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Thoughts on the healthcare bill

Updated on January 24, 2011

Thoughts on Healthcare reform

I've been thinking about healthcare reform a lot lately; haven't we all? I see reform as too important to become a political football. At first, I saw the healthcare system from one side as a nurse; now I see it from another side as a patient/consumer so I've seen a lot.

I do think that we are in need of reform. Several years ago, I had a knee replacement and received an invoice from the hospital about what the doc billed. $87,000! And that didn't include my hospital stay, meds, nursing, operating room time; tons of other things. That was just what the orthopedic surgeon had to bill the insurance company in order to recoup what it really cost him. 

Some years ago, I was hospitalized and my portion of the bill was $18,000. I had insurance, so my portion was my out of pocket maximum. What about the UNINSURED, non-working person who had the same bill? With less ability to pay, that person would have the FULL $18,000 to pay. Hardly equitable.

On the other hand, thinking of the congresswoman who was a victim in the Tuscon shootings. From the minute Congresswoman Giffords arrived at the hospital to the time she entered the operating room, ONLY 38 minutes had elapsed. THIRTY EIGHT MINUTES? And she'll be going to rehab in a few days @ 2 weeks after the shooting to her brain.

So, what am I saying? I think it's time to reform the insurance industry, to toss the things that don't work ike the ability of insurance companies to deny health insurance coverage for those with preexisting conditions and the ability of pharmaceutical companies to raise astronomically medication prices.

There are other things we should keep, though; the things that make our system great. Those 38 minutes. The care and innovation that gets Congresswoman Giffords to rehab so soon after a brain injury. I think we have to think twice before we scrap it all and 'throw the baby out with the bathwater.' I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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    • American View profile image

      American View 6 years ago from Plano, Texas

      I cannot put a link here for I will get suspended for self promotion, i made that mistake once. LOL Just go to my profile page and you will see the hub there. It is only a broad stroke. THe proposal that I sent to several congressman was much more in depth and with lots of other items in it. It is like a book. I could not post it all here. So far Senator Kay Bailey Hutchenson is the strongest supporter of it. Unfortunatly, where I am makes it hard to do much more than I have done

      I am in a Rehab/nursing home. Been here since late January. I almost died last December. Prior to this I was in another one for almost 2 years. Currently, I have a trach, it was reduced in size the other day for the second time. I was in bed since December and only 2 weeks ago have I gotten upp and trying to walk. Man are my legs weak, like a new born horse. I have multiple problems. I am having a hard time holding my O2 stats. When I went to the hospital last year, they were 60. They put in the trach and put me on a ventalator for a month. I hold 96 to 99 now.

      MY body changed several years after 911. I was putting on water weight like there was no tomorrow. No matter what the doctors did it got worse. THey then called it lymphodema. It is gone now. But the lung issues are OK. I was FDNY firefighter for 15 years, I was at 911 for 3 weeks. I did alot of woodworking and refinnishing. And of course I never wore a mask. So I am paying for it now.

    • teamrn profile image

      teamrn 6 years ago from Chicago

      How would you cover EVERYONE without increasing taxes? I'm on SSD and after taxes are taken out, I get by on next to nothing. There's waste, fraud and abuse in government programs, but I don't think there's ENOUGH to pay for cradle to grave entitlements.

      Yes, there is incredible neglect in NH and other services, as a nurse I've seen it from both sids, but most home health companies 'play by the book' as they fear JCAHO and now that new agency, CHAPS (?). Companies spend more time meeting impossible standards (like having access to an interpreter just on the outside chance that we'll have a patient who ONLY speaks Nepalese or Ziimbabwe-ese or Sudanese.

      We should spend our resources on your medical bills, for having them hang over your head, can't help emotionally and is depriving someone of cash. $350,000! That is a lot. What system do you propose that would prevent you from owing $350K?

    • American View profile image

      American View 6 years ago from Plano, Texas

      Like you I understand the healthcare system very well from the paient point of view. I will be starting a non profit called "We are for your care". The goal is to show up unannounced to check patient care in nursing homes, rehab facilities, home health services. There is to much neglect and lack of attention given to the care for these patients. I know for I see it first hand.

      I currently owe over $350,000 in medical bills. In my health care system I am proposing, I would owe zero. You would have paid zero for you treatments to. And there will be no short cuts on care.

    • teamrn profile image

      teamrn 6 years ago from Chicago

      His program is so aimed at a single payor system and one that our current government doesn't have the infrastructure to support; so hidden, and I'm not sure where, exactly, are tons of measures to raise revenues, to make that government bigger. He has gone on record as saying that that is what he wants.

      The new system is one huge contributing factor to our unemployment rate. Employers want to be able to offer health insurance as a benefit to their employees, but if they are required to pay more, they'll still offer it: AND LAY OFF, OR NOT HIRE to be able to comply. That's one reason my husband has been w/out work for 8 months and many, MUCH LONGER.

      That's no way to grow business. With more unemployed, there are fewer people paying there share of the nation's tax burden, to fund the necessary operations of government.

      Because the founding fathers were attempting to ESCAPE the ravages of big government, I feel I can say that big government was NOT in their plan. Yes, they saw the benefits of government, but saw that a LARGE government had it's downsides and they didn't want any part of it. As far as I'm concerned, individuals who WANT a big government can go where there is ALREADY one in place, like France, Canada, UK.

      As far as a healthcare system that covers all, that's an age-old discussion; is healthcare a right or a privilege? As it is now, all are able to get healthcare and we should NEVER abolish laws that enable everyone from receiving care. But, should the government be in the provider/administrator seat? Do you want the government, to be responsible for cradle to grave health care?

      Quite frankly, I think YOU make a much better decision about what's best for YOU than the government could EVER do. If you need help/advice along the way to make that decision, there are PLENTY of resources available.

      We need massive AND I MEAN MASSIVE, reform of entitlement spending. We ought to begin by making sure EVERYONE on disability rolls has a true disability and that their case was granted for the proper reasons. This state doesn't need, nor should it tolerate a "Nanny State."

      Continue to e-mail, this is a topic who's time has come>

    • American View profile image

      American View 6 years ago from Plano, Texas

      The Obamacare system is more about rasing taxes, expanding Government thn it is about healthcare. I wrote a hub showing some ground work for a new halthcare plan that covers everyone, does not raise taxes, relieves the stress on Medicare. I currently am pushing it to members of Congress but of course with everything going on I have only a few listening. I am even considering starting a PAC to push this and a few other ideas. Would love some input from you