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Things To Have In The Home That Encourage Continued Senior Placement

Updated on April 5, 2016

For many seniors today, remaining in the home they've lived in for decades is of paramount importance-- and anything else just isn't cutting it.

While countless other seniors have no choice but to live outside their homes due to their own physical and/or mental infirmities, there is a rising call now more than ever before to go to great lengths to keep elders in the continued comfort of their own homes even as they approach their final days.

Take a look at 3 of the most important things to have in the home that encourage the possibility of your loved one's continued presence there:

1. Carpeting Throughout The Main Walkways In The Home

Though this may be expensive if the home currently consists primarily of hardwood or tile flooring, the results are indisputable: the most severe fall injuries occurring in the home include seniors (people 65+ years) taking a tumble on hard-surface flooring. Though certain areas of the home, such as the bathroom and kitchen, are best left with tile or hardwood, even these rooms should be supplied with area rugs for safety purposes and should only be available to elders with a high fall risk when they absolutely need to walk across it (of course, using the restroom is a common time to have to walk across a hard floor). In general, the less hard floor that's available in the home, the lower the elder's fall injury risk.

2. Shower Seating In The Tub

Did you know that most senior tumbles occur in places like the shower, where surfaces are extremely slippery and supervision is generally absent? Aside from the fact that showering can become more difficult for elders to wash themselves while standing anyway, understand that investing in a shower seat now may make things much easier on your elder later-- and could just prove to be the difference between his/her remaining in the comfort of the home and needing to be moved elsewhere.

3. A Medical Alert System

Having a senior safety medical alert system installed is very beneficial for continued safety awareness in the home. Not only does it help keep a watchful eye on your beloved elder as he/she ages gracefully into the next stage of life, it also helps to provide existing loved ones with a continued peace of mind in knowing that everything is OK in the home. There are different medical alert systems available for purchase, though investing in one that fits your elder's specific security needs is important for his/her future home protection.

For more information on how you can prepare now for your beloved elder's continued placement in the home, call A-1 Home Care today at (310) 657-8780 or (562) 929-8400 and speak with a gentle home care professional. We are proud to provide senior care assistance to areas throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.


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