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Think before you move

Updated on June 26, 2013

When moving remember this theme: Well-Being: the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous. Below you will find tips to make a wise decision when deciding to relocate.


Determine what moves the economy in the state where you are considering moving. Are you moving to a start with a large transportation hub or an financial powerhouse? What careers are generate the income you expect within that region? Pay attention to the pay scale, do not be fooled by titles but research the money paid for various positions compared with the money you make in your field right now.

Determine the education level, skill level, and average household income. Looks can be deceiving so don't be fooled by the appearance of prosperity. If everyone drives a Mercedes but the average income in the state is $36,000 - something does not match.


When you research top businesses for individuals-are they maid/lawn services, bookkeeping, or consultant businesses? Not that one is better than the other but consider if your skills and talents are in line with what's in demand.

Monitor the local news for a few months. The stories featured on the news, candid interviews from government officials and community leaders speak volumes about the culture of the state. The news cast provide an image of the level of professionalism and intellectual standards for the state. If the evening news reporter is wearing a mini dress and reporting the news; the class level of the environment is questionable. If you can't concentrate on the news program because someone is wearing a rooster hairdo with blue spikes in your head and I can no longer pay attention to the news because your hair style is a distraction: lack of professionalism.


Research voting laws, drivers license requirements, traffic laws, and dmv/vehicle procedures. Determine if the state has biased laws, extreme crazy laws, and what it takes to obtain the things you need. Beware of a state where you need a social security car, passport, five forms of identification and a thumb print this confirms a state that is out of control. If you receive a traffic ticket; is it a criminal offense? Pay attention to the environment.


When you move to a different area do not buy any property for at least 1 year. Get a lay of the land without finding yourself "stuck" in an environment that may not fit your needs. Renting will give you time to discover the state and locations where you want to live based on your needs. If you are a city person then you may not be comfortable living thirty miles from town. Be honest with yourself about the environment that is best for you and your family. Consider the transportation system, subway, or other forms of transportation.


Visit restaurant pubs, bars, events, and festivals. Pay attention to the patrons present at these events. Do people talk or do they stare at one another? Do you observe people eating alone in silence or engaging with others and interacting? When you attempt conversations with others do they embrace your difference or automatically criticize where you relocated in an attempt to erase their insecurity. (This is critical to understand because if the social climate is this way then you will face the same discrimination in the workplace and other aspects of your life.) Pay attention to the type of interaction. Do people ask you how much money you make, route to work, property taxes and income upon meeting you? Do people ask you about your favorite events and interests? Are people dressed beautifully with no substance? Does the man who looks like a million dollars lack the ability to read a book? If this is the majority then pay attention to the environment.


Listen to your gut. Not everyone belongs in every environment. If it does not feel like home for you then don't apologize for how you feel about the state. Turn towards your inner soul, meditate, and concentrate on answering one question: Does this feel like home? While no place will ever feel quite like home, if you find that your spirit is not at ease in the environment; then walk away. If despite a few adjustments your spirit is happy to dwell in this new environment; then rock on!

Whatever you do remember these truth:

Money does not make people happy. Your life is enriched by family, friends, co-workers, career fulfillment, and most importantly giving love to others by enriching our society. You can not experience true love in the wrong environment.


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