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Things Aren't Always How You SEE Them...

Updated on November 30, 2012

So I was very fortunate to spend some quality time with some of the wonderful Co-Workers that I worked with in the past, just so we could catch up. All of us are doing our own things.. We have Realtors, Stay-At-Home-Moms, Escrow Coordinators, and of course the Un-Employed (That's me).

The most amazing thing about this group of 6 women is that all of us have our own VISION .. Some of us are married for decades, some are divorced single moms, some new moms at a little older age and married, some married with no kids, and some are single with no kids... It would seem like we have absolutely nothing in common to an outsider, but what all of the members of this very mixed group... is VISION...

I thought about writing this blog today when I was talking to one of the members of our Little Ladies Group that is a Divorced Single Mom, (like myself) I was talking to her about just how amazing it was that I could read the menu at the establishment that we were dining at, because I have recently started wearing contacts so I have Vision. And as many of you may or will soon find out that your Vision changes very drastically at the age of 40. Menus become a test of how well you can imitate Stretch Armstrong just to read it, your children OH YES, and even your parents make fun of you as you squint and reach to read your Birthday Card that they may have written into in extra small handwriting just to see how the expressions on your face contort as you try to read the text and many more Vision related challenges.

So in my new world of menu reading, I am a happy camper. Although for so long I didn't go to the eye doctor for one reason or another, some of which where because I was trying to fight the good Vision fight, the other reasons could have been either time, or financially related but I always found a way not to go and get my Vision checked. That was a very stupid thing to do.. so much embarrassment and making excuses could have been avoided if I had just gone in earlier. Well contact lenses cured my Vision challenges, and I am reading Fifty Shades of EVERYTHING! No reference to anything there ;)

And although I am just finding out how wonderful it is to have Vision again, I have NEVER lost my VISION in life, and that is to be a successful parent, a successful person, have my children be successful in whatever their Vision is. Not having contacts may have clouded my Vision, but because I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I have always tried my hardest to do the right thing, and I have surrounded myself with ALL TYPES positive thoughts and positive people with VISION, I have never lost sight of mine...

So with that said, I can see with my Vision, but OH LOOK OUT, because I can still SEE MY VISION, and it is coming just around the corner.. Things may "look" bad for me right now, but as I learned from reading menus without contacts and getting the wrong food order.... Things Are Not Always How You See Them!


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    • profile image

      Denise Haven 5 years ago

      My Gosh CJ!!! That was some mad writing skills...... You are a wonderful person, I know this first hand. You were at my bedside for many nights in the hospital when my family could not be there. They were dark-dark-dark times for me and you were there to comfort me in my time of need....sure you have seen things on a person that you've never seen before - perhaps that is what messed your vision up! Nah, just joking, well....not really! You know that these hard times will pass, just look at me! I love you sister from another mother! xoxo Denise

    • livhappy profile image

      Josh Schaitel and Olivia Alverson 5 years ago

      very good points