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This Is a Leader

Updated on February 11, 2018

You've heard the saying before... 'Leaders are made not born'. Leadership is an attitude that is Cultivated and not ascribed. Leadership is not a position it's a behaviour. If you take a moment and look back at the GREATEST LEADERS of our time, you will realise that these individuals always placed others before themselves.

They weren't selfish, arrogant or fearful. They were extremely humble. They knew that to accomplish anything and make changes for the world, they had to be students. They knew that learning is an everlasting process. They knew if you continually saw yourself as a student, you will learn and once you learn you can teach and once you taught, you influenced. Hence you become a LEADER.

LEADERS aren't looking for fame or acceptance by others. They want to be respected. Anyone that is respected, is someone that is followed. There's this proverb ' If you are a leader without followers, then you are just an individual on a walk'. That's fact. Leaders inspire you to be GREAT. They don't just impress you, but they EXPRESS to you what is possible for you to achieve in life. Through empowerment.

A LEADER is one that knows that to be GREAT, you have to consistently be out of your 'comfort zone'. You have to do the things that naysayers and dream killers said you couldn't do or accomplish. They have this mindset of never failing. This doesn't mean they don't encounter obstacles or shortcomings. But, the way they are wired enables them to see what the majority call failure, as a lesson in disguise. They interpret every hardship as an opportunity for growth and a catalyst to strengthen them and acquire skills that are transferable to other areas of their life.

GREAT LEADERS know that ' You have not failed by a mere failure. But you fail if you accept failure.' LEADERS are relentless in the pursuit of their dreams and they do not crumble under the weight of accepting responsibility for their mistakes.

A LEADER is he or she that is the CEO of their life and not life's employee.

A LEADER is he or she that wakes up every morning saying " Thank God! It's morning!" not the pessimist who wakes up and says " God! It's already morning?"

Thank you for reading this article and GOD BLESS ❤

© 2018 Abdoulaye Barry


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