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Three Important Decisions To Make Your Life Better

Updated on September 11, 2012

To decide or not to decide - that is the question

Decision making is part of everyday life. For example, should I wear the red dress with the silver sandals and diamond earrings or the black suit, stilettos and pearls? Do I want fries with my burger. Shall I drive the car or walk?

Life is about decisions. Making good decisions can move you forward, turn your dreams into reality and open up new possibilities and opportunities. It has been said that 'success is a journey of decisions, not a destination'.

True success and significance in life are only fully realized over the long haul of your life's journey. Here's three important decisions you can make to assist you on your journey:

1. Decide to be true to yourself

If you spend much of your life trying to live up to someone else's vision and expectations for your life, you will ultimately violate who you truly are and this can add a lot of unwanted stress and frustration to your life and rob you of much happiness.

At some stage you just have to draw a line in the sand and decide to freely and peacefully be you. It can help to take some time to reflect and figure out what you want out of life, what you believe, what are your non-negotiable convictions - and then decide to live by those convictions.

2. Decide to 'live out'

This is living BIG! Human nature is such that we naturally gravitate towards 'I', 'Me', 'My' - a small, and often limiting way to live. The surprise bonus with living generously or 'living out', is that the giver always gains.

Living generously or 'living out' is an attitude, a way of looking at life that expands your world as well as expanding you to be a larger person on the inside.

To build a healthy life, one must not only be on the receiving end of love, but on the giving side as well. Love gives, love covers, love releases, love heals, love is eternal.

3. Decide to live each day of your life

Some people stop really living way before they die. They just go on automatic pilot, and get locked into going through the motions, never truly experiencing the adventure of living aware, present and connected to and engaged in life.

When we (for whatever reason) allow our inner world - our heart and soul to stagnate., life tends to lose that sense of excitement, anticipation and adventure. The key here is making a DECISION. We can take action and decide to actually stay alive, engaged, interested and involved in the adventure of life.

Here's some things that have worked for me:

Replenish - Focus on what really makes you happy - time with friends, music, movies or creating something - and do more of it. Tune in and follow your true passions to discover afresh the joy in life.

Revitalize - Hit the road walking - you can do it anytime, anywhere. It's a great way to de-stress and a great opportunity to think peacefully, enjoy the scenery and hopefully gain some fresh perspective.

Restore - Take time to rest. Put your feet up, escape with a good read, change your head-space and be kind to yourself.

Reflect - Try journalling and write yourself out. You may be surprised at what you write. It's an excellent way to identify and deal with things that are concerning you. It may also surprise you how many things you have to celebrate and be thankful for in your life.

I hope you decide to embrace life and enjoy the journey.


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    • Vaishnavi Sridhar profile image


      6 years ago from Chennai, India

      Nice one....


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