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Thoughts on Ego

Updated on January 11, 2018

What is Ego's role in our spiritual development? Is it all bad, or is there some good?

The ego. Most people hear the word ego and associate it with a negative vibration. Actually the ego plays a very important part of our understanding of unity and oneness.

The ego IS separation. It is the thing that identifies you as a separate and individual concept of universal conscious. The ego says, for example, my (real) name is Heidi, I was a pharmacist. Now I do psychic readings. I have two children. I am a democrat. I am a catholic. I am of this racial background. Ego stands as a pathway to oneness be...cause it is within complete individuality we find what makes us happy. We find our passions and what really rings true for us and that 'knowing' is a direct map to universal consciousness.

So why, then, is "ego" equated with "bad"? Well because it is a misunderstanding. Usually when people say "ego" what they really mean is narcissism. Narcissism is what says, for example, I am a democrat and that's the RIGHT way to be!! I am a catholic and EVERYONE should be also. Narcissism is the point at which the ego pushes its individuality onto others assuming everyone wants to be like it, because it's right or better. Narcissism is a double edge sword because while it's busy constantly chasing the feelings of superiority, it's also constantly telling you (the sufferer as well as his victims) how inferior you are.

This basic emotion is what has society in a complete and total superficial, idealistic, self-conscious mess. Once we realize that our egos, and individuality, is the Divine universal conscious expressing itself in this physical, three dimensional reality TO experience every aspect of life, from every perspective so that it might better understand itself as a whole, we will then be enlightened, to our overwhelming relief, that IT IS OKAY to be who we truly are. In fact, it is the meaning of life! Follow your joy, happiness, peace and passion like stepping stones as they will align you to your higher self which is universal oneness. Use narcissistic feelings of fear, doubt, anger and pride as clues that whatever caused those feelings does not line up with your higher self, so avoid them. Feelings are the universal language, just listen.


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