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Things You Think About When You Turn 24

Updated on July 31, 2017

The big 2-4

This is it, the day you officially leave your early twenties and enter your mid-twenties. It's one of the oddest ages you'll ever be at because you're not yet middle aged, but not super young anymore either. This is the age when people stop calling you a kid (finally!) and start taking you a bit more seriously. Today, I turned 24 years old and I'm pretty sure the things I thought about today were things that cross all our minds at some point near this age.

Let's start the list below (and bear with me, I'm writing this from my iphone)...

10 Things Every 24 Year Old is Thinking

1. "Holy crap! I'm 6 years from 30!"

This is quick to make any 24 year old feel like time is going by a bit too fast. It seems like just yesterday I was turning 18!

2. "Ahh, morning pains."

You start to wake up with a little more aches, pains and stiffness, and what everyone always said about staying in bed too long making you hurt - you learn that's not a lie. No such thing as sleeping in for me anymore. My neck and head will hurt enough that I'd rather just go ahead and start the day. Working for ALMOST a decade starts to show some wear and tear.

3. "What was that?"

Talking to older teens or those just entering their early twenties seems more confusing than it was just a few years ago. New generations are growing up with new trends and fads and honestly it's a bit hard to keep up. My teen sister literally just had to explain to me some phrase teens are using because I really didn't know what she was talking about.

4. "What am I doing with my life?"

24, at least for me, feels a lot like rehashing all your life choices and trying to understand where your life is going. No matter what walk of life you've come from, I think we all do this at this age. It feels like life is starting to tap on your shoulder daily and telling you to kick it into gear - quick! 24 feels a lot like needing to have your whole life figured out ASAP. Is this the right job? When should I buy a house? When should I get married/have kids?

5. "No thanks, one glass is fine."

While we all binge every now and then, we've had our fun with drinking by now. It's nothing new and while it may be fun occasionally, it seems that your body rejects you a bit harder than it used to in the morning (See number 2). Not fun...

6. "My life is consumed by bills..."

Want to keep some of that paycheck to go out this weekend? You'll likely save it because of, you know, paying off student loans, rent/mortgage, doctor's bills, utilities, food, unforeseen expenses etc., etc. You've probably dealt with this for a while now, but you probably have a firmer grip on your money now. It's easier to leave it in the bank rather than go for a night on the town.

7. "Ahh, is that the sound of silence?"

In addition to number 6, it's also not as hard to stay in anymore. With the hustle and bustle of life day in day out, you probably appreciate the quiet comfort of being at home and enjoying your own company (or your family's company). Netflix, anyone?

8. "Where's Mr./Mrs. right?"

Luckily, I've found my Mr. Right and we're married now, but I've heard a lot of my 24/25 year old friends express their frustration with finding someone worthwhile. Everyone of them that are interested in relationships are done playing games and want to settle down.

9. "Do I want kids?"

Many of my peers are either beginning their families now, or they've started earlier. It's easy to feel like you need to join in because of course you'd like your children and your friends children to grow up together. Then, you start wondering if you want them later on in your 30s (I've decided it's now or never- literally... I think). Aside from all this, if you're married at this point, the confusion grows because people will begin pressuring you to have kids (everyone has a say it seems...).

10. "Decisions, questions and more decisions..."

Everywhere you look there's a new life choice waiting for a response - a very rapid response. It's so easy to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes you just have to take a Zen moment and relax to escape it all.

End Note

Now I know everyone won't share these thoughts that I have or my friends have had at 24 years old, but that's okay. 24 is a confusing age and all you can do is ride the wave and figure it out one day at a time - we can all agree on that, I'm sure.

If you have any any comments or thoughts to add, please leave a comment below.


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