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Thoughts on Healthcare Reform?

Updated on January 25, 2011

Thoughts on Healthcare Reform

"If you notice, everyone is to blame in some way. I'd like to hear other opinions on how we can change our system. "

First, everyone agrees that reform is needed, I think instead of reforming the whole system, we should look piece by piece at the things that cost and reform them. That said, I don't think having adult children stay on Mom and Dad's policy until 26 is the answer. If college graduation is @21, most have a job by 24.

Providers have their expenses so a cut there may not be most efficient. However, we need to look at what the providers do that causes such a drain on the system. Extra tests. Many extra and expensive tests are ordered to prevent sometimes successful lawsuits. All because they're human should be human and occasionally miss something.

That leads me to another point. Lawyers find lawsuits very lucrative, even though many cases 'settle out of court.' There ought to be caps on awards granted. Some nearly bankrupt institutions, who then raise your rates in turn. So, torte reform is another biggie and even though the trial lawyers might not like it, some things have to happen.

Another needed reform is in malpractice insurance. Because extremely high awards can bankrupt a practitioner, s/he needs more and more malpractice insurance. So these physicians and nurses leave their chosen specialty (obstetrics comes to mind) to avoid lawsuits-sometimes resulting from things over which they had little or NO control.

Overusing the emergency rooms, over using the health care system. Over-using the ERs is a biggie, but unfortunately many ppl don't have PCPs, So they get routine care in the ER. This isn't always by choice, they may not be able to find a doc who accepts their insurance-or may not have insurance because of a pre-existing condition, or may be illegal. Attack these problems individually and we'll see what needs 'fixing' next!

We know we can fix the problem of no insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions. But there's more to that problem. Let's fix what we can, in every 'category.'

Everyone bears some responsibility, patient's included. We ought to step up our emphasis on prevention of chronic illnesses and step it up hard and fast, as fiscally they're devastating. They're devastating emotionally, A bill was introduced into last year's congress about prevention, proposing that nurses work more closely with the Surgeon General to teach and inform the public; remember, knowing WHY obesity isn't good, isn't their 'day job.' This is one avenue to consider.

That's a start. Just a start and then we should reevaluate after several years, in some areas, sooner. We need to take care that in having these civil discussions on solving the healthcare dilemma in the US, that the THINGS THAT WORK aren't thrown out. Gabrielle Giffords is leaving the hospital tomorrow after a bullet to the brain and scrolling on her iPad! R and D needs to continue on medications, though BigPharma's profits need to be examined. Enough!


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