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Things to do during free time...

Updated on June 8, 2014

Make it your priority to be rejected
Be numb to rejection and negativity. Go out of your way to make people say bad things about you purposely. Go out of your way and get rejected on the daily basic. Why? When you get rejected on the daily basic, you become numb to it and no longer care. Things no longer bother you, thus you can finally be confident and be yourself and you no longer put up with bullshit. You live life for you and not the opinion of others.

Get rid of your stuff
In florida I helped my brother moved, and moving was a bitch coz he owned too many things. So get rid of things you do not need because it will only slow you down also costing you money. In today's economy we will be moving around a lot looking for jobs, getting rid of things will improve your mobility and save you money. Become a minimalist and only have things that are necessary.

Talk to random strangers
Greet random people on the street, ask them how they're doing, and give them compliments. People are bored and alienated in this days of age due to jobs and constant insecurity. A lot of people will be very appreciative that you're talking to them, although be warned that there are crazy crack head that will try to kill you. But most people are generally nice.This will make you feel good due to the communal experience.

Walk and explore
Explore your neighborhood on foot. There's a lot of beautiful sites in the city to be seen. Path covered with flowers and sea breeze, underground tunnel, affluence neighborhood with magnificent architectures, public parks and hiking trails, shipyard, beaches, military base, you name it.


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