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This is it - The cure that really does work! You Better Believe It!

Updated on February 6, 2011

The Cure!

The Remedy: This one works - don't give up now - Try it - you've tried everything else that didn't work like I did - now finally try THE LATEST TOP SAFE NATURAL HERBAL and ESSENTIAL OILS NAIL FUNGUS CURE that does work.N.B. Please follow all advice to the letter.


1 dish ( I use a stainless steel one (13.5 cms x13.5 cms x 6 cms high which is fine). Large enough to contain your toes and fingers comfortably.(You won't be soaking your hands and feet together - too uncomfortable!)

2 glass or crystal nail files - can be sterilised with Alcohol 96%. Each time you use the nail files use a swab of cotton wool soaked in alcohol to wipe the file first, file nail while still wet with alcohol, then wipe the nail. This will prevent clouds of spoor floating into the air and constantly reinfecting your nails and whoever elses who may be in the room!.(Refer to my Hints and Tips section about possible reinfecting).

2 nail clippers - large (toes) small (fingers) (sterilise with Alcohol 96%).

Paper towels - (as required)

Anti Bacterial - (the strongest you can find) soap gel for washing hands and showering/bathing with whenever required.

A clock - to time soaks duration.

Anti bacterial talc for use on feet when wearing closed shoes.



1. Oil of oregano.(Essential Oil). High in thymol and carvacrol. Thymol is a constituent of Vicks and blue Listerine.You can use Thyme Oil or Amoresse thymol but the aroma is overpowering and I have found oregano oil to work just as well and not as expensive.Oil of Oregano tablets (capsules) - easier than measuring out drops etc... (Please check with your doctor about taking these first).(The recommended dosage is four caps/tabs per day with meal and further research has suggested that the capsules are stronger - purer and cheaper.)

2.Tea Tree oil.(Essential Oil)..

3. Neem skin oil.(100% pure, not the hair oil)(Don't forget to shake really well). This eliminates the need to mix oregano oil with a carrier oil and reduces the possible irritation caused by oregano oil without reducing the strength. Neem oil oil has amazing healing properties and leaves your skin soft and healthy.

4.Silicea tablets (drops or gel will do). Take as per prescribed dosage. (See Hints and Tips).

Place one drop of oil of oregano on your thumbnail/big toenail - massage into each affected nail until absorbed.

Repeat this process with the tea tree oil next, finishing with Neem oil. Massage the residue - after applying - of Neem oil into your hands and/or feet. This will prevent any slight irritation caused by the other two oils.

Repeat this process three times a day - every day.( I started off with five times a day - too expensive and impractical).

The oil of oregano seems to be the stronger of the three oils , a has deep penetrative capabilities but applied in this order seems to be the most effective. There has been some query as to whether mixing these three oils may reduce their efficacy so do them one at a time to ensure purity and strength.

Now we NEED to add sulphate to the mix:

Magnesium sulphate has the propensity of drawing out moisture and drying out the area under the nail in so doing starving the fungus of its' moist habitat:


Hydrogen Peroxide - 3% strength,

Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts).

Zinc salve (I use Zwitsal nappy rash cream). This is useful to use if your skin becomes irritated and red from the oils and soak. Oregano has the tendency to make your fingers and toes become slightly swollen and the soak tends to irritate the skin. I have found this cream reduces the swelling and relieves the irritation and redness immensely. It also leaves your hands and feet cool and soft and reduces the yellow tinting the oils give your nails as well as having no reaction with the fungus infection itself as it seems to be quite astringent. Rub in liberally after each oil and soak including the whole hand and foot.

Place two slightly heaped tablespoons of Epsom salts into a dish large enough to contain your foot comfortably and pour over 110mls of Hydrogen Peroxide.Check every day to ensure the nails are covered with the solution. I keep this solution in the fridge covered with a plastic food cover and toss out once a week usually Friday is new solution day.

Soak for at least half an hour each day. When I first started soaking in just hydrogen peroxide it felt as though I had hit my nails with a hammer it was so painful but this goes away after a very short period I think about a week or so - so persevere (I do the soak before the last application of the oils which I do just before I go to bed at night). Maybe you could do your hands together to cut down on the time spent soaking. Do not wipe the Epsom/Peroxide solution off simply let your hands and fingers dry naturally -Place your feet on a folded paper towel and wipe your fingers leaving the nail and finger tips to dry naturally.


Do these two processes for at least 6 months or until your nails have grown out to the ends of your fingers/toes and you see that there is NO MORE discolouration in them. If not, do not give up - I believe that may be why the other treatments I have tried didn't work.We have this affliction so just keep on keeping up this treatment. When the nails are looking normal again reduce applications of oils to twice a day and do the soak every second day for another three months - reducing again until you are only soaking once a week then once a month.When you start reducing the oil treatments then try mixing 10 mls of each oil into a dropper bottle so you don't have to repeat the process three times - the healing should be good enough to risk mixing them and reducing the strength of the oils (if this does happen on mixing).So you are eventually then applying oils once/twice a day and and soaking once a month. The moment you notice any regression or recurrence of infection revert back to the original dosage.


Use rubber gloves for dish washing, dyeing your hair and any other activities involving getting your hands wet.

It's a good idea to get your leather gloves professionally treated and swab all closed shoes and boots with bleach (ammonia) on a well soaked ball of cotton wool also religiously use anti - bacterial talc every time you wear your shoes/boots.

N.B. Very important: Bleach your washing up gloves once a week in ammonia bleach hot water and soap granules used for washing your clothes. Leave in for at least and hour turned inside out and make sure they are completely dry before using.

If you cut hair (I cut my husbands hair and he has always had dandruff which is caused by the candida fungus ergo I'm sure I've been reinfecting myself all these years! Use disposeable gloves.

Wear gloves when gardening and I have now started using cotton gloves when I use my ceramic hair tongs.(I don't have dandruff by the way!)

I take two Silicea tablets per day to encourage fast growth of nails. This stuff has an amazing side-effect. My hair grew from just above the back bra strap to waist length in about six months! (My husband is 65 years old and these tablets have really thickened his beautiful hair up well - He is well pleased!)

I also take Maca capsules to help with menopause symptoms - excellent and has magnesium in it which I'm sure contributes to the cure.(Three per day).

Now to the "Holy Grail" of wrinkles.This is my Facelift in a bottle! I have started using Vichy Liftactiv Retinol HA skin and eye creme as well as their Cellebiotic creme and this stuff really rocks. Known in USA as Restilane - it really is better than Botox and can be ordered on the web.HA (hyaluronic acid is the stuff that we lose from our skin when we get older that keeps it elastic).I saw a news article when this stuff first came out about a year ago that it is better than Botox and I must admit I agree - facelift in a bottle and a shed load less costly to!

Another great thing I've invested in is a "Leg Magic" exercise machine. Wow! Get addicted to this baby - work out a few excercises for your top half (facial accupressure points -check the internet for the best ones for you and bust increasing exercises -place your palms together at breast height and press together really feeling your boobs jump and the muscles in your chest and upper arms work and you will notice your " bingo wings" - "chicken wings" and "muffin tops" dissappear!) and within a year you will have a figure to be proud of! The fitness value alone is worth it and it has been such a paragon against menopause side-effects! The adrenaline hit I get after excercising really helps the muscular stress attacks and headaches I endure. I've worked my routine up to four sets of five minutes per set a day so that's only twenty minutes of exercise but what a difference- Get addicted now! - Well worth it.

While I'm on the subject of exercise - don't forget to do your "Kegel's" excercises - look them up on the internet and follow them strictly to the rule - especially after childbirth. They do work and I have got into the the habit of doing them every time I visit the "little girl's room".

Suppliment the above with a good healthy diet of loads of fruit veggies and steamed or grilled meat (in moderation!) as well as OOLONG TEA - at least 8 up to 10 cups a day and the weight will melt away - talk is they are thinking of recommending OOLONG TEA to morbidly obese folk in the USA to help them lose weight - It apparently has the power to break down fats in the stomach before they are absorbed into the system so start off with at least two cups prior to eating and continue through-out the day - well I'm all for that! - it really works too!

I use sweet almond oil on my arms and legs as a moisturiser - careful, your fungal friend loves this stuff and thrives on it when applied! The reason for me taking so long to publish this remedy! Took about two weeks to solve the problem but yet another learning curve.

Because I have had such a good reaction to the Neem oil in the fungus cure, I've recently started using Neem hair oil which has rosemary in it to jumpstart the hair follicles - excellent response and use it regularily now.

I noticed that after using this fungal remedy process a marked improvement the second week and by the end of the second month an amazing improvement so I have included this into my hygiene regime and accepted that I have this disgusting fungus thing and I now firmly believe this process is working.

I always had blue/white nails before this fungus and for the first time in twenty years have noticed the blue/white tinge growing back - yep it works for me!

If you find you are getting white "layering" or "shadowing" - don't despair - I did! - keep up the treatment as this whitening of the nails will fade - this has happened twice now and both times has faded.

If for some reason this cure does not work for you, I can offer you two possible options: 1.Give it six months if no improvement then oxidate (soak in pure hydrogen peroxide 3% for six months) then start the cure over again.2.Take Neem and oil of oregano capsules as well as doing the oils and soaks. If after one year I find myself in the same boat I intend to try taking the Neem and oregano capsules myself however at the moment I'm taking enough clinically and so far the topical treatment after only just over two months is working to my satisfaction so I am prepared to wait and see.

I have been using this recipe for 3 months now and am truly delighted with the results. I am now gearing up for mixing the ingredients so I can cut down to 1 application per day. I have added 3 small coffee spoons (approx 1 teaspoon) of Epsom salts to the Neem oil. My first experience with this was not good as the Epsom salts do NOT dissolve in the oil (obviously) and so I invested in a small porcelain mortar and pestle - the type used to crush herbs and spices and ground the Epsom salts to a fine talcum powder consistency after which adding it to the Neem. This has proved to be really successful and I am keeping up with the Epsom/peroxide soaks daily.

Well, just to let you all know the latest update on my saga - we have experienced several mini heat waves this summer - a real test of whether the cure works or not and the last few days have been unbareable. I woke up this morning fully expecting a serious comeback of the fungal infection and nothing just a warm tingly glow and crystal clear pink nails! I really believe in this remedy now as I have had the proverbial book thrown at me weatherwise and for the first time in 20 years have managed to keep this fungal thing totally under control and seemingly GONE! I have had slight clouding a few times and have just filed away as much as I could and carried on the oil applications and soaks as per description above. I must admit I have forgotten or been too tired on a couple of nights to do the last oil application and have found no difference in my nails the following morning. I have included at the bottom of this hub a site for the purchase of Vichy products in the USA as well.So please check it out!

One thing that I've noticed is that I've become very clumsy with my fingers over the years. I'm always dropping bottle tops and small things like that and have frequently been called "Butterfingers"! I do think this is due to the fungus as now I'm constantly feeling a tingle in my fingertips gradually decreasing with the sensation of normalcy returning as I continue with the remedy. I seem to be returning to normal and the "Butterfingers" effect is going at last! I have read that this condition may affect the ligaments in your joints and can even effect your heart. I can't iterate enough the need to try this remedy as I have experienced so many worthwhile differences since I started and as the benefits and improvements far outweigh the total costs - it's well worth a try! Go on - you have nothing to lose but a few cents and everything to gain - clear nails at last the healthy way!

I have noticed that when you soak your nails in pure ammonia bleach you are left with a white shading of the nails that seems to take about two weeks to fade - so I have stopped bleaching.

Another update on The Cure! - I have always had the question at the back of my mind that when I eventually find a cure will my nails grow back normally - as they were before this infection? Normal shape - colour etc. Well the answer is a definite YES! I now have six normal nails on my hands - with the nail and quick or nail bed growing passed the tip of the fingers and also the shape of the nail is more curved and not flat as it was when the infection was present. The other four - pinkie and ring fingers still have a slight bit of infection there and I have been filing back the nails ruthlessly on those fingers. All my toe nails except the two big toenails are clear and there is just a slight line of black under the nail of two remaining infected toes - the colour and shape of the clear part of the two big toenails is pink and rounded - this NEVER happened with any of the other so called cures!


I woke up this morning with a tingling sort of burning/glowing sensation in my finger-tips and noticed the white clouding totally gone. The colour is now pink with no other yellow or white staining present.The four remaining nails that had a slight bit of black under the edges have now started growing out and so have my big toenails! I remember someone saying a while back that to get rid of nail fungus - you need to take a pill - I think it was Dr Oz on one of Oprahs' shows - well NONE of the pills I took worked, even the Leucatin ones but this is really working well. I believe now that by trying to strengthen your immune system and constantly hammering this fungus with anti-fungal treatments is the only way to deal with it properly. I have not yet reduced to my intended maintenance course but feel that I'm not too far from that day!


For the last 3 or 4 days I've noticed slightly swollen fingers and toes - the weather has been quite warm lately so that may have something to do with it. This morning however I woke up with a breathtakingly irritating burning sensation deep down in both the fingers and toes. After getting in a few more hours sleep (It was really early!) I woke up and the sensation had gone as well as the swelling. It almost felt as though the battle royale was taking place - for want of a better phrase! - and all nails look surprising clear in fact I have set my goal for Christmas as being able to sport a french manicure on all nails! I AM NEARLY THERE!!!


For the last couple of weeks, I have woken up with an intense tingling in the finges and toes - it goes away after a few minutes and reminds me to do my first oil application of the day. I can't believe how pink normal nails should be ( it looks unnatural!!!) and the pure joy of being able to feel through my finger tips again! I look at y nails now and realise just how evil this thing is as it is a stealthy affliction taking over slowly and sometimes barely noticeably - only when it really starts dying back do you notice the true difference and feeling as well. After 20 years of this thing I wake up every morning now and study my nails under the sidetable light for ages before reporting back to the better half the state of their health! My toes arelear and there is juste line of dark under the tips of the big toes. This "tight" swollen feeling comes and goes less frequently now and we are going into the cooler weather season at last. I have always worn sandals even during the cold weather and now am really feeling the cold on my feet and firmly believe the return of sensation to my feet (toes) has made this possible. I am still keeping to the original 3 oil applications and soaks and when all the naigrown with the quicks over the tips and only then will I start reducing the apps of oil. Many times I've become so frustrated with having to oil and soak but when I've seen such a vast improvement it has become incentive to carry on - sort of like losing weight - when you lose and feel and look good it encourages you to lose more! I only hope that if anyone readsing this does not give up to soon and sticks with it as it works and I can only wish the same pleasure I have from the results and looking forward ttto the next summer wearing sandals safe in the knowledge that your nails are healthy and above all look and feel good! It's been a day or two just over FOUR months and my fingers haven't fallen off, developed tumors or anything else other than get better!


Just another update. Last night I sat for hours researching comments on sites about Oil of Oregano etc.. and discovered that oregano oil tends to make your fingers a bit swollen so that's par for the course! I was overwhelmed by the amount of people turning away from the over the counter topicals and hard-core organ damaging drugs that do nothing but cause harm and empty your bank account and using essential oils and trying other natural remedies. This tells me that 1. There are many many people out there with this problem that they have found no workable cure for like me and 2. The so called "tried and tested" cures offered DO NOT WORK! I also read on one site someone (alleged doctor) talking about people having the fungus infection before going on to develop cancer and after doing several years research on this subject found out that one gets fungus through a weakening of the immune system by being ill from the cancer and that knocks your immunity for six. The fungus then finds it easy to take hold and the battle begins. People who have cancer go through so much in the way of chemotherapy and the like and that is why fungus takes hold in their systems as their immunity is compromised through this regime of treatments as well as the disease. This so called doctor should not be allowed to comment on this site as I'm sure he is causing uneccessary stress to people like us who will probably never suffer from cancer and have enough to deal with trying to cure the fungus thing.His suggestions for curing fungus are laughable as how are you supposed to function normally with Vicks, plasters etc over your nails all day unable to wash or do anything for that matter especially for those of us who have fungus in both the finger and toe nails - really!!!! I believe covering your nails with a substance the consistency of vaseline as well as plasters is not a good idea as it seals the area off and air needs to get into the fungus to help with drying it out - hence the use of Epsom salts - great astringent and drawing medium.P.S. Hyaluronic Acid is found naturally in the human and animal body "Dr. T" and is used to improve mobility by being injected into the synovial fluid of joints. It is also found in the eyeball and every cell of the human body and harvested by either using a chemical process or from umbilical cords. It is not commonly found in foods unless you are prepared to go to Japan and climb a mountain there where a tribe of people are purported to consume a root rumoured to contain the stuff! Hard call that one don't you think? P.P.S. We finally have a stem cell treatment clinic here in Europe (I stand corrected) - it is in Belgium and I think that is such an exciting development! (Approx E8000 for treatment for Diabetes).




I have decided to record the true measure of this cure as I would want that from a hub or blog claiming to be THE CURE myself and as I've tried everything available to man on this earth that hasn't worked I want you all to share this with me as I intend to be as honest as possible. I woke up this morning, after trimming my nails down to no traces of black last night, with practically no tingling and sensation almost fully returned to both my finger tips and toes. I've also noticed the lines, wrinkles and bumps have gone and the nails are now smooth and their NORMAL thickness. The colour is normal pink and the treatment has left them hard and shiny - Whoopie!!!! They have all grown down to the ends of the fingers and toes and now I'm going to wait until they together with the quicks, grow over the ends of the fingers then I will start reducing the number of oil apps per day. For just over four months, the quickest cure I've ever tried! I, like everybody, have got so frustrated many times but because you notice the improvement quite quickly,have soldiered on on I will not give up now.

After using Leucatin, the infection returned with a vengeance the following summer and devastated me yet again so I am going to continue updating for at least a year letting you all know the progress! In it for the long haul without letting up!


I'm filing/clipping my nails down a little bit every third day now - I suspect this is due to the the silicea - and the tingling has definitely gone.When you feel the nails tingle I think the infection is trying to get the upper hand - so to speak - but it tends to come and go. Oil of Oregano - I have discovered - is the strongest anti-fungal agent known to man and I have hit on the recipe thar works. I get more excited about this treatment every day as it works so well and am holding myself back from reducing the apps as I intend to hit the six month period first before letting my fingernails grow out. Twenty years of this makes you cautious and you finally realise there is no rush - so - on with the routine and away with the fungus I say!


I have managed to clear the infection from all my nails bar 3 finger tips. It keeps on returning to these nails which leads me to believe Dr Oz is right. You need a pill to really hit it on the head. I am delighted with the results I've achieved so far and will continue to apply the recipe as required but have now invested in a bottle of Oil of Oregano tablets as well. I am starting off with 2 tablets per day and will increase accordingly if needed. I tried to get hold of Oregamax but could not find it here in Holland and found instead Biotics which seem to have a good review so will keep you posted.


I have been taking these tablets for 4 days now and I am firmly back on track so I have included them above in the list of ingredients required but once again please check with your doctor before starting the course.


Great great great news! The oregano tablets have put me right back on track!! I now have seven totally normal nails where the nail has grown over the nail bed and the colour is a normal healthy pink and three totally normal coloured nails just not yet quite over the nail bed but down to the end of the finger! My toenails are all fine but the big toenails is still growing out and the others are normal.The use of the oregano tablets has been a bit of a juggling act but I have finally mastered it. I found that taking oregano tablets with maca, silicea and efamol a bit much as I felt billious and got indigestion so I have stopped taking maca and now take one oregano tablet in the morning when I get up, one at lunch time, one efamol at about 5:00 in the evening and two silicea when I go to bed. This regime is working fine and obviously adjust the tablets according to your own needs. If you need to take them with a meal as prescribed on the bottle, a banana or fruit of choice is fine as I am weight conscious and don't need to eat three meals a day but prefer small prtions of fruit (mangoes bananas pineapple and nectarines being the favourites) and veg or veg based soup with a small amount of cheese throughout the day so keeping healthy and slim at the same time!


The one thing I regret is that I never took before, during and after photos of my fingers and toes but there are several reasons why I didn't. 1. I wasn't sure, at the onset whether my cure would ABSOLUTELY work. 2.There are already so many disgusting photos of this disgusting affliction already out there that I don't feel the need to add to and 3. I, like most of you, am infinately sensative and embarrassed about having this 'THING' that I'm rather adverse to admitting it even albeit, to myself let alone the whole world! All I really can do is to iterate to you to try it and above all keep it up for at LEAST a year. Yes I've had setbacks and frustrations but I really am glad I persevered as I am now looking at beautiful pink normal nails and GROWING after 20 years of devastation and dissappointment. My husband has bought me beautiful gold rings with diamonds over the years that I've never worn and I promise you at Christmas I WILL be wearing them!!!! ALL OF THEM!!!


I tried, recently, a little experiment on my one fingernail that still has a tiny bit of infection at the tip and that was to use a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in the soak. I didn't work at all in fact the infection went crazy and clouding crept half-way up the nail. Another interesting observation - it negated the action of the hydrogen peroxide and no bubbling occurred so stick to original recipe - it's taken me a week to get the nail back to what it was before I tried the acv but, yet again we're back on track. Surprisingly, with so much good news out there about acv, it did not work and only made it worse. Wondered though whether it was the combination of chemicals or just the type of fungus I have.


Hello everyone - Happy New Year to you all and of course a short update! Although I didn't manage the french manicure (nails a bit too short). I have managed to keep them clear and healthy looking and wear all my rings so that was good for me. I have got into the habit of religiously clipping my nails down and have found that to be the best way to keep them clear so far. If my nails do grow out slightly, the odd one still shows a tiny sign of areas not quite clear (2 nails) so I'm not taking any risks to undo the excellent work achieved so far. I hope that you experience the same from this treatment and will continue to give you updates until I am convinced the fungus has totally gone. P.S. Don't try mixing anything with the original recipe to improve it as due to personal experience nothing does! Keep on clipping and dont scrape under the nails with anything sharp to remove the dirt - only makes it worse.GoodLuck!


I have been using oil of oregano tablets now for some time and apart from slight indigestion for a few days in the beginning, I have experienced no side-effects other than the bank balance going down a bit faster than it should! I have finally tracked down capsules which, apart from being a lot cheaper, seem to have a purer content and include 70% carvacrol without all the other additives the tablets have that I feel are not needed to affect the fungus The cost is astoundingly less and although they seem to be half the strength of oregano oil (tabs - 200mg per tab versus capsules - 100mg + 70mg carvacrol per cap) they don't have any other additives included. I have, in the last week, increased my dosage to four tablets per day with food (if you're dieting or food conscientious then eat say a banana or portion of fruit before taking a pill - much healthier for you!) and I'm going to maintain that dosage as there is extra carvacrol in the capsules. The beauty of using herbal treatments clinically is that you can increase the dosage slightly without harming yourself although do this over a period of time to allow your system to become accustomed to the increase and watch out for any changes in health and always check with your doctor! I will let you know how this change has affected things as always and really hope that if you have tried this cure that it is also working for you.


I haven't had a chance to update lately as about a month or more ago I managed to acquire a rather nasty chillblain on one of my toes, except this little beggar went UNDER the toenail. It was obviously being aggravated by the HP/MAGSULPH dip and so I ceased soaking that particular foot. That has seemed to do no harm to the progression of the cure and has not set me back at all - I think just psychologically only. I have, however, noticed that this infection seems to do what I call "cycling". The tingling, burning sensation, coupled with a slight numbing of the finger tips is usually associated with the recurrence of the fungal infection and the nails turn a very slight yellow. This seems to go on for about a week or so and when the sensation goes, the nails return to their normal healthy colour. It leads me to believe that although the nails are healthy looking, the fungus is still in the blood and so the battle continues. I have also noticed, however, that every time this occurs, it lessens and is not as bad as the previous episode which also leads me to believe that the fungus is still in the blood system and presents itself from time to time through the nails with these symptoms. I have noticed a marked improvement in changing to the capsules (valuewise as well) and the ones I am using are called Bioactive oregano.I am now settled with taking four capsules per day and usually have fruit or a couple of wheat bicuits to prevent indigestion. The one bad spot on the finger has all but gone and I am still doing 3 oil apps per day followed by the soak in the evening. DO NOT GIVE UP!!! This is a long and difficult journey to accomplish and I am now firmly convinced we don't hammer this thing down long enough to kill it. By doing The Cure this way, we can continue to treat it for as long as is required without compromising our health as well as preventing other bacterial infections along the way! Oregano is reputed to do that and so although it is a real nuisance to have to do the treatment this way, so is having the fungal infection, so I am prepared to see this thing through to the end however long it takes!


Brilliant news! This fungal infection has stopped totally presenting in my finger nails. The toe nails are nearly completely clear although there is now a sensativity in the very tips of the big toenails and overall a slight tingling in both finger and toe nails. This leads me to believe the fungus is still slightly blood borne but although the war is not entirely won, we are winning the battle! I feel like I'm building a boat and rowing it at the same time! - but, to me, this has been worth it and the people who have maintained that you need to hammer this thing for much longer than the available, prescribed treatments suggest, is true,so I'm in it for the long haul! This, to me, is proof positive that the fungus infections which get into the blood system are the most difficult to cure and require constantly relentless and prolonged treatment. I am still applying the oils separately 3 times a day and H2O2/magsulph soaks once a day and am currently taking 4 oregano capsules a day. The plan now is to continue this program until the nails start growing normally in both fingers and toes and the tingling has gone. This is the encouragement I needed to continue because when you see a positive improvement, you then know that the treatment is working and the constant, daily drag of having to apply oils and soak your digits in an irritating, cold liquid straight from the fridge in the middle of winter becomes manageable and you organise your days much better knowing that this regime will eventually end and you can go back to being NORMAL and HEALTHY again! Don't ever lose heart and keep it up - it does work and I, for one, believe in it, however long it takes. Good Luck!


Please note: This treatment does tend to yellow your nails due to the neem and oil of oregano - especially the toe nails and if soaking in anti-bacterial soap and warm water doesn't remove the staining then scrupulously clean hands and feet in bleach will.


Today is the first day I've felt as though I could stop doing the treatments - at least the soaks, but: I AM NOT GOING TO! I have not reached the "at least a year" stage that I talked about at the beginning of this treatment so no-way do I intend to jeopardise my chances of finally succeeding to beat this thing! It is such a good feeling and I KNOW that come summer I will be able to wear all the beautiful sandals I've invested in over the last few years, that most summers I could not. I have noticed that the nail beds under the nails have looked slightly red from this treatment and this is now gone and I will continue to religiously oil and soak until I'm absolutely positive this fungus has gone and then - only then, will I start to combine the oils and reduce the soaks. Nothing has fallen off - digit-wise and I have felt no side effects from the capsules, apart from mild indigestion when I first started taking them and a slight sensativity on the skin around my toenails and instep only but that has gone and when the skin on my feet gets itchy, I find that Zwitsal zinc salve (a nappy rash cream) works wonders. I hope that if you are giving this cure a try that you are getting the same positive response as I am. Good Luck!


One thing that has stayed with me for many years is that a nail beautician, working in a shop close to where I worked back in Africa, said that when the treatment is over, has worked and your nails are clear and growing out normally, you will find them to have become really hard and difficult to clip - well, that is now happening and I struggle with the nail clippers now so much so that I tend to use the crystal nail file all the time so hopefully this is another good sign that I'm winning the battle!


The next big obstacle now,is to get through summer without regressing. We have had a really long, cold "Big Freeze" winter here in Europe and I'm cautiously optimistic about summer this year. Most summers, the fungus had returned with a vengeance and this time I'm hoping for the best but I believe the proof will be in the pudding and am ready for it. I will, as usual, keep you all updated as summer progresses and at the moment, things are still going great, so here's hoping! P.S. Only three months to go before my year of treatment is up! We definitely don't treat the infection long enough. If it regresses then we never killed it in the first place.


Here are two invaluable tips for those of you following this treatment - I found out quite by accident and have noticed to be of great benefit during this treatment! My husband came home, the other day, with a couple of pairs of socks I needed to replace the ones I've used and abused during this cold winter, which are now falling apart! These socks are called "Bamboo socks", reputed to have bamboo in their make-up and they really are an amazing treat for the feet for those of you who are feeling the effects of the continuous irritation from the oils and soaks. They are like walking with clouds on your feet and well worth the couple of euros' paid for them. The other useful hint, also found by accident is the zinc salve I've started using lately. It reduces the swelling/tight feeling and does not encourage the fungus infection, leaving your feet and hands feeling smooth and relieved from the effects of the treatment as well. I've also noticed, the yellow staining from the oils is reduced and please still DON'T be tempted to bleach whatever you do as it still burns like crazy.

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, I, against my own better judgement, decided to bleach after soaking for about an hour, in a ph neutral soap and warm water! Well, this, as usual, ended in the last two to three weeks of a really itchy, burning sensation as the bleach had gone into the hair folicles of my toes and really made things uncomfortable! (Dancing around the place ,scratching like a person possessed and the two of us getting very little sleep!) As as a result, after struggling with the oil applications and soaks, I decided I could not handle them any more and two months shy of my predetermined goal of completing a year's worth of this treatment, felt it was now a good time to stop both the oils and h2o2/mag/sulphate soaks. I did this with great trepidation as I fully expected things to go back to what they were when I first began this whole exercise! (The worlds greatest doubting Thomas!)

My nails had lost the yellow tint from the oils within three to four days, the swollen tightness has gone and the fungus has NOT returned!!! I am delighted with the results and know I can return to the treatment at any time, if neccesary. I am still taking FOUR oregano capsules, and the last time I went to the shop to purchase them, was advised that a stronger version of the capsule is now available on the market so having done the cost calculations, this could be an advantage in the future. The capsules I'm taking now are 100mg and the new capsules contain 175mg. WHOO HOO!! Will keep on updating regularily! Good Luck All!


OOPS! Within a day of announcing going off oils and soaks, there it is again - a small cloud on the horizon of one of my pinkies - so it's back to plan A! No problem - the temper tantrum's done and quiet resignation has now set in. Insideous this thing is, It is not going to defeat me now.I will add, however, that they have gone back to their original healthy state even though I now know the fungus still lurks within!


I have battled the last few weeks, after using bleach and have come up with a rather useful tip that you can try if you find yourself in the same boat as me! (hopefully not!) As the bleach burnt the hair follicles around my toes (only 3 of them on one foot), I found the irritation really annoying when the weather started to warm up and sweating began. As I am now back on the soaks and oils, I find that the treatment exacerbates the situation so I now spray plastic skin over the affected area (called plastic plaster here) and it has really solved the problem. Amazingly useful stuff that! Glad to report no further breakouts and status quo! Roll on summer.


Appologies for not updating you all for such a long time but due to losing my precious, little dog, I have been unable to think about much else - however, back on track again I report that after stopping this treatment for about a month, resuming and adjusting it, I can now give my latest findings. During my stoppage, I found my toenails went a bit yellow - only the toenails, however, so back to the drawing board and I have done a lot more research to see if I can improve as this thing is obviously still in the system. I have discovered , and have now been doing , for about a month now, an increase in the oil of oregano capsules. I was taking 3 capsules per day (100 mg per capsule) and have found out that this dose can be doubled, (600mg per day). The advice is to increase the dosage slowly, which I have done and I have stopped the soaks in h202 and magnesium sulphate. I have also stopped the Tea tree oil and Neem and am pleased to report that it is working fine, In the beginning of this reduction, I needed to soak every third day but now have stopped. I keep the other oils and soak stuff on hand in case I need to resume but so far so good! Will keep you in the loop regularily from now on. Good Luck!


When I researched the above advice, the suggestion was that you will notice a difference in four months - I feel, because I have been using the oil and capsules now for about a year, this had quickened the reaction as it was basically a case of increasing the dosage and cutting out the other oils together with the soak. I noticed a vast improvement the second week and have now all but cleared the infection. I intend to keep this regime up for at least six months and, at this minute, believe it will work. I know that my previous regime has helped enormously and have not regretted doing it but now we are over the hill and on the home stretch so there's no going back and if any of you have opted to try this cure, I hope you have received the same success as I have! DO NOT GIVE UP!


  1. According to th research, the use of this new regime of 6 capsules per day as well as the topical application of oil of oregano, should only show effect after four months, well I noticed a vast improvement after only a week and can now officially report that all visible signs of the infection have gone!!!!! My nails are now CLEAR and my fingers and toes are back to normal with no swelling, The tingling has almost gone and I am still taking 6 capsules per day, although, have reduced the application of oil to twice a day! I did not get to wear sandals, this summer however, next summer will definitely be showing clear, pink, healthy digits all round and am looking forward, so much to getting them exposed to the fresh air! My nails are now down to the tips and I will only try to grow long fingernails after Xmas! It has been a long, hard slog but so has the last 20 years or so, having this damn thing constantly and this cure has been well worth all the ups and downs and the effort put into it. I am now skin tag-free, almost (I will NEVER totally trust that it's gone until at least a year since giving up the treatment has passed!) fungus-free and ready to take on the summer fashion in sandals, next season! I am reserving my complete judgement until winter is over and will continue to take the oregano, albeit reducing the dosage slowly, through next summer. I will let you all know of any changes etc as I go on but, for now, can only say this. The moment you get this infection, visit a doctor to establish that it is a fungal one and try and establish the type of fungus you have. There are so many different types of fungal infections out there and do the research before you invest in costly drugs and topical treatments that can be dangerous and more often than not, don't work. Above all, be consistent with the treatment you decide on and never give up - there is light at the end of the tunnel - you just have to stride right down there and turn it on yourself! Good Luck!!!!!!!
  2. Make sure you drink plenty of water (8 glasses) to wash away the toxins and cut down drastically on the intake of alcohol with this new regime.


I remember talking about CROC'S - the plastic clog-like shoes somewhere on one of my hubs a while ago but can't actually put a finger on my facitious comments right now! I said that when hell froze over and the devil was tossing snowballs that I would wear these things! I called them "trailer- trash trainers" and had a chuckle at a Sky news report, a few years ago, about a woman who travelled regularily to U.S. of A. to invest in the latest trend in this fashion! This was BR. (before recession), when the U.S. $ was way more stronger than the UK pound is now. Well, my how we end up swallowing our own words and ergo, choking on them! They simply rock for people with our affliction and I have now invested soooo wisely in my SECOND pair! My daughter found a pair of Croc bandnation ones on sale for $5:00 at her favourite supermarket in Florida and sent them to me and as I have started seeing both men and women wearing them everywhere here in Holland, will wear them out with pride and live in them! They are comfortable, fashionable and hygienic as they are easy to wash and sterilise (wash with anti-bacterial hand soap and wipe with bleach - soaked cotton-wool) and dry using a kitchen towel.! They are really the answer to our prayers and I am so pleased I finally "saw the light!"


Well, now's the time to talk about yet another symptom of this affliction, this stage of which I have just entered into and, until recently, had no idea even existed, even after all the research I've done and actually having this thing for nearly 20 years. About just over a week ago, I started feeling really ill, billious followed by a seriously severe migrane only to wake up in the morning feeling fine - thinking I was suffering from either liver failure or severe menopause symptoms, it was time to go back to the research drawing board and I subsequently learned about "die-off symptoms" I will include the link below to a good site explaining , in detail, this foul stage but will endeavour to enlighten you all with my own experience, I had all but given up alcohol (wine) and coffee as advised but occasionally succumbed to the odd 1/2 glass to relax when the stress attacks got a bit out of hand, followed by a small coffee to round off the day. These two have lately seemed to trigger off the awful ill feeling followed by a migrane that even lying down could not assuage. I gave up both guilty pleasures and felt much better. My dizziness has returned and lately, have noticed floaters when I look sideways at a white wall. Apparently, all symptoms of the die-off period of this fungal treatment. The advent of toxins (dead matter) in the system, going through the organs can cause this so it is IMPERITIVE to consume, at least 8 glasses of water per day to flush them out. I have found that this also takes away headaches and improves your well-being generally. This is an indication that the cure is working and the resulting toxins are being flushed out systematically through the system. I am going to continue the treatment until after Xmas when I will revue the situation and hopefully, start reducing the dosage!


WoW - what a difference!!!!!!!!!About 2 weeks ago, there was a tiny "cloud" on one of my ring fingers so out with the clippers, cotton-wool and alcohol and away with the "offender". All that's left on my fingers were 2 tiny, black spots at the end of the nails. After infecting the toes, it started off in my fingers under these nails and the left hand, ring finger, was the first to show. It has now left in the same manner it started, i.e: leaving that finger last. In a certain light, you can still see a small amount of slightly red under the nail, clearly defining the growth of new, healthy nail so I will continue the cure until that has gone. I have also noticed, more so, the same happening in my toes and where the nail meets the side of the toe at the tip, these black, dead skin cells are rubbing off when I apply oregano oil. I have had, recently, on two occasions, had to stop applying oil to the left toe nail (the one that was first infected) as it has become swollen and inflamed, too painful to treat. When the swelling subsides, I resume without problems but make sure the inflammation is totally gone or you will just irritate it again.This infection leaves as dead, black, really hard skin cells which is probably why it gets into the system and not the nails. The increase of water in the diet is paramount at this stage as we need to flush out all this dead stuff clinically in order to encourage our immune systems to strengthen and ergo fight the infection without help. My headaches, tension and fatigue have all been addressed with the intake of water and as I previously attributed these symptoms to the menopause, I now know that this was not so, being a side-effect of the oregano capsules which is normal. I wake up every morning and inspect my nails under a strong light, with joy now as they are looking so good. The slight burning sensation is lessening , but still there - a reason to continue as well


Well, Saturday was the last clipping of the nails that removed the discolouring and Sunday I woke up feeling great! Nails, both toe and finger, looking and feeling normal and no "die-off" side-effects! Little was I to know that Monday would be a different story altogether! I woke up this morning with a thudding migraine, the new dog nearly got relieved of life by being ejected downstairs and there was some moron playing funereal, classical piano on my favourite daily soapie, both of which I can normally handle, but today of all days was not the day! These "die-off" symptoms are really getting me down. I feel as though I've got a bad dose of flu but it's almost as if I can "peel" it off, like the layers of an onion and if I just take a paracetamol then I will be fine. It's really a stange feeling and I can liken it to a drug addict going cold turkey after nearly 20 years of addiction. Really, when you think of it, it's a similar thing - your body has got so used to having the fungus everywhere in your system to deal with that when a treatment works and starts destroying the infection, your immune system is going to have a bit of a problem as well as the organs involved with filtering the dead stuff out the system so it's bound to make you feel a bit out of sorts. Yesterday, I failed to complete my quota of 8 glasses per day of water and I am paying for it today! It really is crucial to flush out your system at this time, if only to relieve your head etc but mainly for your kidneys, liver and general health! My poor husband now, really has a disability - His wife! I remember many years ago doctors, when prescribing a course of antibiotics for a viral pneumonial infection, saying to finish the course, even if you're better and feeling fine. I will finish this one when I have grown nails and am able to wear nail varnish and not before - I am not going through this ever again!


Yes, the news is it gets waaay worse before it get gets better - be forewarned and well prepared! I've suffered for about 6 weeks now and have had to swallow yet another bitter pill - My words! I've HAD to address the diet subject as certain (most) foods have made me feel really awful - no fats, sugar, carbs and alcohol, it's now at the trial and error stage and if I eat or drink something too rich in the previous, I know all about it an hour or so later. I had to give up vinegar dressing as that made me ill as well. I feel really good in the up times but eat something that feeds the fungus die-off and I pay dearly! Needless to say, the nails are now looking normal and my one toe joint that was slightly swollen is now back to normal. There is a very slight tingling going on but the burning sensation has now gone - whoo hoo! I cannot find anywhere, an indication as to when to stop once you reach this stage so I'm reducing the dose of oregano capsules to 4 per day (400mgs) and have stopped all else. (soaks and oils). I found a site that advised a course of 6 months of Oil of Oregano and have just completed that, also found that when your die-off symptoms subside, you can increase the dosage again. I am going to stay at 4 caps per day until I'm absolutely sure this thing has gone and then decide from there! Dietwise, I stick to LOADS of filtered water, steamed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and tomato with a sprinkling of lemon juice, salt and a clove of FRESH garlic per day) brown rice, half an apple (medium rated in the sugar dept) low-fat yogurt, tea with o% fat milk and the occasional cappucino, all of which seem to give me no reaction and great for weight loss! I have also tried low-fat cottage cheese, cucumber and chicken - steamed, of course, but if you get a raw chicken breast, slice it and fry it in a non-stick frying pan with no oil, tomatoes and a clove of garlic with 2 tblsp low-fat, natural yogurt and lots of sea-salt and freshly ground pepper, on a low heat, you will have quite a safe, tasty variation. I also take about 2 tblsps of cooked, brown rice and cover it with a chopped-up, fried tomato - done in a non- stick frying pan, with the lid on and no fat, low heat and when cooked, add lots of sea-salt - delicious and can be served with the chicken.There is so much on the web about the candida albicans diet that it all gets a bit confusing so I've taken what works for me from them and have stopped getting frustrated at the conflicting advice - just use your common sense and you will have to cut out alcohol completely, for a while, especially wine - bummer! Well worth the sacrifice though.One big upside is my skin and hair are really improving, as well as my eyesight is surprisingly clear and the mental fogginess is definitely abating except I'm hungry ALL the time, for the very things I can't eat and drink! (apparently, this is the fungus, as it's dying off, craving for these things).


Well, fellow fungus victims, A Very Happy New year to you all and may you, like me, experience the joy of finally being FUNGUS-FREE for the first time in nearly 20 years!!!!!!! This cure has been a long hard,sometimes painful and lately, sickening slog.

I started off this hub because this was the only treatment I personally found to be effective for me. I noticed, within a week, an incredible difference and, with a lot of patient research, ( patience was all I had at that stage!) found out some amazing facts and that this cure does work and you also get the bonus of a few other health benefits to problems that you were unaware you had. My fungus started after a run of unavoidable illnesses combined with serious anti-biotic overuse and ergo my immune system dive-bombed which, inturn, allowed this thing to take hold. I started with a serious case of sinusitis, followed by a viral pneumonial infection, followed by a serious ear infection, all heavily treated with anti-biotics. Shortly after recovering from the ear problem, I noticed a small, round blister under one of my big toe-nails - I was treating my son for ringworm, at the time, as there was a bad out-break amongst the kids at school and he got a small patch in his scalp. I don't believe this contact with the ringworm thing was what caused the nail-fungus as I was applying his cream with my fingers and not my toes!!! (HHH)

I now know that due to the tropical heat and constant wearing of sandals, the infection got in through my toes and due to my immune system being so weak. Being able to find and use a safe alterative to all the drugs that are harmful and don't work is a Godsend. My present status is that I am going through an attack of sinusitus as the oregano is clearing that area out as the die-off does it's work. I gave up all pills when I started feeling awful and "liverish" over christmas and started eating again soon thereafter, trying small amounts of meat and proteins etc first to see if I had a bad reaction. It was like a hit and I felt so much better so I'm now back to near-normal diet but am still downing gallons of filter water, cutting down on sugar and have a big smile on my face each morning after checking the nails! The downsides are not pleasant but are lifting slowly - constipation, (take low dose of senacot or tea with the same in), acne outbreaks on face, ( not bad but hard to heal - use a dab of white, not gel, toothpaste on the spots at night and wash off in the morning, good for insect bites and burns), nausea,dizzyness (disorientation) and pressure headaches, (grin and bear them they're normal and will subside!). The upsides are your hair grows out really thick, healthy and dandruff free - REALLY THICK! Your skin overall improves greatly and I have lost weight (although some mention has been made of weight gain)! You MUST take extra iron supplements as oregano prevents your body from absorbing iron and you feel weak, nauseous and anaemic. So each day I pop a little bit of spinach (creamed) and liver pate. I have now resumed the pills, albeit, slowly building up (start with one for a week then two for two weeks and so on - I am going to aim for three oregano per day and keep it at that until summer and, if all is well, reduce to two a day.) You MUST keep up the intake of water for as long as you can to constantly flush out the toxins. My tongue no longer sports a "white coat" and food tastes so much better as well as having fresher breath! You have brain fog also, very noticeable during the foul die-off but that to has started lifting. I must admit I felt so sick that exercise was stopped due to the advice of resting up - you really don't feel up to it, but I have started again recently, on our daily walks with the new addition (daxie pup) and get a real health boost after each walk as it clears the head and invigorates and the cold weather we've experienced recently here has helped. Basically, it's a game of balance to find out what works for you, but if you can survive all the difficult things this infection and treatment throws at you, you will experience the successful results! Good Luck, God Bless and if you feel really ill, remember to advise your doctor but you will feel ill with this treament.


Wow! I get up every day now,checking for "clouds" and NOTHING! It's so natural to constantly scrutinise your digits that it comes naturally, without thinking, fully expecting to go back to being infected any day now, but NOTHING!!! I have gone back to the dosage advised on the package of oregano oil capsules, which is one, twice a day and the die-off symptoms have gone - the only thing remaining is a slight burning in my fingers and toes now - good thing because the cure is obviously still ongoing. It occurred to me today, that these side-effects are the worst I've experienced from any treatment I've taken, including itraconazole, fluconazole and ketoconazole. which tells me that it has truly worked. I've managed to grow my finger nails over the tips now and they are lovely and white and normal again, so still no nail polish. My large toe nails have a very slight line where they are still growing out but they are pink, up to this line and NO CLOUDING! Yep - ROLL ON SUMMER!

Put it on: Get it gone!!

Patience Perseverance Partnership Positivity and Pay-off - may The Cure work for you!


Please be fully aware of all remedies on the internet and seek medical advice before trying them. I am NOT a medically qualified person therefore no medical malpractice suits here I have just garnered experience over the years that I am sharing with you. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients described in this remedy - do not use. Please read all instructions on the bottles,containers,packages etc included in this remedy carefully and fully as well as reading all dosages and instructions on oils, pills and chemicals purchased by yourself. Do not orally take any herbal or chemical item that is not specifically intended for consumption and once again seek medical advice before starting any cure, remedy or claim to curing any health issue and you should be safe.

Copyright 2009.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I know this is an old blog but I just had to add a comment about moist environments. I got a toenail fungus from going to the common nail shops. I went to so many, I do not know which shop I got it from. I was amazed at how fast the fungi took over almost half of my big toenail. It is amazing how inexpensive it is to get your nails done but the cost of doctors visits make people not want to go.

      I did get a prescription of the terbinafine, and just FYI, I was told it would work very slowly by two different doctors. Actually, it looks as if it does not work at all because of the very gradual process. The doctor clipped the complete fungal part off. I noticed that as the nail was growing back, it was the fungus growing and not a healthy nail. Then a few months later, I was reading a blog similar to this one and found out about the natural neem oil. It has been almost a year since the initial visit but I can tell the biggest difference since using the neem oil. What I do is take part of a cotton ball and put some drops of neem on it, but not fully saturate the cotton. Before going to bed, I tape the cotton to the affected nail bed. I can tell a tremendous difference in less than two months of doing this method. The nail growth is actually my normal, healthy nail. Neem really works! Thanks for the blog!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

    • profile image


      5 years ago

    • Ilse De Jong profile imageAUTHOR

      Ilse De Jong 

      6 years ago from Netherlands

      Hey Ginny, Sorry I've not responded - spend more time on FB than hubbing but I just wanted to let you know that my efforts over this have not been wasted. I've had 2 summers now fungus free and I take 1 oregano capsule per day during the summer as a precaution - So worth it as my nails are fine and sandals are the order of the day now - I really hope you opt for oregano capsules as they are amazing and I'm so glad I've found them - good luck and NEVER give up - I can attest to the fact it is so well worth it!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow you know your stuff. I've had fungus in all my nails for over 20 years and have tried to mask it with nail varnish. Ive been desperately searching online for a diary page like yours which really spells out and describes what you have seen happening at various stages of the treatment. Ive dabbled with a few if the ingredients you use but have never combined them or persevered in the same way you have. I've quickly grown despondent and tired of keeping up the treatment. However, I can see you've reaped results by bombarding the fungus from all angles and thank you for posting this invaluable information for me to read. Best wishes

    • profile image

      Divinely Toxic Woman 

      8 years ago

      Hi there,

      Over the last two years of being sick with Candida Albicans from obtaining Myctoxins from mold. I created this website chock full of information on how to rid the body of Toxins. It is also informative on doctors, treatments, mold information, mold identifying and more. It's in a format that's easy to read. No bright colors.

      I like to see that others out there are learning the wonders in Chlorophyll, Oil of Oregano, Grape Fruit Seed Extract, Neem Seed Oil, Ammonia, Baking soda. If some of these you weren't aware of they actually are powerful fighters against yeast and Mycotoxins in the body. Chlorophyll alone ometimes can cure diabeties and by loosing excess fat, it also cleanses the body of toxins that were stored in the fat. On top of that great quality, it also rids the body of ALL FOWL oders I.E Armpits, excretion, sweat and mouth.

      Hope all is well and I was very happy to stumble upon your website. Good Day!

      "Just another American Moldie"

      The Divinely Toxic Woman


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