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Thieves Oil: The Essential Oil Blend for Super Immunity

Updated on September 30, 2014
Essential Oils
Essential Oils | Source
Doctor wearing herb and essential oil stuffed mask.
Doctor wearing herb and essential oil stuffed mask. | Source
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Eucalyptus | Source
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Essential Oil Diffuser
Essential Oil Diffuser | Source


One of my absolute favorite holistic go-to remedies during cold and flu season is a special blend of essential oils that often goes by the name Thieves Oil. This blend, which consists of clove, rosemary, eucalyptus, cinnamon and lemon essential oils creates an effective and all-natural barrier to airborne pathogens, both viral and bacterial, and is arguably one of the best ways to make for an ironclad immune system.


The history behind Thieves Oil blends is fascinating and often bends towards folklore. The reason this essential oil blend is often called Thieves or 4 Thieves Oil is because it is said that during the Bubonic Plague in Europe a group of four men in Marseilles banded together to rob unsuspecting plague victims as they lay dying in their own homes. The mystery was that these men were able to come into contact with the diseased, infected corpses and their possessions but never got sick themselves.

These thieves had come up with a concoction of herbs and essential oils and spices that they used to douse themselves with before entering a quarantined home. Those oils and herbs created a barrier so that the thieves would be able to breathe without becoming infected. It is said that once the thieves were caught, they were forced by a judge to divulge their secret recipe which has been slightly altered over the years, yet remains incredibly effective.

If it sounds too good to be true, we need to remember that during times of epic pestilence in Europe, like the Bubonic Plague, doctors were able to administer to the sick without becoming ill themselves by donning long beaked masks that contained herbs, spices and essential oils that they would have to breathe through and which would destroy the pathogens in the air before making it into their airways.


To prove the effectiveness of this natural germ killer even further, Weber State University conducted a study in 1997 that showed that after only 10 minutes of the Thieves blend being diffused, 96% of pneumonia bacteria and 44% of staph bacteria were removed from the air. This study along with other research has shown that, most viruses, molds, bacteria, and fungi can’t survive being in the presence of the high levels of carcacrol, phenols, terpines and thynol found in these essential oils. Blended together the synergistic effect is unsurpassed when it comes to boosting and protecting immune function.


There are several ways to use Thieves essential oil blends with my favorite being, diffusing the oil with some water in a tart or wax warmer, or an essential oil diffuser. This will clear the air around you of harmful pathogens. As the oil blend contains cinnamon, rosemary, lemon and cloves the scent is delicious and reminiscent of Christmas.

Diffusing the oil in a classroom, office and home will leave you protected round the clock. Another way that I use this oil blend is by adding a few drops to a carrier oil such as olive or coconut oil and rubbing it on the soles of my feet and my children’s feet. It can also be rubbed into the chest and along the spine for maximum effectiveness.


Several Thieves blends are available on the market with the most popular, pure and well loved being Young Living’s Thieves Oil, DoTerra’s OnGuard, Plant Therapy’s Germ Fighter, and Eden’s Gardens Four Thieves. When choosing an oil make sure that you research the company and certify that you are getting an oil blend of optimal and purest quality.


This cold and flu season protect yourself and your family from getting sick with a Thieves blend of essential oils! This has been, by far, one of the most effective immune enhancers that I’ve ever used…and the track record for keeping people healthy is impressive.

As with any supplement, if you are prone to certain allergies be sure to talk to your health care practitioner to see if any of the oils in this blend may not be right for you.

To good health the natural way!


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