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Three Full Body Massage Chairs for Under $3000

Updated on August 7, 2012
Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair
Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair

If you are looking for a new massage chair then you can understand how overwhelming it can be. There are so many choices on the market today with tons of features and at various price levels.That is why I have created a list of three of the top massage chairs that retail under $3,000.

The massage chairs below where chosen using three criteria. These are the quality and reputation of the brand, the amount of advanced features for the price, and the overall styling of the chair. These are very simple and should give you a good start in your search for a new massage chair.


The quality of the brand is very important when looking for a massage chair. This is because over the last decade massage chairs have become so popular that the market has become flooded with tons of no name brand massage chairs that sell at low prices, making them very attractive. These are often just cheap knock offs of popular massage chairs. The problem that can arise from purchasing a massage chair from an unknown brand is that they may not be in business when your massage chair needs service. Also, the warranties on these products are very limited, and customer support is almost obsolete. That is why it is very important to pay a little more for a reputable brand. The best thing that you can do when purchasing a massage chair is to look at the warranty. Any reputable brand will have a good warranty that backs up the quality of their product.


The next this that I looked at when choosing these three massage chairs were the amount of features each chair provided. The more features the better. The features range from the amount and types of automated programs, the amount of massage techniques, zero gravity recline, as well as other features that are often found in much higher priced massage chairs.


The last feature that I looked at was the overall styling. It is hard to find a massage chair that blends in with you current furniture. They do have them out there, but the functionality is limited. The massage chairs that I have chosen give great therapeutic massages, and they look good as well. They don’t necessarily fit in with your living room setting, but they do look sleek and sophisticated.

Osaki OS-4000 Video

Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Manufacturer: Osaki Massage Chair

Price: $2,895


The first chair that I have picked is the Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair. This chair has been one of the bestselling massage chairs on the market today, and Osaki has become one of the most know brands as well. There customer support is very responsive and they offer a respectable 3 year limited warranty on all their massage chairs.

The Osaki OS-4000 is loaded with features. It has one touch zero gravity recline, 6 auto programs, numerous massage styles, s-track roller system, automatic body scan, quad rollers, lower lumbar heat, seat vibration, 48 airbag system, stretching program, 5 levels of strength and intensity settings, and a 30” roller stroke. This is an amazing amount of features for a chair that sales at $2,895. It has a modern, sophisticated and simplistic design making it a very attractive massage chair.

Buy: Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair

Fujita SMK8800 Massage Chair
Fujita SMK8800 Massage Chair

Fujita SMK8800 Massage Chair

Manufacturer: Fujita Massage Chair

Price: $2,690


Another great chair is the Fujita SMK-8800 massage chair. This chair sales for a slightly lower price than the Osaki OS-4000, and has some advanced features not seen on other massage chairs at its price point. Fujita Massage Chair is a well known and respected brand overseas and has become one of the most sought after chairs in the United States. Fujita offers a 5 year limited warranty, which is one of the best I’ve seen.

The Fujita SMK-8800 is definitely one of the more advanced massage chairs on the market today that sales for under $3,000, and I am surprised that it sales at such a low price. The SMK-8800 has 6 auto programs, numerous massage styles, automatic body scan, quad rollers. These are similar to the OS-4000

What make the SMK-8800 really attractive are the features that you don’t find on any other massage chairs. These are the sync movement design (this allows the armrest to adjust with the chair when it is reclined), Thai Body Stretching (this is a full body stretching program), and a 31” roller stroke (this is the longest roller stroke I’ve seen on any massage chair). The SMK-8800 also reclines 170 degrees, which is basically the zero gravity position. The Fujita SMK-8800 also has an elegant design with a classy mahogany arm rest which makes the chair look great in any home.

Buy: Fujita SMK8800 Massage Chair

Cozzia 16027 Massage Chair
Cozzia 16027 Massage Chair

Cozzia 16027 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Manufacturer: Cozzia Massage Chairs

Price: $2,599


The third chair we are going to look at is the Cozzia 16027. Cozzia is a well known massage chair and furniture manufacturer in the United States, Europe and Asia. All Cozzia massage chairs are backed by a respectable 2 year limited warranty.

The Cozzia 16027 massage chair is very similar to the Osaki OS-4000 in features. It has one touch zero gravity recline, 6 auto programs, numerous massage styles, s-track roller system, automatic body scan, quad rollers, seat vibration, stretching program, 5 levels of strength and intensity settings, and a 30” roller stroke. The main differences are the air bag system and the lower lumbar heat. The Cozzia 16027 has 25 air bags and does not have the lower lumbar heat. This is the reason for the lower price tag. The massage chair also has a similar modern simplistic design like that of the Osaki OS-4000.

Final Thoughts

All three of these massage chairs are loaded with advanced features and all sale at a very reasonable prices. I have personally had a chance to use all three and they are all great massage chairs. I hope that this overview will give you some clarity as you search for the perfect massage chair for your budget. These three chairs are definitely some of the best chairs on the market for under $3,000.


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      jen 2 years ago

      i do have found this site useful and i to like terry got the same chair form the same place i have to say i loving it too

    • profile image

      Terry 3 years ago

      This article is really informative really did help with finding the best best massage chair under $3000 if your looking for some chairs that are an bit more i would check out i just got a chair from there my self i got the iRobotics 6 Ultimate and its made in the usa