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Things to know about weight loss

Updated on April 18, 2016

When people think about losing weight they think about going to the gym hitting the treadmill and eating less; but the truth is that there more to it than that. Think about it for a second; if it was that easy we’d all be walking around here fit. There are some key factors as well as facts that you need to keep in mind before you begin your weight loss program.

3500 calories equal a pound

To start with something simple is that one pound equals 3500 calories, so hitting the treadmill, the stair master (or whatever it’s call), or an exercise bike won’t give you the quickest results. This way of thinking is why people normally give up because they are not seeing the results fast enough with spring or summer around the corner.

Lean muscle burns fat

If you go to the gym you see the same people every day on the treadmill, but never doing squats, lunges, or calf raises. You also notice that they haven’t changed a bit and for that you’ll never see them again for they just cancelled their membership. Once again cardio exercise build lean muscle but not as quick as you’d hope. Try incorporating some squats, or some lunges in your gym routine; and as you progress add some dumbbell or barbell the to mix. I know when you think of weights you think of bulking up but if you use a light weight combined with high reps such as 15-20 you’re only going to tone your body. Now if you’re looking to bulk up then you use the low rep with heavy weight.

How much you rest between sets is important

Taking shorter rest periods in between set allows your heart rate to stay up allowing you maintain that metabolic boost to help burn away fat. Keep in mind if your rest period is too short you run the risk of a burnout. The main goal here is to keep the intensity going without completely burning out.

Interval cardio training

Interval cardio training gives a metabolic spike which last up to 48 making your weight gain efforts an extra boost. Interval is described as high level of exercise for a certain period of time followed by a low level of exercise. An example would be 30 seconds of sprinting followed of a 60 seconds of walking. Nowadays most cardio machines like the treadmill has an interval training mode on the machine. This form of cardio should be performed at least three times out of week.


Although exercise is a great way to improve your mood it’s very important to avoid anything negative. Stress has a way to increase your appetite. This is very tricky, because stress can also lead to weight loss, but not the results you’re looking for.

Don't let the number fool you

This can be tricky to explain but don’t let the scale fool you. Have you ever looked at someone and tried to guess their weight and then be surprised at what their actual weight was? This is because people vary in fat to muscle ratio. So the question is being you looking to lose weight or are you looking to slim up? If it’s the second question, then your gain is to build lean muscle as mentioned above.

Body composition

As mention earlier don’t let the scale fool you. Also it’s never a good idea to compare yourself to others (although it can be tempting in the gym). This is because body composition varies from person to person.

Eating less does not help

People think if they cut a meal out a day this will help lose fat. Hate to break it to you but you’re only burning muscle not fat. Remember you want to build muscle not lose muscle. This can also lead to energy loss. Aim to eat lean means like baked chicken or tofu if you’re a vegetarian. Personal throw the word “diet” out of your vocabulary the most important thing is to make healthier eating derisions and watch your calorie intake (you notice that word is only mentioned here in this article only once).

Give it some time

People tend to give up on their weight loss program mainly because they don’t see the result they are looking for right away. But remember everything has a process. Try avoid stepping on the scale or measuring yourself every day, but instead check every two weeks to see the progress. You can get really discourage when you don’t see any change in the two day your workout.

Get some proper rest

There are so many reasons why sleep is an important factor in weight loss. First, you need to get proper rest after a workout so your body can repair the damage muscle tissue from the workout. Side note: if there is one thing to take away here it is that lean muscle aide in burning fat. Second lack of sleep causes food cravings; most people who stay up all hours of the night tend to get something to eat. Third, Lack of sleep cause your body’s ability to store insulin can get disrupted cause your body to store fat in the wrong places not only causing you to gain weight but put at risk of diabetes. So just as you would plan your meal and your workout routine, it is also important to plan your bedtime to make sure you get an adequate amount of sleep.


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