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Things that "run" through a runner's mind while running...

Updated on January 24, 2016

Have you ever been on a run and noticed interesting things or had random thoughts? Maybe you notice the beauty of the trees or skies. Maybe laughing children catch your eye. Maybe a cute dog grabs your attention. Maybe you think about your family. Maybe you plan your meals for the week or think about what you are going to eat after your run. Each run is unique. Some runs are boring, while others are full of surprises. Some runners notice everything, while others zone out and only see their feet meet the pavement. I tend to have a combination of the two.

Most of my runs range from three to five miles. My longest training run to date is 9 miles - training for two half marathons. Regardless of the distance, there is always something interesting to note along the way. Some things are funny, some are sad, some disgusting, while other things are just down right wrong. Then there are the thoughts that run (pun intended) through my mind, ranging from self destructive to encouraging and motivational. I have never taken the time at the end of a run to remember and write down all of the sights, sounds, and thoughts that I experienced during a run, but my sister, Jo Anna, has. With her permission, the following are for your reading enjoyment:

This first set of sights and thoughts are from an 18 mile training run Jo Anna did in Clay County, Florida (just outside of Jacksonville).

1. OMG, it is cold and windy. Chapstick? Check.
2. Mile three and I have to pee.
3. Clay county will be getting a phone call about their park facilities tomorrow. Ewwwww
4. Adele is decent to run to.
5. Yes moron, I'm a pedestrian and you should stop behind the crosswalk.
6. Oh, hello fellow runner. It is nice to have company.
7. Dude, I'm not going to run any faster.
8. OK [expletive], the trail is 8 feet wide, pass me already. Your breathing is annoying; even Adele can't drown it out.
9. Mile seven and I can see the bridge!
10. Why are there so many Christmas tree branches on the top of the Doctor's Lake bridge?
11. Somebody is missing a left shoe and a snow glove.
12. It is windy up here. I should stop and take a picture.
13. Two wolf whistles in a row; I must be looking hot.
14. I hate Adele.
15. Orange Park! Orange Park doesn't look any better on foot.
16. Hey little puppy. You sure are cute...and snack-sized.
17. Mile 11 - What a beautiful site! Brian and the boys and a peanut butter sandwich! That dog has no idea how lucky he was.
18. Yes Aidan (her son), I'll take you into the gas station to go pee. No, I'm not shopping for gum.
19. Knees, you rock! Feet, not so much.
20. Wow, calves, what are you doing?
21. Fifteen miles is good, I could just call Brian to come get me.
22. Nope, it is on Facebook, I have to finish.

A longer 20 mile run, revealed the following sights and thoughts...

1. My husband and kids are great. They provided hydration support! Love them!
2. It was a nice day.
3. Drivers are rude.
4. Skoal is the dip of choice in Clay County.
5. There was surprisingly very little road kill.
6. There were more discarded banana peels than road kill.
7. Nomads must have awesome knees.
8. I do not have awesome knees.
9. Knee pain sucks.
10. Bud light is the beer of choice for drivers in Clay County.
11. Who the [heck] drinks Wild Turkey while driving???
12. Who the [heck] drinks Wild Turkey???
13. Why are there shoes on the side of the road?
14. I should buy some pepper spray.
15. Creepy old fart has passed me three mile 17, I'm not sure I can still out run him...maybe he is looking for his shoes.
16. Why am I doing this?
17. Am I there yet?
18. Knee pain really sucks.
19. I can see the end.
20. Why did I do that?

As a long-distance runner, can you relate to any of these? Do you have your own lists of sights, sounds and thoughts? Make your runs count, but along the way do not forget to take a moment to enjoy your surroundings and laugh a little.


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    • Natalie Colon profile image

      Natalie Colon 5 years ago from Mississippi

      Can't wait to see the new list!

    • profile image

      Jo Anna 5 years ago

      I forgot about these! I swear, next marathon, I'm going to do a list. I've only done them for training runs. It would be neat to see if the mind is different on race day.