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Things to remember regarding consumption of medicines

Updated on May 5, 2012

We should know to have medicines....

It’s important that we should know the scientific method of consuming medicines. Commonly we say pills. Pills are safer, easy consumable and pills are distinguished from other type of medicines. It’s important that we should maintain a constant amount of medicine in our body during treatment days. We insert medicine in blood through injecting or from digesting system. It’s possible to reach medicine content to blood through mouth or anus.Since our small intestine has got large area the pills which we are consuming will absorbed in to blood from there. The patient in unconscious or continuously omitting cannot give medicine through mouth.


Capsules are with gelatin shell covered, powdered or liquid granules. These are of two types, one Hard Gelatin Capsule.Example amoxiline capsules. Second one, Soft Gelatin Capsule, example vitamin A capsule.

The major capsules are with unpleasant taste .so don’t ever consume it by breaking it or biting it .it should avoid of consuming it by breaking and dissolving in water. Some capsules medicine will not dissolve in sufficient amount of medicine will not reach blood. There is 12 to 16% water in don’t ever store it in hot atmosphere such as in kitchen, vehicles. Water content will decrease and shape will get it should store away from dust and dense atmosphere. Some capsules are manufactured in such a way that it can consume through other than mouth. Example when we are suffering from cold we consume steam which contain medicines through inhaling. These types are Soft Gelatin Capsule.

Salbutamol rotacaps is other example. These are example of Hard Gelatin Capsule. This will break in rotahaler expedient and inhale through mouth. There will be a caution note on the cover as capsules are intended for use through Rotahaler only and are not to be swallowed.

Hard Gelatin Capsule

Soft Gelatin Capsule


Pills are manufactured from medicine powder by compression and make it in to different shapes and size. There are different types of tablets which can consume other than mouth. The method of consumption will be written on packets. There are different types of tablets .some types can absorb from mouth itself. Some can absorb from digesting system. There are some medicines which can insert through anus. Tablets which can swallow also classified in to two types like with coating (coated tablets), without coating (plain tablets/compressed tablets).in some plain tablets there is a division line. These are called scored tablets. These types only can consume by breaking in to two pieces. Coated tablets are manufactured for different don’t break it and consume. There are different types of coated tablets. Film coated tablets; Sugar coated Tablets and specially coated tablets. These are for avoiding problems like affecting the stomach from direct contacting it.

Coated Tablets

Things to be taken care while consuming medicines.

When swallow tablet or capsule,

  • Clean your hands neatly
  • Consume medicines by standing or sitting straight.
  • Have boiled only water for consuming medicines.
  • Completely avoid tea, coffee or juices since there is chance of chemical reaction with medicines.
  • Have one glass of water for medicines.
  • If we consume less amount of water there is a chance of sticking it on the way to will cause wound there.
  • First drink some water before consuming medicine. Then keep the tablet on the toungue.Then drink the remaining water.
  • You should ask the doctor that weather you can break the medicine.
  • Read the labels in packet carefully before consuming.
  • Keep the medicines away from kids and aged people.


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