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Thoughts Are Like Plants

Updated on July 21, 2018

Imagine. When thoughts are left in the mind they're watered like seeds. When reflecting on a specific thing over and over the attention and focus imitates water.

What happens when you continuously water a seed? The seed begins to swell and expand until it can no longer keep its current form. The outer casing bursts.

Now instead of an oval circular shape it morphs and now protrudes a tail like a tadpole. If the watering is halted, it shrivels up and dies.

This seed is being feed by the water bearer and evolves. Eventually, it will pop through the soil like the veil that divides our world and the invisible.

Each thought is like a seed, if you put your attention on it often enough it's being fed and will germinate. The seed, like the thought, contains its own blueprint awaiting its birth into physical form.

The nature of the seed depends on the source from whence it sprang. If it's an acorn, low and behold; one day you will see a grand oak tree.The human consciousness has power to improvise, it can change the source at will.

It can turn the water flow off. If will is not activated and used, the mind will flow onto the path of least resistance, the path of negativity. Imagine having a gardener doing the work for you, you don't have to think; he is there for you watering your garden everyday. But if you don't tell him to stop watering the poison oak, he will continue until it sheaths the entire garden. It's too late to fire the gardener when you are shrouded in poisonous welts.

Thoughts are Things

Thoughts are things. Thinking is one thing, allowing your focus to retrace and rehash is another. At this point, you are carving up images. Once this takes place, roots have begun to grow. Do this enough and they'll hook themselves into the ground so deep that it's too late to stop the manifestation of that first simpleton thought. This hooking is the image being given over to spirit, the sculptor, the manifesting agent.

To control this process we have to retrace the steps back to the original thought.


Awareness. The invisible keys of the master are available to everyone. For the key of gold is the learning to monitor each thought as it enters the conscious mind. The key of silver has the ability to keep that thought or discard it at will. At no time will the gates be allowed to stand open, for poison oak would soon consume you.

Most hardship can be avoided in life, just fire the gardener. Stop him from feeding the herbs and the poison oak, as the listless mind allowed to play jockey. We must checkmate thoughts we do not wish to manifest in real life. Cut them off before the pondering, before the rehashing and certainly before any roots or images are set into place. There is a point in which it's too late.

We are responsible for everything we live through. How can we say we're not? If we aren't aware of what we're thinking or imaging by the hour, forget the hour, we think continuously every second, by the second; imagine all the thoughts we have no evidence for. Limit circumstances that are dark or negative and certainly those types of people. If you're hearing things you don't want to plant, look out. Don't watch violent or gory movies, you are planting more images. Protect your mind, captain your ship, you are the sentinel of your own mind and the crackerjack of manifestation.


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    • jacqklin profile imageAUTHOR


      20 months ago from ITALY

      Dear James..I appreciate you reading

    • lewis jensen profile image


      20 months ago from Hastings, Vic, Australia

      Very true and very instructive.


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