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Things I Have Learned Before My 37th Birthday

Updated on February 22, 2009

A Few Things I Have Learned Before My 37th Birthday

- Sometimes making a choice doesn’t make you feel good for a long time. Take joy in the choices that make you feel great.
- Everything happens for a reason - both good and bad. Don’t overanalyze. Move on.
- It isn’t always about you. But in some cases it’s all about you and that’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with being the centre of attention at times. Enjoy it while you can.
- When you have a family putting yourself first does feel selfish. It is selfish when you spend the rent money to go tanning.
- Praise your children no matter what anyone says. Years from now your kids aren’t going to care that people thought you were bragging about how great your kids are - they are going to remember what YOU said…or mostly what you didn’t say.
- Let it go, but always remember. You certainly will when that friend you’ve forgiven has used you yet again.
- Some people really are lazy communicators and you only hear from them once in a blue moon. Accept it.
- Ambition is a good thing depending on who’s ambitions you are trying to keep up with. If you’re truly happy working at the retail store rather than putting to use the $40,000 university degree who’s to say you are right or wrong?
- What goes around, comes around. It just takes time so never mind wasting time plotting revenge.
- Sleep on it. Things don’t look so bleak the next day but keep in mind the one where I said choices may not make you feel good.
- Our backgrounds and experiences influence us in our daily life, but we are responsible for who we become in Life. One of the nastiest people I knew came from a good family.
- It can take years to build up trust, but one email to finally break the camel’s back.
- People who say that others are just jealous of them aren't telling the whole story. Maybe. Maybe not. But it will certainly make you think about it when you hear that line next time no?
- It doesn’t matter. Nope. In the big timeframe that is your life it just doesn’t matter in the end. So someone you used to be friends with starts spreading rumours about you. Really, in the big picture they live in a dinky little town, with dinky little friends and on any given weekend you know they all go to the same dinky little bar what the hell does it really matter what they say about you? WHO CARES WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT YOU? Who are they really in the grand scheme of things? No.One.Important.
Live well. Live Happy. No one ever regrets the good things in Life.


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 6 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      You're absolutely right, nobody regrets the good things in life. So i guess we have to make of these good stuff whenever we can. Nice collection of epiphanies.

    • bladesofgrass profile image

      bladesofgrass 7 years ago from The Fields of Iowa

      Well said. Happy I stopped by and I look forward to reading more. :)

    • messerc123 profile image

      messerc123 8 years ago from El Paso, Texas

      So loved this hub. I will be 37 next month and so agree with everything you wrote. You have made me a fan.