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Thin People Don't Count Calories

Updated on May 17, 2009

I just attended a Prosperity conference where there was an amazing speaker, Raymond Aaron, who talked about a weight loss program he was in – one that was so successful, he’s kept the weight off for 15 years. If you know anything about dieting statistics, he was in the 1% category, since 99% of all diets fail (meaning that weight is gained back within 5 years, and then some). I laughed at his anecdotes, especially when he kept asking the director to give him a calorie chart, a meal plan, something to hold on to. When the director asked if that’s ever helped before, he answered, “No.”

The director replied, “Thin people don’t count calories.”

My first response was a bit triggered. “That’s not true,” I thought. “Thin people do count calories.” At least anorexics and chronic dieters who are “successful” do! That’s an article for another time though. Because, now I know, that it is true. Naturally healthy, thin(ner) people don’t count calories, points, carbs, protein grams, or fat grams. No matter what Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or SlimFast say about that their long-lasting, lifestyle-oriented results, they are diets: controlling, brain-washing, short-lived diets that leave people feeling more out of control then they ever were to begin with (and fatter too).

It's just not normal...

How many people ask me for a calorie chart? Many. They want lists of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins to have, fat grams to control, and carbohydrates to watch. How many hours should they exercise? How big should their portions be? They want a chart that shows them that calorie-counting will guarantee their weight loss, but we’re not machines. No matter what the science says about calories expended and calories consumed, we are not machines.

Think about a child who knows when he’s hungry and closes his mouth, tight-lipped when he’s full. They know what they need. No calorie chart on a wall can convince them that they need one more sip of milk or one more bite of all-too-appetizing mashed peas. I love children for this and many other reasons. They carry with them an intuition that most of us have long forgotten.

Intuition is not lost though. I believe that we are in the beginning stages of a revolution. We have the opportunity to take back our appetites, take back our body shape with its curves and sensuality, and take back our appreciation and enjoyment of real food. Who’s with me? Who wants to be with me and yet you’re scared, nonetheless?

Dare to Dream!

Most people who come to work with me are scared. I don’t blame them. For me, the thought of not counting and not weighing and not controlling everything was frightening too, until I realized it wasn’t working anyway. That’s when you know you’ve hit the rock bottom of the dieting world. Those headlines screaming at you from the check-out stand of the grocery store no longer spark your curiosity or hope about losing 15 lbs FAST or how to shed 10 lbs EFFORTLESSLY. Pretty soon, you recognize the lies and look past them, to your grocery cart filled with real foods (not diet foods); foods that you crave, foods that you love, and foods that frankly, are longing to love you back.

Think it’s impossible? Trust me, it’s not. Soon, I will post an article about eating disorders, brain-washing diets, and how I survived before I died, only to learn to thrive in a world filled with mixed messages and lies. Until then, consider this. You could have your cake and eat it too without gaining weight. You can have cookies and ice cream, salads and pasta, cereal and donuts around you at all times. And as soon as you learn what Hunger, Fullness, and Satisfaction are, you will never gain weight again.

It’s the only way. And I’m teaching women from all walks of life how to live this life of freedom and joy.

Wherever you go, there you are...

The other night, I had a dream that I was visiting my boyfriend’s family, but it wasn’t his family of course (that’s just how weird dreams are). This woman I’ve never seen before is telling me about her newest diet and how she knows she will be a lot more attractive when she loses these extra pounds. I am sitting at her kitchen counter staring at the tile, wondering what to say when his brother comes in and grabs a handful of grapes from the counter. With a mouthful of food he says to the woman, “Oh she’s the wrong person to talk to about diets. She runs an anti-diet program!” The woman smiles knowingly at me and her teenage daughter walks into the room to join the conversation. “We’ll definitely stop dieting once we’ve reached the healthiest and happiest weight for us. We know they can be dangerous. We just need to get to where we want to be before we start to live healthier.” The teenage girl, slim and healthy, smiles shyly at me. “I’m going to lose 10 lbs before prom,” she says. I started to tell them about the dangers and how there’s a better way, when it hit me. They don’t want to stop dieting. Right now it’s giving them hope and that’s all that matters to them. Anything I say is being filtered through their belief system, and I’m threatening their goal for happiness. Before I wake up fully conscious, I let my mind wrap around the reality that not everyone is ready. And that’s okay. Trust me, you’re right where you’re supposed to be. This is your life.

If you are ready… if you’re tired of stepping on the scale, counting calories, or judging yourself for what you have or haven’t eaten, step back and smile! Life is about to get easier for you. Choose your next step, whether it’s buying one of my recommended books or going to my website for a free consultation, or both! Join me and thousands of other women on the “other side” where work-outs are a thing of the past (and thank God!), calories are meaningless, and all that matters is whether I’m hungry and what am I craving.

In peace and health,

Theresa Singleton, MA (Head to for your free resources and a free consultation with me!)


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    • jenpernutrition profile image

      jenpernutrition 8 years ago

      Awesome Hub! I am a dietitian in private practice and I totally identify with your experiences. You are right, there is a growing awareness of the fact that diets and restriction do not work. It is so nice to see someone else out there fighting for the cause!