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They Fell..........And Touched The Face Of God.

Updated on October 7, 2009

They fell.....and touched the face of God.




Beneath a tree, on my driveway
I came upon a lesser creature
who was a victim on that day
of noble efforts unfulfilled
in the same manner
we as humans
are felled by life's lessons
cut short
Unjustly snatched
this tiny bird
just past the embryonic stage
lies all pinkish-purplish-mauve, and bald
with eyes as vacant
as the nest it tumbled from
in wingless flight.


So prematurely launched

towards heaven then hurled to earth.

Splayed on something more concrete
its fragile neck
now twisted beyond any hope
where once it had found worms a feast
now it became a feast for worms.

The mother circled overhead
her sad cries fading gradually
as with a shovel I delivered it
to a common grave.

Then turned to face a sunny day
with one less future bird's chirp...
fate subtracted.

But I left behind a marker
inked upon a skipping stone
that said,

" Christa Mcauliffe was
so much like this fledgling bird,
that I've put to rest beneath this sod."

"She too towards heaven was launched,
then back to earth was hurled

so premature........
on a tragic flight towards God.


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