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Things You Should Know About Eczema Treatment

Updated on April 8, 2013

Millions of people suffer from eczema, undergoing a variety of symptoms such as skin rashes, bacteria problems and dry cracked skin. Your skin is the largest of the body's organs so having skin problems can be a difficult thing to live with. Using the right kind of eczema treatment cream can help ease your symptoms, allowing you to enjoy daily life without the drawbacks of eczema.

Your Skin Matters

Healthy skin will help to control body temperature and serve as a waterproof barrier while keeping out infections and protecting the delicate tissues underneath. When the epidermis of the skin is damaged, bacteria thrives because the tissue is then prone to the millions of micro-organisms that surround us.

While these bacteria are virtually harmless to the natural defense barrier of healthy skin, those with eczema prone skin are less likely to evade the issue. That's why keeping the skin moisturized and protected is essential for alleviating those troublesome eczema symptoms and promoting the regeneration of your skin.

Good Hygiene

Keeping your skin free from bugs and bacteria is essential for encouraging the skin to heal. The best advice for eczema sufferers is to follow a strict personal and household hygiene routine. Washing clothes and bedding regularly; showering daily; vacuuming floors daily and vacuuming all textiles at least weekly is a safe bet to ensure that you and your skin are kept in a fresh, clean environment.

What Causes Eczema?

Eczema has no single cause and is an inherited condition as research suggests. Studies conclude that 60% of children who have a parent with atopic eczema also have the condition. There is also an 80% chance that a child will have atopic eczema if both parents have it.

Although the exact genes that cause eczema are unknown, a protein called filaggrin ties in closely with the condition. Genes are most often at the route of eczema and up to 1 in 5 cases of eczema are caused by the filaggrin gene. Genes responsible for skin inflammation may also cause eczema.

With healthy skin, filaggrin helps to form a waterproof barrier on the outer (epidermis) layer of the skin. It does this by combining with the natural keratin protein oil produced by sebaceous glands from underneath, forming a protective barrier at the skins surface. In short, the skin can't sufficiently protect itself from the environment if there is a problem with filaggrin.

What Triggers Eczema?

Aside from the route cause of a persons eczema, common environmental factors play a significant role in triggering eczema. One persons sensitivities may vary to the next and you may already be familiar with your own. It is always useful to know what you might be hypersensitive to in order to avoid outbreaks where possible.

Possible triggers can include:

stress; hormonal changes; excessive sweating (often from overheating); irritant products such as detergents or cosmetics and weather or seasonal changes.

and allergies such as:

dust mites; wool; latex rubber; food allergies; pollen; pet fur; hard water

Soothe Your Skin Naturally

Check the label! Not all eczema treatment creams are sound for your skin. Many controversial eczema creams can contain unwanted ingredients that only make you more dependent on them. Natural eczema treatment creams however, are more likely to help alleviate symptoms gently without producing side effects. They contain natural ingredients that provide your skin with restorative vitamins and minerals. Look out for treatment creams with all natural ingredients. Keeping things natural means avoiding ingredients that have been hydrogenated, refined, bleached or deodorized.

Here are some of the best natural ingredients often found in eczema treatment creams.

  • Virgin Coconut Oil is a proven and widely used healing agent for skin. Deeply moisturizing, it strengthens and nourishes below the skins surface while helping remove excess of dead skin. The fatty acids in virgin coconut oil are antibacterial, anti-fungicidal and antiviral.
  • Almond Oil is rich in vitamins A, E and D which makes it perfect for skin rejuvenation. It also contains linoleic and oleic acids, providing moisture to the skin while also softening and soothing. These two acids alone make up an estimated 36% of the natural oil base in human skin.
  • Argan Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and 80% of it consists of unsaturated fatty acids. While these oily ingredients help keep skin well protected, it is also worth noting that the food supplementation of essential fatty acids has also been recorded to show improvement in dry skin conditions.
  • Glycerin is a naturally occurring 'humectant' meaning it attracts moisture to your skin. Glycerin is also highly 'hygroscopic', absorbing water from the air. Being the ideal emollient, it can be found in any good eczema treatment cream and is also found in many lip balm products too.

If you experience nut allergies, remember to look out for nut related ingredients.

Using Eczema Treatment Cream

Eczema treatment cream will need to be applied daily over a course of at least one month for the skin to naturally revive itself. This is because it takes between 1 to 2 months for new skin cells to reach the surface and replace the outer layer of dead skin. Keeping the outer epidermis well protected during this healing process is essential for skin rejuvenation.

While the consistency of using your eczema treatment cream is important, the other half of the battle is choosing one that's right for you. Eczema creams that contain parabens or chemicals such as petroleum are not advised for skin prone to redness, itchiness or inflammation. The difference between two eczema treatment creams can mean the difference between recurring eczema or skin relief that lasts.

The Best Eczema Treatment Cream

One of the best eczema treatment creams I have read about is Syrinx Za 'natural emollient eczema cream' which is gaining popularity on the market. It contains only natural and skin friendly ingredients and is non-irritant, containing no steroids, parabens or petroleum. With ingredients such as zander, almond oil, virgin coconut oil and glycerin, this eczema treatment cream gives your skin a more natural relief. The natural ingredients within the eczema treatment cream rejuvenate and restore the skin barrier while reducing redness and itching.

Along with a non-greasy base for better absorption, the natural glycerin content of Syrinx Za eczema treatment cream ensures that your skin stays moisturised for longer.

Syrinx Za eczema treatment cream intensively nourishes the skin while easing eczema symptoms, helping to revive the skin back to a natural condition. It is the only eczema treatment cream that contains Zander, a 6000 year old ancient mineral rich clay and also contains Argan oil, naturally high in vitamin E.


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    • profile image

      Chadie 3 years ago

      Where can I get the "synrinz za natural eczema cream" I'm desperate to get rid of my skin condition eczema ...!!!

    • etaCarinae profile image

      Sara Johnson 3 years ago from United States

      These are some sage tips on combating the serious disease of the skin, eczema. although the symptoms are mild for many, the embarrassment felt by those people (and resulting ostracization) is real and significant.


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