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Thinking about running a Marathon?

Updated on April 8, 2015


The Key to running a Marathon is in the planning, research. Dont just start running and pounding out miles until you have a plan in place.

Some of the initial questions you may have may be around your ability to take on such a large distance. Can anyone really run it? Well the short answer is No, it is not for everyone. You are going to need a lot of dedicated time, normally 60 to 70% of people who start out down the path give up within a month.

Typically you are going to have to give something up in return, this maybe something like watching TV or an other social activity. The biggest obstacle for some is the food, no more junk food!. We say no more, but it have to be in moderation, your body is going to need a balanced diet and healthy food if it is expected to recovery from all the training.

Sleep is another important aspect, you are going to need to rest to give your body the chance it needs. If you cant dedicate 8 hours a night to sleep then this may not be something for you. The same goes for training time, do you have time for 10 hours a week to train? This comes back to the point of giving something up in return for training.

Good Luck in your quest!


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