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Think you're getting personal training? Think again!

Updated on August 1, 2016

No it's probably NOT personal at all.

So you’ve been having your personal training for a while now.

You’ve been in the park … or in the gym … or at home, beavering away under the guiding eye of your personal trainer, so yes of course without any doubt … you’re definitely getting personal training right?

Actually … as per the title of this article, there’s a dramatically strong possibility, that what you’re doing is in fact …not remotely personal at all! As a Biomechanist of 47 years experience, at the time of writing this article, since March 2002, I’ve been retained to privately assess 2,564 ‘ fully qualified’ personal trainers, and 98% plus of them couldn’t actually provide, what realistically and safely could be called … ‘real personal training’.

Now when I say couldn’t provide, I mean exactly that ….. Could not. This of course then immediately poses the question …. Why?

The answer? Almost complete absence of ….or profoundly low levels of …. knowledge and expertise in Exercise Biomechanics.

No personal trainer course anywhere … (no matter how impressive the title is, or how nationally ‘recognised’ it is etc) has even remotely near the level and depth of Exercise Biomechanics training in it … to enable those who do those courses, to then be able to analyse someone’s personal Biomechanics in sufficient depth, for validly personalised exercise programing.

Effectively in depth knowledge of someone’s personal Biomechanics, unconditionally guarantees that all the exercise and physical work that the subject/client gets involved in, is totally attuned to the completely unique way in which they move and react ( literally everybody is significantly different) and is absolutely 100% required for ensuring not just genuine personalisation, but more importantly … safe progress.

Only when their totally personal and unique bodily movements and reactions are tested across a wide range, and from the results … all their exercise is then based upon those observed conclusions ….. then and only then … will what they’re doing henceforth be bona fide personal training. Unfortunately, this clinical absolute is a distant planet beyond what the very vast majority of people have been conditioned over time to believe and think … is genuine personal training.

It’s been a very very common reaction for thousands who have actually asked their personal trainers about this, to then be told that in depth biomechanical testing before they exercise isn’t really that necessary, or the ten or fifteen minute ’testing’ procedure they’ve been given … is all that needed to be done.

Completely wrong on both counts, especially the second, where a test of such short duration as 15 minutes … or even 30, can never deliver all the required biomechanical feedback needed.

In truth, all such responses and different variations of it … are nearly always based upon the very simple fact …. that when something important is required and very necessary, but it’s something that someone is unable to perform or provide, then that something is going to be either discredited or demeaned by required provider. Ref the fable … The Fox and the Grapes.

Fully testing a person’s Biomechanics to enable designing a genuine ‘personalised to the body concerned’ exercise/fitness program, ie … personal training; will take at least an hour to cover all angles … in order to fully guarantee the future effective physical safety of the person concerned.

After testing properly, the trainer will have to go away and must analyse the results ( takes another 45-60 mins) to be able to lay down the foundations for the properly personalised exercise structure. It is clinically impossible go straight into a real personal training session at your first encounter/session with any trainer; so be in no doubt whatsoever … that if you do start exercising there and then, it will most definitely be supervised exercise you’re getting ……. not personal training.

Supervised exercise is a very ’one size fits all’ situation and without any doubt, also dramatically less safe than genuine personal training. Untested supervised exercise has every male and female performing identical exercising postures, actions and techniques on gym machines, with free weights, at home or in the park. The only difference is there’s just a client and trainer present, so it must be personal training right?



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