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Things that successful people do: Compliment Others

Updated on November 17, 2014


Complimenting others has so many advantages to you becoming successful:

  1. Bringing positive energy to yourself
  2. Bringing positive energy to others
  3. Getting people "on your side"
  4. Makes you see the "good" in people
  5. Expands your network

1. Brings positive energy to yourself

When you compliment others you bring a much needed positive vibe not only to the person you are complimenting but also to yourself.

This allows you to be surrounded by good and positive thoughts that are brought to you by good and positive compliments.

2. Brings positive energy to others

Like mentioned above, complimenting others brings positivity into the lives of others.

Now this may be obvious to you, but when you compliment others they start to feel good about themselves, and in turn increases the likelihood of them creating good and positive thoughts about you. This may come in handy in the future, which brings me to my third point below.

3. Gets people "on your side"

When you compliment others and make them feel good and fuzzy on the inside, not only does it create a positive mood for you and your complimented partner, this complimented individual will now think of you as a person that makes them feel good.

The next time that they want to refer someone to a job interview or to a date with their hot friend, they will think of you. They want you to be there with them at their company because you make them feel good. They want you dating their hot friend because you'd make a great companion for them during double dates and such.

4. Makes you see the "good" in people

When you start pointing out positive things, you will start to become a master of finding the good things in life. This gets you in a whole new positive mood that is contagious to others.

Life is good when you are surrounded by happy and positive people, especially when you can see the good in all of them that much easier after getting used to handing out compliments.

5. Expands your network

Whether it's that hot friend that you just hooked up with or that new job, complimenting others brings about a long-term future filled with opportunities to expand both your social and professional networks.

It pays off to say good things about others and to make others feel good about themselves.


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