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Thinking about steroids

Updated on September 3, 2011

Many legends are told about steroids, either outbursts of admiration or stories of consequences from their uses.

But what is the real truth about anabolic steroids?

There are 2 things that are certainly true about steroids: they are really effective and they are surely harmful.

The history of steroids dates back to 1889. when a british neurologist Charles Edward Brown injected an extract from dog’s testicles in himself and then presented the benefits he got by doing this.

First time steroids are publicly spoken about is in 1938 in ‘Strength and Health’ magazine and since then steroids have only been improving and got perfected. Now there are more than a hundred types…

But what are steroids and how do they really work?

A steroid is a type of organic compound that contains a specific arrangement of four cycloalkane rings that are joined to each other. Examples of steroids include the dietary fat cholesterol, the sex hormones estradiol and testosterone, and the anti-inflammatory drug dexamethasone.

Theese organic compounds can be used either orally or injection( you inject it into the muscle). After the steroid molecul gets into the muscle, it penetrates into cell

and bonds with its DNA. Then happens the next process:

There is an increased protein synthesis and with training it leads to muscle hypertrophy( growing). Also the steroids lower the function of cortisol (a hormone that breaks the muscle down). They also increase the retention of glycogen, which is fuel for muscles, so they give muscles more strength and endurance.

Steroids are used in cycles. Usually a cycle lasts 6 - 12 weeks and after that there is a pause of at least 2 months before the next cycle begins. The point of this is to return the normal functions of the organism.

The effects of steroids:

Positive effects of using steroids are visible after only 2 weeks of using. Muscle strength, muscle mass, definition of muscles are just incredible. The results are just impossible to compare with the results without using steroids. Not even years of training can give you the results like when using steroids.

Now all this would be great if there wasn’t the bad side of using ‘roids’.

Generally at least one side effect of using steroids happen in more than 90% of cases. If using the steroids according to instructions there is a chance that the consequences would be minor. But in some cases, if using steroids over long period, the consequences can really be severe.

The most common side effects of steroid use:

Sodium retention – this can cause edemas(tissue swelling) and lead to a more serius problem like

Hypertension – this is increased artery pressure, it usually goes back to normal when you stop using.

Acne – this is a very common side affect. They mostly appear on the back or face. There were cases when someones face was completely covered with acne.

Headache – this happens because of the artery pressure or because of muscle contraction in the neck area.

Insomnia – it happens very often because of the effect that steroid has on Central Nerve system.

Low immunity – this is because the new condition of the body which is overwhelmed with hormones.

Stomach issues – this happens when using orally

Hypertrophy of prostate

Hypertrophy of the hearth – This is a rare side effect, it usually happens when using steroids over a long period. It can lead to some cardiovascular illnesses.


Gynecomastia (man boobs) – this is when your mammary glands increase. If this happens its solved with surgery


Muscle breaking – this happens when muscle grows too fast and tendons and ligamenst cant follow up

Impotency(infertility) – one of the worst side effects. In early stage it can be cured but after that it can cause permanent problems. This happens when the body gets informations that it has enough testosterone and it stops creating its own. The testosterone creating is lowered even weeks after stopping the use of steroids.

Cancer – this is a rare side effect but it can happen when using for a long time. It damages the liver and can eventually turn into cancer. This usually happens to people who already have liver problems.

After this you should think about the ‘Gains-Losses’ with the use of steroids. Many go with the logic: ‘It will not happen to me’, but you can never know.


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    • Zzare profile image

      Zzare 6 years ago from Serbia

      Well as I said many of them probabbly think it will not happen to them or if it happens that consequences will be minor. But the problem is that not only professional athletes use it, but its getting used more and more by regular, young people that want to get results in a short period and without much effort...

    • profile image

      naturalsolutions 6 years ago

      So why people still use this? The side effect is very clear that it can kill. For the body builders this is a shortcut, but they must put in their mind that building body in natural way have a long term results compare in using steroids.