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Thighmaster Review

Updated on November 4, 2012

Remember This?

I remember when this product was introduced in the early 90's, the commercials featured Suzanne Somers demonstrating the Thighmaster while sitting on the couch watching television, what could be better then that? And now, twenty years later this product is still on the market and it hasn't really changed much from the original. Not bad for an "as seen on TV" product, I don't think too many products introduced on Television have had that kind of shelf life. So there must be a reason the Thighmaster has been around for so long, lets get to the review.


I am still squeezing the Thighmaster

I loved the original Thighmaster, and now I am using the newer Thighmaster Gold toning system, and trust me, it works! Not only has this product lasted the test of time, it really does give you the results it promises. The Thighmaster Gold system comes with the original Thighmaster and the Thighmaster LBX unit which is for the outer thighs, so instead of sqeezing your legs together you are pushing them apart. You can also use this system to tone you arms and chest, although I usually reach for my weights to do this as I find it more effective.  When you order the Thighmaster Gold system, it does come with an instructional video where Suzanne Somers does a quick introduction, then a model moves on to demonstrate the exercises, it's a little disappointing that Suzanne does not do the instruction herself, but I guess she doesn't need to prove herself anymore.  I have found my thighs to have more muscle tone after using this, and the best part is you can do it anywhere.  I will often use my Thighmaster in front of the television or while I am on the computer, love it. Of course, like with any exercise, you will see faster results if you are also eating a healthy, balanced diet, and doing some cardio work at least three times a week.  Another great selling feature, this system is compact, it'll easily store in a closet or under a bed or couch.  The system retails for about $30 on most sites, which I think is very reasonable, you can find it on Amazon, Ebay and  If you are even thinking of toning up your hips and thighs, I would highly recommend giving this system a try before you spend money on a larger more expensive piece of equipment.


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