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Think in Absolute Terms

Updated on August 8, 2015

This was something interesting I read today "Thinking in Absolute Terms", it means a term that says complete or downright adequate. It can also be looked as the boarder or circumference.

Sometimes when we express our love for someone we will say, 'I love him/her absolutely' which means we completely love the person. 'Absolute' here means to the very core or definite,

So here we will be thinking in 'Absolute' Value or Circumstances. In another hub 'The A's in my of Life' i have mentioned about 'Acknowledging', which I believe is same as 'Absolute' Term. Somehow it means being content and happy with what we already have.

Acknowledging means we should know and accept our pluses (strength) and minuses (weakness) as it is and learn to navigate our life in the path. We should know who we are, acknowledge who we are and then decide what we want.


Pursuing 'Absolute Terms'

This is a dialogue in the movie Twins (

Julius Benedict: Why are you being so immature about all this?

Vincent Benedict: Look, Julius. Do you know how many times I've heard stories like this? It's every orphan's fantasy. My real mom and dad were rich, and beautiful. But... there was a mix-up at the hospital. And I got switched with another baby. But one day, there's gonna be a knock at the door. And there they'll be, with open arms, crying, "My darling. My treasure. We didn't know. How can we make it up to you?" Let me tell you something for your own good Julius. It a CROCK!

Truth can definitely hurt but we have to acknowledge them so that we can move on. Vincent moved on, he had to look for ways to survive in the society. Although he finally met his mother how likely can such things happen in reality. .

We always find something we are unhappy about, be it our physics, our family, our partner or even our work. There is no harm in having desires and dreams to move forward or seek improvement in our life style. But we have to consider if our desires, are sensible or logical.

Just a simple example would be having educational background of a lawyer and wanting to practice medicine because you find the wages were better. Yes!! you absolutely can, but you have to go back to school and complete your medical education before practicing. Probably it would take you another 6 years and about $100 or $200 thousand. Is your desire worth the time and expenses. OR the lawyer could enhance his career to be more valuable and charge more creating better income today.

If you put your hand into an anthill and it's bitten by a snake, whose fault is it ?

(Readers Digest, Sept 2004)

— President Yoweri Museveni

Beat the Odds

Before going any further let me stress that this hub is not meant to discourage one to take chances or go after their dreams. There are many successful people who Beat the Odds or jumped a major hurdle to reach up beyond any expectations

History reveals the following and many more :

  1. Helen Keller, ~ the first blind/deaf person to gain Bachelors Degree
  2. Mahatma Ghandi ~ protested for India's Freedom
  3. Nelson Mandela ~ played a role in ending apartheid system in South Africa
  4. Marie Curie ~ female scientist during times when it was difficult for woman to be educated
  5. Beethoven ~ lost his hearing and still continued to compose music
  6. Stephen Hawking ~ discovered many things in science field, he has motor neuron diereses

My personal inspiration

  1. Susan Boyle ~ was known as 'Susie Simple' became an overnight inspiration for almost all people
  2. Oprah Winfrey ~ came from a terrible conditions before her success
  3. Oscar Pistons ~ A sprint runner who's legs was amputated
  4. Someone close to my heart who completed his Bachelor at 49 and Masters at 52 and will complete Doctorate by 55

The following will reveal that this people had dreams to reach and only had positive vibrations.

Content not Contend

Many who desire to be successful in life must remember that for me 'Absolute Term' is looking at Content and not Contend !!

Cambridge Dictionary Online ( defines the following

Content : pleased with your situation and not hoping for change

Contend : to compete in order to win something

This means we should not be comparing and competing with another person probably your colleague or neighbor. It is better to look at the definition with an example so as not to confuse my meaning.

Case Study (1) (Unhealthy competition)

Future Expenses
Home Rental
Car Loan
Family Expenses
For example if we are earning $5,000 a month and our income is just 'enough' for our family expenses we can not afford to 'increase' our expenses. If we were paying a car loan of around $1000, and seeing our neighbor driving a new car can not decide

From the table, we can notice that the person willing to 'Spent' unnecessarily beyond His/Her income causing an imbalance in the family financial situation.

  • Being content here means we can or should be very appreciative of what we already have in our life.
  • Being contend here shows that we are competing with another person to show we too can have the same or even better

Our 'absolute term' here is we having a fixed amount as Income. We should actually find ways to increase our Income before committing to unnecessary expenses.

Case Study (2) (Jealousy)

Helens daughter excels in her education and her son is the captain of football team. Jennies daughter is an average student. In order to compete with the neighbor Jennies pushers her daughter to the extreme.

Tiger Woods in an interview once said, that his father did not push him into golf but instead made him fall in love with the game,

“I feel in love with golf at an early age; that was just my deal. I think the reason I did fall in love with it was because my dad kept it fun and light, and I just enjoyed being out there,” he said in Washington Post interview

Pushing a child to extreme can cause a lot of stress and may turn dangerous for the kid. As a parent, Jennies has to know the 'Absolute Term' of her daughters capabilities, probably she could be good in Music or Art. Jennies instead should be encouraging and assisting her daughter to excel in the field that inspires her and not just compete with the neighbour.

Personal Success Over Ego

The rule of being able to succeed in life is to reach out to personal success and not succumb to ego. The people who are successful and achieve much in life actually aimed for self satisfaction in a positive environment.

Meanwhile people who compete are actually feeding their ego and disseminate negative aura, and attracting more negative vibrations into their life.

Personal Success is always aimed when a person finds discontentment in their current life and decide to reach out and succeed in something gaining something for them self. by them doing so they have become an icon or inspiration for many.


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    • esja profile image


      3 years ago from South Africa

      I have a wholesome respect for Helen Keller, THAT is how one tackles life.


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