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5 Things to do in 'Lucid Dream'

Updated on July 27, 2013

What is Lucid dream

Lucid dream is a state where you are aware that you are dreaming. Usually what happens is that sometimes we know that we are dreaming but we cannot control the events and sometimes we can control our dream but we are not aware that we are dreaming. But when you mix these two states, what we have in stock is 'Lucid Dreaming'.
If you have any questions regarding Lucid dreaming you can refer to the link given below

I have never tried Lucid dreaming myself ever but this article is about what I would do in my lucid dream if ever I get the chance to experience one. Obviously you can do a lot more than what I would write, These are just a few things which I found worth trying.

1. Fly
Everyone would try to fly at least once in a lucid dream. But the main question is how can you make your flight an experience worth remembering. I would fly atop my city and then land on the skyline of the city. And I would imagine a group of bandits chasing me, when they get near me I would jump of the building without a parachute and land on a speeding truck carrying piles of cotton and I will be safe
:D lol that would be fun. Or else you can just fly higher and higher and then land on an aeroplane and enjoy the ride. Its your dream after all, you can do anything you like

2. Eat
For a food freak like me eating in a dream is a dream come true (or is it not?) Just imagine sitting on a sofa drinking a chilled mug of beer or eating you favorite sundae while enjoying the beauty of Nature?
Or ordering a pizza from Dominos and then not paying the pizza boy for no reason? Or pile up your favorite chicken wings in your stomach and still not feel full. Moreover, You won't have to care for your dieting anymore. Just eat what you like without any limitations. From what I've gathered over the net, I've come to know that the dream food tastes very real and sometimes it feels more delicious than the real one as if your subconscious has served you the best tasting food you've ever eaten. All these things leave you spellbound.

3. Have sex?
I know this is the thing that most people would like to do even in their dream. I've never had any lucid sex while sleeping but whatever vague sex I had in my dream, it was wonderful. And the most important thing is that what you see or experience in a dream has a significant effect on your real life. A good dream leaves you fresh and happy all day long. So, I think sex in dream will not only serve you pleasure but will also help you to remain cheerful while awake. And you know what? You do not have to fear for all those STDs and HIVs and by no way can your partner find that you're cheating. As for my opinion, I don't think this is cheating.
So the next time you fall lucid try to call Angelina Jolie for a night out. I hope she won't mind

4. Meet the ones you have lost
You can call all of the people who are very dear to you and spend your time with them. I think most of us have a first hand experience of losing someone we love. But now you don not have to despair. Just find a nice spot and call those people and spend a great time with them. Be it your Father, Mother, Siblings, Spouses or anyone.
And I think for people who fell in one sided love like me, This is the most efficient way to fulfill your desire
I hope this will prove to be a great way to soothe your soul and it will fill you with positive energy.

5. Build your dream city or enjoy the fantasy world
I always wanted to be at Hogwarts with Harry Potter and cast all those spells on the rouges like Malfoy or accompany Captain Jack Sparrow on his Black Pearl ship and set out for an adventurous voyage.
I feel Lucid dream is the best way to live out your fantasies where you can invent characters and plot a story all by yourself.
You can build your own city which would be administered by you and can order the folks to carry out the work given to them. You can do just anything. Your imagination is an endless bay

If you feel anything better can be done, please feel free to comment on this hub, any idea would be appreciated and good ones would even get a place in my hub.
And if have had any great experience in your lucid dream you can share your experience with others.
But to feel these experiences you have to get lucid in your dream which is more difficult than you imagine. So, keep trying and all the best.


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    • profile image

      GalaxyRat 10 months ago

      Wow!!! Awesome! Will try. ;)

    • profile image

      alvin 4 years ago

      hahahha so true and so useful