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Things To Do When Sick

Updated on June 20, 2017

Being sick is one of those things that you hate or just like because you do not want to go to work. Well here are some things to help you out whether you just have the sniffles or heaving up your guts.

#10, Drink A Lot Of Liquids. Juice, water, sprite. Whatever helps keep the body hydrated and well. When sick especially if you puke you can get rid of alot of important nutrients and water in the body, drinking alot of water or juice can help keep those nutrients inside, well unless you puke them up constantly. Keep drinking them liquids though.

#8, Soup Is Your Best Friend. Sometimes when you are sick you cannot keep many solid foods down so soup is your best bet, chicken noodle helps alot and is probably your best bet when it comes to soup. Maybe soup with less solids in it will help a bit. Bit of warm soup helps, a few page even suggests that many Asian style soups help quite alot with getting rid of sickness.

#7, Exercise A Bit. Sometimes laying down in bed for hours at a time is not any help, sometimes getting a good sweat on can really help with the body. Ridding yourself of that sick feeling, might not help a whole lot but it will do something.

#6, Rest A Lot. Being sick can definitely take alot of energy out of the body, best way to do that is sleep alot. Don't forget though to take your daily gallons of juice and soup intake otherwise resting won't do much. Sleeping or just laying down for a quick rest can also help out when in a bad sick state, keep your resting levels high my friends.

#5, Take Some Medicine. Nightquil and several other medicines can help alot with some sickness, probably will not take everything away but it will help soothe the pain of a cough or help get rid of that stomach pain a little. You can usually find some of these things in nearly any store you go into, having alot of them beside you will help and taking alot of medicine with other things will also help.

#4, Find Some Home Remedies. You won't believe how many remedies there are out in the world, many can be even better then actual medicine. Many websites can be found with these home style remedies, you can even look up "Remedies" for whatever ails you in the google drive and most certainly many responses will come up in the search engine.

#3, Elderberry Syrup Is Your Friend. Elderberry Syrup in many forums is supposed to help shorten the duration of a cold or flu but drastic amounts of time, which hopefully means days not seconds. I guess the power of pancakes and syrup will save the day for us all, Hallelujah.

#2, Epsom Salt Baths. What can a bath not fix I ask you, absolutely nothing. I think I might have worded that wrong. A Epsom Salt Bath helps with relieving the aches and pains that comes with being sick. Resting in one of these bad-boy's while drinking a bit of warm tea will most likely boost the effects of the bath. Taking a warm bath also helps with being able to kinda relax and rid yourself of the aches that you are enduring in this bad times.

#1, Clean Yourself A Lot. Being sick can mean you might have gotten a germ from someone close to you or even got it from the air itself, it could be anything. Washing your hands can do alot, making sure you don't spread the virus also helps because if you do spread it you shall forever be known as the man who spread the flu to everybody else in your family.

Conclusion: No doubt there are many more remedies or home cures or whatever that can aid you whenever you get sick, ask friends or family if they know of anything special that can help with getting rid of sickness. Another good way to help yourself is to always wash your hands and make sure you can stay clean, drinking some juice and boosting your immune system will also help if you want to avoid the yearly bug that always seems to creep around the corner.


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