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This is How I Did It

Updated on June 12, 2013

I was always a big kid. My mother made a point to fatten me up when I was younger. She would push large helpings and seconds on me until it became second nature. As I grew older, it caused me to be burdened with an obesity problem no matter how hard I tried to diet, work out and stay thin. I was always 30 or 40 pounds overweight when I was in “good shape” and peaked out last December at a staggering 328 pounds. When I got married in 1982, I weighed 210 pounds and was still considered overweight for my frame.

Last January, I weighed in at 299.9 pounds. I was surprised that I had lost 28 pounds in a month. I decided to keep it going, so I cut out two things from my diet: meat and bread. I replaced those two items with more fruits and vegetables. The weight has been melting off like ice cream on a hot day. I don’t partake of dairy except the occasional cheese and half and half in my coffee.

I never exercised on purpose. While my wife was burning up the exercise bike, I continued to go about my daily routine. With the weight loss came more energy, and with the newer energy levels I was able to become more active with my daily routines. I was actually able to get more done around the house and the yard on a daily basis. I had become more alert at work as well.

For the Guys

Being a fat tub of lard at 328 pounds, I was experiencing frequent erectile dysfunction and was losing interest in sex. When my wife and I did have sex, it was a struggle to keep the “little guy” focused, frequently ending in another disappointing endeavor. As I lost weight and my blood pressure began to return to normal levels, the “little guy” was returning to the “trouser snake” that we had missed for so long. My entire body was changing for the better. I was losing about 10 pounds a month and it seemed that all of my internal body systems were coming back to life. We are coming up on mid-June and I am in the 240’s now. I feel great, have lots of energy and my libido is through the roof.

Condition Yourself, Then Reward Yourself

Some of you may feel that you cannot go without bread or meat. I felt that way, and I had to condition myself to a newer way of thinking. It is not a diet; rather it is a lifestyle change. I had to try it for a few days or a week at a time. Once I saw that there were positive results, I was happy. I felt rewarded. But even the most disciplined person needs a break now and then. Choose one day a week when you will go back to adding bread and meat to your meal, or go out to dinner with your partner or friends. Eat whatever you want, but get back on track the next day. Once you get into this routine, looking forward to “regular food day” gives you incentive and a little extra strength to make it through the week.

It is that easy. No pills, no annoying exercise routine, just the simple elimination of bread and meat from your diet. I should note that alcohol should be eliminated as well. You can save it for special occasions though.

As always my friends, stay healthy, give the Good Lord thanks for everything, the good and the not so good and try to do a good deed for a stranger once in a while.

I bid you peace.

©2013 by Del Banks


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      6 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for sharing. I totally believe you, and hope that others would be encouraged. I already know that it works. All the best going forward!


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