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Creating Self-Awareness: Three Essential Elements to Living Life to Your FULL Potential!

Updated on November 24, 2015
Kacie A Ingram profile image

“Koach” Kacie - I help professionals gain confidence to succeed in today's job market.

Creating Awareness, Achieving Balance, and Having Complete Confidence

Complete Confidence is having the Courage to be YOUR TRUE Self and not apologize or feel guilty for being YOU. YOU feel truly beautiful when you are Confident in YOURself, completely and consciously Aware of YOURself, and achieving Balance in every aspect of YOUR life.

In this blog I am going to explore self-awareness and how it can lead to living a fuller life.

Awareness Defined

Awareness may be focused internally, such as an intuitive feeling, or externally through sensory perception. Aware - Implies knowledge gained through one's own perceptions or by means of information.

Synonyms: Cognizant, Conscious, Sensible, Awake, and Alert

Cognizant is a formal equivalent of aware.

Conscious emphasizes the recognition of something sensed or felt.

Sensible implies knowledge gained through intuition or intellectual perception.

To be awake is to have full consciousness of something.

Alert stresses quickness to recognize and respond.


Being self-aware is to be present in your life. Through self-awareness you can increase understanding of yourself, identify opportunities for professional and personal growth, and effectively communicate with others. Awareness leads to a life lived fully by giving you direction, allowing you to live life in the moment, and maximizing your experience.

If you 1) understand your emotions, 2) trust your intuition, and 3) know your strengths and weaknesses you are self-aware.

Understand Your Emotions

1) People with self-awareness have the ability to recognize their emotions, understand how they are perceived, and realize the affects emotions have on those around them. Understanding your emotions allows you to remain in control. You don't let your feelings dictate your mood and you keep your emotions balanced. This ability to balance your emotions and impulses keeps you from becoming angry or feeling jealousy. You do not react on impulse or make careless decisions. Your understanding and perception of emotions within yourself and others allows you to manage relationships more effectively.

Trust Your Intuition

2) An important aspect of awareness is to trust your intuition. This allows you to be more confident in your decision making. Intuition also plays an important role in active listening. Listening beyond words, but rather, to inflection and tone and reading body language. This ability to read reactions and feelings allows you to communicate and influence others more effectively.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

3) With self-awareness you are also willing to take an honest look at yourself and truly know your strengths and weaknesses. You are continuously working on these areas to gain knowledge and increase performance. This honest assessment also allows you to identify with and understand the wants, needs, and viewpoints of those around you. You are good at recognizing the feelings of others, even when those feelings may not be obvious to them. You avoid stereotyping and judgment, and you are candid and genuine. You enjoy developing others and thrive on personal development. As a result, you excel at building and maintaining relationships, listening, and relating to others.

How being Self-Aware impacts Professionals:

Most work environments have a primary leader in place and rely on team effort. Key players are responsible for executing tasks to achieve the desired result. Leaders must be able to lead their teams through change effectively by gaining buy-in and motivating them. This can create stress and pressure that lead to feelings of anxiety and fear.

Creating self-awareness will lead to demonstrating courage, expressing passion, and developing and retaining talented leaders. These leaders will attract high potential people, ensure organizational success, and lead effectively at the highest level.

How being Self-Aware affects your Personal life:

When pursuing your personal dreams, you will find yourself depending on others time and time again. In our personal lives we are inundated with tasks and priorities. This can lead to feelings of overwhelm, confusion and guilt.By being self-aware you can prevent procrastination and the feeling of having no control. Increase your health, outlook, and overall happiness.

Steps to Create Self-Awareness:

Know and understand your thoughts and feelings (emotionally, physically).

Listen to your intuition.

Be honest with yourself and others.

Know your goals.

Take action.

Creating self-awareness requires practice, courage, and patience. Self-awareness is constant and you have to commit completely in order to achieve the results you desire.

Still not sure how to create self-awareness? A life coach may be able to help.


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    • Kacie A Ingram profile imageAUTHOR

      Kacie A Ingram 

      4 months ago from Columbia, South Carolina

      ptosis, thanks for your comment! While it can be value added to understand how others perceive you, it does have the potential to influence how you view yourself. This can be positive or negative depending on the feedback received and how it aligns with your beliefs.

      Live life to your full potential,

      Koach Kacie

    • ptosis profile image


      4 months ago from Arizona

      Thanks for this article. I was reading about SA at another place and it said to ask OTHERs for their opinion. I'm like 'WTF'? What if you're surrounded by trolls and mean people? That would make you totally depressed!

      If went by what other people thought of you - wouldn't be SA but accepting other's limiting view of yourself. It took less than 24 hours for Twitter to corrupt an innocent AI chatbot.

      So thanks again! :)


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