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What You Need When Giving Birth

Updated on June 5, 2014

Giving birth is indisputably one of the most exciting and surreal events a woman can experience in her whole life. In addition to the happiness and excitement, it may also be scary and stressful as well. Planning ahead for this remarkable occasion will ensure that everything will go smoothly and stress-free.

A month before you are due to give birth, you are expected to have your suitcase ready and packed full of the essentials needed for that very special occasion. Some people think that a month before the baby's due date is too early. On quite a few occasions babies have been born weeks before the expected date, so you need to be extra prepared in case this was to happen to you.

Below we have a look at a list of things that an expecting mother needs in order to be fully prepared for the birth of her child. Included in this list, are things for the mum-to-be and the new baby as well.

Things for the mum
Things for the baby
Bath robe
Maternity gown (with easy access for breast feeding)
Baby clothes including bodysuit
Clean pairs of underwear
Baby towel
Maternity bra
Baby blanket
Breast pads
Face and bath towels
Baby bottle
Soap, shampoo and conditioner
Hairbrush or comb
Baby shampoo
Oral hygiene accessories
Baby powder
Hand cream and moisturiser


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