. Right now I am making some changes. Today I weighed myself and I am down 2 pounds. I still haven't been eating the healthiest but I am starting to get there. Remember - I am not a cold turkey kind of girl, but that might be the right thing for you. Mainly I am trying to avoid my triggers. Namely, chocolate and salty snacks like pretzels.

I have been having some of the very dark chocolate - it satisfies my craving without wanting more.

Identifying triggers is always a good idea. I know that I cannot have my trigger foods - they lead to my downfall. So I have to find healthier options that make me happy. That should be your goal to.

Hero Chia seed bars are really filling - I love them as my three o'clock snack - much better than that three o'clock snickers.

My Favorite snacks

Sometimes you need chocolate and the higher the Cacao number the better - also Hero Chia bars are the best!
Sometimes you need chocolate and the higher the Cacao number the better - also Hero Chia bars are the best! | Source

So what are my favorites to buy

Have on hand - Chia Seeds & Hemp Seeds. Add them to everyday food. Spike the meatloaf or sauce for the family.

Hemp seed are a deliciously nutty addition to my salads. Chia I use in oatmeal all the time.

Agave - sweet, lighter than honey - and easy to pour.

Dark Dark chocolate - I even like the 90% Cacao - the higher the better!!!! Plus - the higher the number the less I eat - bonus!

Unsalted Sunflower Seeds or nuts - add to oatmeal, salads or have just as a snack.

Hard Boiled Eggs - my go to protein when I need a protein boost.

Almond butter - I like so much better than peanut butter.

Sprouted Whole grain bread - I freeze it right away and that way it doesn't go to waste.

The Daniel Plan - Food

So what have we learned so far

  • Clean out the kitchen of the unhealthy food
  • Stock up on the healthy food
  • move more

Weighing in

There I am again - on the scale - down 2 pounds - woo hoo!
There I am again - on the scale - down 2 pounds - woo hoo! | Source


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