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Think Healthy, Think Young to Maintain a Healthy Glow

Updated on June 3, 2011

Think Healthy, Think Young to Maintain a Healthy Glow

Most of us want to be healthy, have younger looking, firm and glowing skin. Most of us will feel proud when we receive a compliment on our radiant skin. Maintaining good health and radiating a healthy glow is invaluable and it takes a little effort and commitment to do it. Practice healthy eating, drink more water, put food for healthy skin on your dish and keep to healthy life style habits are a few steps to start. You can start with making small changes and over time the benefits are going to be rewarding.

Think and Eat Healthy

  • Adopting a healthy mental attitude is important to feeling and looking young and healthy.
  1. Think positive, Feel Positive
  2. Use your brain, keep it alert. Play Sudoku, crossword puzzles, do math, explore new things or read to stimulate the brain.
  • Make choices on the food that fuel your body. Remember the slogan “You are what you eat”. If your daily diet includes more protein and oily fried food, make a change and include color in your diet.

  • Color your plate with vegetables and fruits every day. Eating multiple servings of colorful fruits and vegetables to provide nutrients for cell function and replacements. Here is the color of food guide, its plant nutrients and health benefits:
  1. Green - Increase calcium absorption; boost mental alertness and helps cell regulation.
  2. White and Red - Increase bone health.
  3. For Energy, white supports energy and protein metabolism and Red maintain consistent energy levels.
  4. For immunity, white maintains healthy white blood cells and Red help cell health and function.
  5. Blue and Purple - Antioxidant protection, sustains healthy blood sugar levels.
  6. Yellow and Orange - Maintains bone density, supports energy production and cell protection.
  • Adopt healthy techniques release and reduce stress.Stress releases adrenalin and cortisol which over long term are toxic to cells.
  1. Manage stress by adopting a positive attitude
  2. Use breathing as a powerful factor to influence your state of mind and reduce stress and tension.
  • Try this simple Breathing Exercise to see the benefits of deep breathing
  1. Choose a quiet place where you can lie down in or sit in a comfortable relax position free of strain especially on your neck and back.
  2. Start to breathe in slowly and deeply by drawing air through your nose into your abdomen to the count of 5 and then slowly exhales through your mouth at count of 6.
  3. Repeat and continue for 2-3 minutes and you will notice the relaxed state.

Think Young

  • Laugh, Enjoy the Day, Be Happy, Be Young
  • Get your Quality , Beauty Sleep

Do you know depriving your body of quality sleep is taking your beauty appearance away?

Sleep is essential for mental health and beauty. Sleep deprivation stresses the body and stress leads to unhealthy skin tone. An average person needs seven and a half hours of sleep and when we sleep, our body restores brain chemicals, repair tissues and stabiles sugar and insulin levels. During the period of deep sleep cycle, typically the body has a surge of growth hormone that helps repair and rebuild body tissues.

Skin cells regenerate faster when sleeping than during the day. For this reason, dermatologist recommends applying your skin creams at night to get more effects out of them. If you tend to stay up late, change the routine and go to bed early to reap the restorative, recharging, refreshing and revitalizing benefits of beauty sleep.

  • Protect your skin from unnecessary exposure to sun rays

Avoid direct exposure to sun rays, wear a sunscreen with SPF 15 and above. Carry an umbrella or wear a cap when walking directly under the sun especially in the noon and afternoons.

  • · Cut down on alcohol

Studies showed that a single drink or two a day is healthy, it helps sharpen the mind. But excessive alcohol can be harmful, it can weaken the immune system, and add unnecessary calories leading to obesity.


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